6 Best Compound Exercises with Weight for Lean Muscle Mass


Exercises for different muscle groups of the body in different days are now becoming older. Such exercises also take a lot of time. As an alternative to these exercises, the weighted compound exercises is now becoming the first choice of people. Because these exercises can target many muscles at the same time, which affects the … Read more

High Intensity Interval Training Workouts for Seniors


Most of us know that physical activity is very essential for healthy living and it is believed that around 30% of people around the world do not get enough time to perform physical activities. Unfortunately majority of us feel that we don’t have enough time to exercise. High Intensity Interval Training or workout for seniors … Read more

Tabata Workout Training and Its Health Benefits


Nowadays there are many workouts that claim to keep you fit. There are many such exercise that are effective in reducing your weight and help to tone your muscle. However, out of those Tabata Workout is one of them.  All of these exercises help you to burn calories and make your body flexible. Tabata is … Read more