Ideal Body Weight- Is It Maintain By You?

ideal-body weight

A healthy range of weight that is supposed to be extremely beneficial for an individual. However, it’s altered by several factors such as sexual characteristics (man & women), physique, age, and grade of muscular expansion. So let us know in depth about Ideal Body Weight. It is a tool which classify a person as “malnourished,” “standard weight,” … Read more

Cryotherapy- A New Technique To Recover Muscle


Cryotherapy, often known as cold therapy or treatment. The common medical term used for this treatment is “Cryosurgery” or “Cryoablation”. Apart from this several professional bodybuilders prefer to recover muscle with Cryotherapy. It is execute at extremely low temperature for destruction of any abnormal or unhealthy tissues. Cryotherapy helps to cure many skin complications too. … Read more

Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19

Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19:

Nowadays, its a breaking news that “Hydroxychloroquine” is a lifesaving drug for COVID-19 patients. So before going detailed into it, FreakToFit will give a brief description on Corona virus. According to the Latin word corona means “Crown”, so since this virus looks like a crown shaped. Hence, it is named as corona. At first, the … Read more

What is Body Mass Index (BMI) – Limitations and Dietary Patterns


In today’s world it can be seen that obesity is increasing as an alarming rate. Most of the people are becoming obese due to their poor lifestyle as well as for their daily work routine. Thereby, today we will be telling you about What is Body Mass Index (BMI) and its limitations and dietary patterns. … Read more