How To Plan Your Weekly Exercise Routine To Stay Fit


Exercise routine vary from person to person, which are depends upon the time you can spare from office, lifestyle and other activities. When it comes to one’s weekly exercise routine to stay fit, it is almost similar for everyone such as Mon-chest, Tue-back, Wed-shoulder, Thu-legs etc.

Different kinds of people have different goal such as muscle building, weight Loss and strength training. But do you know that exercise with balanced diet is very important. However, if your workout plan is right and balanced according to your goal then only you can get a positive result.

It is too complicated to design an effective and flexible weekly workout exercise routine, but believe that we are going to tell you some tips. If you follow that, you will be able to design a better workout routine for yourself. As well as it will help you to achieve your goal.


Choose a Good Partner.

Workout along with a good partner have several positive benefits such as it boost your mental and physical stamina, you can do one or two extra reps with the help of your partner, you can suggest each other’s about the posture, corrections and many more.

So you should find out a good and skillful partner in your gym and try to do same exercise in a fixed time.


Fix Your Goal.

Before you come to basic facts, you should think about this topic and ask yourself some questions, such as;

  • What is the goal of your workout?
  • Do you want to make muscle?
  • Do you have fat and want to lose the excess weight?
  • Want to increase your stamina or strength?

First of all, you have to decide your goal and then start your journey, but keep in mind that if you leave it in the middle then your hard work will be waste.

So set your goal with the advice of an expert and then proceed.


Track Your Improvement.

If you track your improvement, then only you’ll find out the positive results. So, you must track your workouts to know, how long you have to go, how long you have made the exercise, how much cardio etc.

Therefore, definitely it will help you to achieve your goal.


Set the Time.

At first you have to show complete honesty towards yourself. You have to think about how many days a week you can spare for yourself for example four, five or 6 days.

We can understand that it is difficult to spare time for your fitness due to your busy schedule. But still you have to spare at least 45 minutes to 1 hours for minimum 5 days a week for your fitness. So that you can work for your body properly.

In the beginning, you will find it boring to go to the gym every day, but gradually your mind will feel the energy and positivity.


Compound Movements.

If you can do some exercises to stay fit forever, what will be that exercises? This is the common question raise by several people, so here is the six important compound exercises;

In these compound exercises, some are common ones that work on more than one muscle groups. Doing so you can also burn more calories and your muscles will stretch more effectively. They will make your body strong and also burn fat and transform your body shape.


Warm Up.

Nowadays, it is often seen that the beginners start workout as soon as they go to the gym and then injure themselves during weight lifting. This is because they do not warm up properly.

Yes, warm up makes your relax muscle active. Your body gets ready for workouts and also reduces the likelihood of injury.

The most important thing is that almost all athletes, body builders and fitness trainers in the world believe that warm ups make your body flexible so that you are ready for the workout.


Choose the Correct Weight.

Many people used to lift heavy weight at the beginning by seeing of their surroundings. As a result they got injured and many time they involved several complicated health issues. So before start workout you have to choose weight according to your capacity. You should use light weight for warm up and thereafter gradually increase weight according to your capacity.



If you want to enhance your stamina and lose weight, cardio is very important for you. But even if you want to increase your muscles or the strength, do not completely neglect cardio, but do an exercise like running, rowing one day in a week.

After all, the exercise of your heart is also necessary. So cardio also fulfill all that requirement.

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Focus on Techniques.

Before start any exercise you should make an effective and correct posture along with the techniques. Exercise with correct technique only give you the positive result. Many people only focus on the weight with wrong technique. It is the reason they cannot get the positive results. So you should follow the correct techniques by this you’ll find the progress.


Invest in Your Health.

You don’t need to take anything fancy, but still the right clothes and supplements can help you get on the right track. Hence, you can easily be able to achieve your goal.

There is logic behind it, if you spend money for your fitness, you will be acquired to get fitness, because you have spent money in it.


Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What should a weekly exercise routine consist of?

Your weekly exercise routine should be flexible and effective, it should consist;

  • Strength and Cardiovascular Training – 3 days in a week, (1 hour).
  • HIIT (High intensity interval training) – 1 day in a week (30 – 45 minutes).
  • Cardio – 1 day in a week, (30 minutes).
  • Recovery – 2 days in a week.

You should think about your goals before plan a weekly exercise routine.

2. Can I make variations in my exercise routine 3 times a week?

Yes, you should try variations in your exercise routine, as it beneficial for your muscle groups. According to several bodybuilders and fitness models it keeps your workout pleasurable and effective. So, you can plan your exercise routine with several variations with different body parts.

3. Is it bad to switch exercise routine every week?

Yes, if you increase the frequency of changes in your routine then its effectiveness will decrease. Because your body needs some time to respond. It is mostly recommended to change your exercise routine in every 4 to 6 weeks.

4. What is a good weekly workout routine?

Here is the seven days workout routine for everyone;

  • Day 1 – Monday: Legs.
  • Day 2 – Tuesday: Chest and Biceps.
  • Day 3 – Wednesday: Shoulders and Traps.
  • Day 4 – Thursday: Rest.
  • Day 5 – Friday: Cardio & Abs.
  • Day 6 – Saturday: Back & Triceps.
  • Day 7 – Sunday: Rest.

5. How to plan a new exercise routine after 3 weeks?

After three weeks you should change the frequency of repetitions and sets according to your goal. You should change the day of your targeted muscle groups, for example if you train your legs on Monday then you should change that on Tuesday and change other accordingly.

6. Why should you change your exercise routine in every 4-6 weeks?

If you don’t change your exercise routine then you will hit a muscle plateau. Apart from that, changes in exercise routine brings a positive mood change in your nature, you feel more interest during your exercise. 


Bottom Line.

Last but not the least you must prepare a flexible and effective weekly exercise routine according to your goal. In this aspect you may consult with your fitness trainers. If you want to prioritize strength and muscle, these points should be include in your routine.

Apart from this you should plan a balance diet for the improvement; you can find several effective diet plans in our nutrition section.

Uttam - Author

Uttam - Author

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