Based upon your trust, we are happy to share more about how FreakToFit creates evidenced based, accurate, straightforward and legible content.

Nowadays, information regarding health, nutrition and fitness is quite easy. It’s everywhere. But getting a relevant, evidence based and trustworthy information can be hard and even irresistible. FreakToFit provides health information which is easily comprehensible and available so you can make the best choices for yourself and the people you love most.

We make straightforward complicated topics and avoid pointless nonsense so you can feel self-confident and take appropriate action. Whether you’re looking for evidenced-based guidance about general wellness, common health issues, nutrition or fitness we’re always here for you.

During the course of our evidenced based content, we discourse total well-being and help you to make the significant connection between health and lifestyle. We call it “complete soul wellbeing”. For your support, we cover a huge range of issues and perspectives.

We’re conscious the journey and situation is different for each and everyone. So, we stand here for your mental and physical support. We’re here for everyone looking for better health.

Our Content Formation Method.

The FreakToFit editorial teams are committed to creating quality and evidenced based content and proficiencies by preservation the highest values. We endeavour to provide widespread, fair, authentic, and timely guidance.

Our References, Resources, and Citations.

We have strict sourcing guidelines and trust on peer-reviewed studies, government agencies, medical associations and academic research institutions.

Each and every article is thoroughly researched, and sources are scrutinized to ensure they are current, influential, and effective. Primary sources, including studies, scientific references, and figures, are linked within each article or can be found in the resources segment at the bottom of our articles.

Our Goal.

We want to be your most trusted collaborator in your chase of health and fitness.

Our Team of Experts.

FreakToFit’s content are evidenced based, authentic and reviewed by qualified writers, and other sponsors. Our editorial teams are consists licensed nutritionists, dietitians and fitness trainer.

Staying Up-to-date.

Our editors/writers frequently monitor the health and fitness space, and we update our articles when new material becomes accessible. We have a set maintenance agenda for articles, but updates can also be driven by:

Modifications in ideals of care.

Fresh medical recommendations.

Reader opinion or concerns.

When a reader inform us about any possible issue in our content, such as incorrect, out-of-date, indistinct, or differing information, we take instant action. Our editors/ writers note the feedback, regulate what amendments are required, and update the content.

If you have any kind questions, comments or suggestions about our content please visit this page.


We can’t imagine being your reliable partner without we put you at the center of all we do. Our principles call on everybody who traces our content to ponder the reader’s perspective — to be compassionate.

You’ll find our language is warm and casual, and our next steps are actionable and effective. Elsewhere being available and apparent, we use sensible, humble language that endorses inclusivity and sympathy. This user-centric method is at the front of our journalistic method.

Our Style and Voice.

Our voice is warm and friendly — yet bold and liberal. As language develops, we change with it. We also appreciate health traces each of us in a different way, so we esteem publics’ choice of words when sharing their individual stories.

We basically follow Related Media style and our branded FreakToFit Style Guide, which emphases on easiness, truthfulness and responsiveness. We use constructive language that stimulates confidence and achievement. We keep our promise to sensible language by engaging with public supporters and do research different language styles within many health groups. We choose our words carefully, seeking to remove humiliations and authorize our person who reads.

Your Feedback is Welcome.

We’re firm to deliver you with the best practice. We are always want to hear from you if we could be doing improve.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding correctness or usability of our content or feel content is outdated, you can simply let us know by visiting this page.




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