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This page describes why we accumulate data on our website, who has right to use it, and why we’re requesting you to permit us to do so.

FreakToFit rely on that health and fitness info should be unrestricted and free to every person and we rely on publicity to make this conceivable. Providing the best health and fitness related info in the world is costly. FreakToFit spend thousands for per piece of content to guarantee it is exact, evidence based and clear-cut with worth review by our certified writers, and nutritionist.

When you visit our website, we use cookies and related tracing skills to develop your surfing capability, store or access related info, customize content and personalize promotion, examine our traffic, and better recognize you. If you don’t permit “Ad Selection” below, then you still will see advertising, but those ads may be irrelevant to you.

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How we use your information

Severely essential cookies

Such cookies allow you to use our services. These cookies are crucial to permit you to browse our service area and use certain features. Restricting them may stop you from using certain parts of the services of our website. Devoid of these cookies, service such paying activity cannot be prevented. These cookies also assist to keep our services safe and protected.

Always Allow

Favourite cookies

Such cookies store info such as your chosen country and language choice, login statistics and site preferences. Devoid of these cookies, our facilities unable to recall certain choices you have earlier made (like saved country / language preference) or personalize your browsing experience by providing you with related info. These cookies are also used to identify your device so that you do not have to provide the same info more than once.

Always Allow

Performance cookies

These cookies gather info about how you use our services such as which pages/ posts you visit frequently. These cookies used to provide you with an excellent experience by doing things such as chasing page load, site reaction times, and error messages.

Always Allow

Advertising cookies

These cookies gather info about your use of our facilities, so we can develop your experience and provide you with more related content and advertisement. They also used to gather opinion on visitors satisfaction overanalyses.

They evoke that you have visited our services and help us to comprehend usage of our services. Some of these cookies are from third parties that gather infoabout users of our services (as described below “Info collected by third parties on our services”) for provide advertising (on our services and elsewhere) depend upon visitors online actions (also called “interest based advertisement”) on our services and elsewhere online.

The third parties involved in interest-based advertising gather internet browsing info (e.g., time of visit, sites browsed) through different websites and over time, and they may use the info they gather on our services to provide you advertisement (from us and other companies) through the internet.





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