Top 10 Exercises for Scoliosis And Their Benefits


Living with scoliosis (spinal cord crack) can be quite difficult and painful. It is a type of disorder in which the spinal cord become bend and turns in the other direction. Person suffering from scoliosis looks like the letters ‘S’ and ‘C’ of English. Scoliosis is also known as ‘spine curvature’ or ‘lateral laterality’, but … Read more

Hang Clean and Press Exercise : Advantages and Steps


We basically paid more attention to the muscle growth and increasing functional strength during exercise. For this, a variety of weight training exercises are used, that are beneficial in developing muscles. Take a look, it shows that many of the power-enhancing and weight training exercises are from sports and competitions like weightlifting. These forms of … Read more

What is Foam Rolling Exercise: Steps, Advantages and Types

What is Foam Rolling Exercise Steps, Advantages and Types

Stretching is very important after workout. It relaxes your muscles and removes muscle soreness. Stretching increases blood flow in the muscles and leads to flexibility. It also reduce the chances of injury or soreness. Apart from stretching, there is a way that can give a lot of comfort to your muscles. Which is “Foam Rolling”. … Read more

8 Types of Warm Up Exercise With Advantages


Many people do not consider it necessary to have a warm up before weight training, high-intensity interval training and cardio etc. Some people say that doing warm up is a waste of time. If you think or do the same, you may be hurt during exercise. Some people think that warm-up is just for the … Read more

CrossFit Exercise : Benefits, Types and Precautions


You may have seen a very large truck tire in the gym many times, a big ball full of air or a rope on the ground. In addition, you will be constantly seeing people’s interest growing in Burpee rather than push-ups. In fact, this is actually due to CrossFit exercise. These exercises, the whole body … Read more