Our Approach to Content Reliability

At FreakToFit, we prioritize the medical and editorial reliability of our content. This ability placing strict requirements round how we create content, how we select products or goods to cover, how we consider company partners, how we use language, and how we strategy representation, inclusivity, and historic context inside our article.

Our Approach to Content Creation

FreakToFit is dedicated to providing accurate, reliable, and impartial health knowledge. Every content piece is developed through our internal editorial team in collaboration with experienced authors, medical analysts, and verifiers. We highly value your interest in our editorial methodology and are thrilled to give you a closer look into our strict standards.

Our Method to Product Selection

Earning trust is essential, which is why we’re proud to offer more information about the evaluation and selection process for the products that we discuss in our content. Our mission is to produce content that is both unbiased and balanced. For this purpose, we uphold a strong division between our editorial and business departments during the development of product reviews, product roundups, and articles that contain shopping links to ensure that our content remains editorially independent.

Our Method to Equity, Diversity and Addition

Our commitment to celebrating diversity in health and wellness compels us to strive for our culture and content to reflect the multitude of voices, identities, and perspectives in our society.

Our Method to Brand and Product Selection

We are committed to upholding the quality of our content and only collaborate with reputable brands. A stringent assessment process is conducted for any brands included in our content. The same procedure is also employed for individual products chosen by our editorial teams, with the intent of affirming the brand’s integrity and product security.

Our Methodology to Mindful Language

At FreakToFit, we understand the profound effect that language has in creating, sustaining, and dissolving identities in the world. That’s why we strive to be conscientious with our words as we communicate, compose, and refine our content – it is an embodiment of our commitment to the communities we serve.




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