Which Blood Group People Are More Prone to Corona, Who Is Less?


If you’ve been surfing the Internet recently, you can have some discussion about the type of blood group and the connection between the corona virus. Corona virus infection is dispersing rapidly around the world. A number of research is taking place in different countries around the world over the infection that started from China’s Wuhan … Read more

Physical Activities for COVID-19 After Relieve from Lock-down


The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented time all over the world. Comprehensive social removal policies are implemented, restricting people’s daily activities around the world, while people are asked to stay safe and stay at home. Therefore, today we will tell you why physical activity is important during covid-19. Physical activities during COVID-19 pandemic may be … Read more

What is Corona Virus or COVID-19 – Symptoms and Preventive Measures

Corona Virus Featured Image

Corona or COVID-19 is turn into a dangerous pandemic which has already been spread all over the world, that’s why each and everyone should be aware of this. Now it’s the time to fight with brave. At first let’s gain some knowledge regarding What is Corona Virus or COVID-19 – Symptoms and Preventive Measures. Viruses … Read more