New Sara Jean Underwood Workout Nude

Sara Jean Underwood was born on March 26, 1984, an American model, television host and actress. She has been selected as Playmate of the Month for the July 2006 issue of Playboy magazine and later became Playmate of the Year in 2007. So, lets see Sara Jean Underwood Nude Yoga routine.

Initially she studied at Oregon State University and Portland State University.

As an actress, she has appeared in several films, including Epic Movie, House Bunny, Two Million Stupid Women etc., are included.

Sara Jean Underwood Workout Plan.

Warm Ups And Various Exercise.

Sara stretches her fingers with forearms. She then straightens her opposite leg and bends her hands towards the toss. She does the same process on the other side.

Sarah Jean Underwood
Sara Jean Underwood

The next exercise she does is butterfly exercise. In this, she connects the soles of both her legs. Sara lies on the ground for the next workout and holds her feet by the knee and closes her stomach.

The same procedure is done with the other leg also. Then Sara goes into relax mode. She lies down straight to make the body feel relaxed and relaxes with her eyes closed.

She also does push-ups in the same session. In the meantime, she advises to keep the body straight while pushing up. She also does punching in the bag session. Sara stands in a boxing poster with her fist tied. And then punch forward with the force.

Sara likes to do lower body exercise. She explains that this exercise is very good for thigh.

She also like to perform ab crunches to maintain abs. She then does up and down. As well as she does cycling.


Hollywood actress Sara Jean takes great care of her fitness. Sara’s every morning begins with exercise. Sara feels cool by doing meditation. If you are an actress in the industry, there will be workload, so Sara considers meditation as the best way to reduce stress.

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Sara Jean Underwood Nude Yoga.

Sara Jean Underwood also prefer nude workout as it provide her mental peace along with self realization. However, working out nude Sara Jean Underwood found that it boost her self esteem and self confidence. She prefer it in her alternative days in her personal room. Overall working out nude have several health benefits.

Sara Jean Diet Plan.

Sara Jean is not that one who wake up late. She like to get up early in the morning. Sara Jean drinks coconut water every day. This makes her feel refreshed and keeps the glow on her face as well.

She doesn’t forget to drink milk to always feel energetic. Sara Jean admits that it is better to drink milk for breakfast in the morning than at night. Milk is digested quickly in the morning. She says that food containing packets should be avoided.

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