What Should Be Your Kids Diet Plan During COVID-19?


A strong immune system can protect you against any kind of virus or infections. However, food can upsurge your immune system in a positive way. Below we are going to tell you about the doctor’s suggested food, that should be include in your kids diet plan during COVID-19, which can protect your kids from corona … Read more

14 Safety Tips While Return to the Gym During COVID-19


States are reopened by bit. This means many public spaces are available for use and more and more businesses are being allowed to reopen. The governments are mainly left the decision to the states and some states are left the decision to the local authorities. Therefore, now the question arises that is it safe to … Read more

How to Maintain a Healthy Diet for COVID-19?


Nowadays, people became more conscious about the good hygiene and healthy diet as COVID-19 pandemic started rising up. Since, COVID-19 is weakening the immune system, therefore it is needed to boost up your immune system through immune booster nutrients. It is recommended to consume different kinds of foods consisting macro and micro nutrients. Foods such … Read more