13 Health Benefits of Hot Water Bath after Workout


After a long day of fatigue, if you take bathe with warm water, there is nothing better, especially in winter. However, it is beneficial to bathe in hot water even in summer. You may have also heard how hot water baths are taken in several countries. The hot water is very beneficial for overall health. … Read more

Yoga and Its Several Health Benefits


Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means “connection and union”. It is a cluster or group of physical, psychological and mystical practices. Yoga was first originated in ancient India and they discover its benefits. We have found many evidence of Yoga in Rigveda and Upanishads. In India, Swami Vivekananda adopts the yoga tradition at the time of 19th Century. Apart from … Read more

What is Quantum Nutrition: Food and Benefits

basket of quantum nutrition

In our day to day life several diseases are taking place like cancer, AIDS, malaria, flu and several epidemics. According to the Times of India about 30000 people are dying every year of those diseases. Such numbers are increasing drastically. It is revealed, that the poor life style is one of the key factor. A … Read more