Unique Types of Plank Exercise and Its Benefits

Types of Plank Exercise and Its Benefits

Plank is one of the most beneficial exercises to stay fit. It is considered to be very useful to reduce the excess fat deposited on the belly and hips. This exercise is also effective to get toned six pack abs. If you have excess fat around your abdomen and waist, you must add this exercise … Read more

Magnificent Benefits and Side Effects of Skipping Rope

Benefits if Skipping Rope

Most of us want to be fit, but due to our regular work pressure we are unable to spare time for our precious health. If we think carefully then we can even stay fit at home, whether you will believe it or not, but it is possible. If you spare some time for exercise then … Read more

5 Best Freehand Exercise Tips for the Beginners

5 Freehand Exercise Beginners

In our busy schedule we all are engaged and ignore our health issues which makes us fat and we ignore our precious health which is priceless. Living a healthy life is dream of each and every one. But we cannot spare our time from our busy schedule. Here we suggest you 5 Best Freehand Exercise … Read more