Guidelines of Contest

One- arm Push-ups is one of the best strength exercise and this challenge will take your fitness level to new heights.

FreakToFit One Arm Push-ups Challenge will help you to enhance endurance and stamina with cash rewards of 150$ along with certificate.


There will be 2 categories, men and women.


We will also have cash rewards of 150$ for first place in both categories. So come out & see if you are up for the challenge. 

Timeline of One Arm Push up Challenge.

Registration Starts14.02.2023
Last Day of Registration28.02.2023
Final Day of Contest01.03.2023
Competition Time01st March 2023 from 8.30am (EST) and 7.00 pm (IST).
Winner Display03.03.2023
CertificateWithin 5days
Prize MoneyWithin 5days
  • Participants must be present on time, delay of 5 mins will be excuse, but after that no one will be allowed and their registration will be cancelled.
  • Participant must ensure that their camera quality should be high definition and visibility of surroundings should be clear and noise free.
  • Separate mail will be forwarded to the participant with specific time and link to participate.
  • Participants must fill the complete and correct details as instructed in the registration form available at this link.

Maximum Number of Participants Allowed.


Virtual Evaluation Process.

The participant will receive an online link of either google meet or zoom from FreakToFit via our email i.e., [email protected] which will be activate on the final day i.e., 01st March 2023.

Thereafter, our fitness experts will evaluate the participants based on their performance virtually live. Participants will have 1 minute to complete as many one arm push-ups as you can with correct form given below.

FreakToFit Rules of Engagement for One-Arm Push Up Competition.

  • Get in an all-round position with your knees and toes bent and in contact with the floor. Your hips must be above your knees.
  • Hold the ground with your hands. Your hands must be shoulder-width apart or slightly narrower.
  • Straighten your legs to raise your knees off the ground so you get into a push-up position. Your legs should be separated or slightly wider than the shoulder width. Your body should be in a straight line from your head to the heel. Press your toes into the ground.
  • Strain your shoulders and hips in advance while engaging your core. Ribs must be down & pelvis must be slightly tucked. Squeeze your quads and glutes. Your chin should stick throughout the movement, as if you’re holding an egg under your chin. You may checkout the video below.
  • Rotate your shoulders outwards to engage your waist and upper back. Place your non-pushing hand on your side and make a fist. All repetitions must start from this starting position.
  • Pull your chest toward your hands while bending your elbows while maintaining full body tension. As you come down toward the ground, your shoulder blade should retract.
  • Lower your body until your upper arm is the same with your back. Your elbows should be near your ribs and your wrists should be under your elbows. Pause for a while in the down position.
  • Start moving upwards by squeezing your chest, pushing your hand off the floor, and straightening your elbows, while maintaining your alignment. As you move to the top of the movement, your shoulder blades should be longer.
  • Finish the movement by squeezing your chest and triceps.
  • You will have one minute to complete as many correct push-ups.

 Causes for Disqualification.

  • Attempting to argue when/if you are corrected.
  • If your knee(s) touch the ground at any point.
  • Please note that for such action you will not be disqualified. However, you no longer be able to resume your session. Your time stops & the number of push-ups you have at, that will be your competing score.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. Who can participate?

Anybody can Register here. Just take the challenge and start doing push up.

Q2. What is the process of delivery of cash reward and E-Certificate?

After winning the challenge cash reward Via Western Union, and Google pay will be transfer to the winner’s account after confirmation within 5days along with certificates to the respective email address.

Q3. What is the Registration Process?

You have to create your profile on “FreakToFit” website.

Q4. Is there any hidden fees and charges?

No, everything is free.

Q5. What is the minimum and maximum age criteria for one-arm push up challenge?

Well, the minimum age criteria for one-arm push up is 18 and there is no maximum age limit.

Q6. What should I do if I am unable to open the registration portal?

We recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for an optimized registration experience. You must also clear the cache & cookies and retry. If the problem still persists, send us a screenshot of the error at [email protected].

Q7. On what grounds can my entry be rejected or declared invalid?

Your entry can be rejected on any of the grounds listed below:

  • Like Fake entries.
  • Incomplete submission.
  • More than one entry form received from the same applicant.


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