Gacha Heat : Why is Gacha bad?

What is Gacha Heat?

The term “Heat” means the period during the reproductive cycle when the female animal becomes sexually receptive, indicating that they are ready for intercourse. It seems the word heat is used in such a way with Gacha characters, making it extremely invisible to children.

It’s trend is often considered to ruin Gacha Life, a popular kid-centric app for children who love anime characters, community. However, a small part of the community is involved in making such material.

Apparently, minors appear to be using Gacha Studios to sexually abuse their fat characters and let them go into the heat. It seems that the material contains in it, is very disturbing, frightening and misleading information.

Who Made Gacha Heat?

It was made by Lunime game created by Luni. It was launched on 23rd October 2018 for Android and Samsung, 30th October for IOS and later for PC.

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Gacha Heat Cringe.

Gacha is cringe because there are people who play a lot with this game.

They create strange things such as heat (which is believed to mean an act of sex) and people kiss each other sexually and fantasy makes it worse because sometimes they like those things. As well as the story and timetable are clichΓ© and if used excessively they can get spoiled.

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What is Gacha Life?

Gacha Life is a rolling and story board creation game. Users can create storyboard views on Gacha Studio, add text bubbles, props and backgrounds. Gacha Life’s rating on the Apple App Store is 9+ and ‘E’ for all on Google Play.

What Are The Risk Factors of Gacha?

  • The content of the video presents a risk for children and young people that is not immediately clear to parents and carriers unless they watch the full video and observe the narrative.
  • The theme of video includes racism, feminism, homosexuality, transphobia, child sexual abuse and exploitation, promotion of fetish/kick/BDSM/sexual violence, ‘shock core’, glorifying suicide, incurable illness, incest (parents/child). And siblings) and teacher/teacher Student relations.
  • These topics can normalize abuse and harmful sexual behaviour between children and adults.

Gacha Heat on Tiktok.

It is quite popular on tiktok. ‘Gacha-Heat’ content is populates the common #Gacha and #GachaStory hashtag on Tiktok that exposes children to inappropriate content without asking for it.

Gacha was recently trending with #Gachatoxic or #Gachatoxico on Tiktok. Obviously, this trend was receiving mixed response from the community.

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