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Asthma Attack Treatment: Biomagnetism Therapy and More Alternative Options

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Are you battling asthma? Well, this respiratory disease can have a serious impact on your life. This disease can bring along symptoms such as chest tightness,  breathing problems, etc. Asthma sufferers do have to avoid asthma triggers every step of the way. So, are you looking for an asthma attack treatment?

The traditional asthma treatment is quite helpful, However, they do have a few limitations. Alternative treatments can be a great addition to them. Most of these treatments are gentle and work well with traditional asthma medications.

First, let’s go through the symptoms of asthma. Then, we can learn about how alternative treatments, along with traditional methods, can help reduce asthma attacks.

Asthma – the symptoms of this disease.

Are you aware of your asthma symptoms? Knowing them might help you identify your condition early. Here are the symptoms-

  • One of the most prominent symptoms of asthma or asthma attacks is breathing trouble. It happens more during physical activities.
  • In asthma patients, there are sometimes persistent coughing issues. It can worsen in the early morning or late at night.
  • During asthma attacks, you can feel pressure on your chest or some sort of discomfort.
  • In case your asthma attack is severe, your breathing issues can make it hard for you even to talk.
  • Sometimes, frequent asthma attacks can trigger anxiety in some asthma patients.
  • This respiratory disease can disbalance your pH level and weaken your immune system. So, you become more prone to infections.

Now that you know all about asthma symptoms, are you ready to learn about its treatment procedures?

Traditional asthma treatments.

The traditional treatments for asthma mostly include inhalers and medicines. Inhalers can help asthma medicines reach your lungs directly. Medications aim to clear the blockage of the airway. This will help you breathe without any restrictions. Asthma medications and inhalers need to be taken regularly to reduce asthma attack frequency.

However, do you know what’s the only downside? These medications do have some side effects. Well, worry not because there is a way to reduce them. Alternative treatments can gently increase medication efficacy and reduce the impact of side effects.

Let’s begin your discussion regarding alternative asthma attack treatment with this new-magnet based therapy in the market.

Biomagnetism Therapy to reduce asthma attack.

Biomagnetism Therapy or Biomagentic Pair Therapy uses magnets to treat and heal patients. The therapist places magnets on specific areas of the body. This lets them identify and treat various illnesses from the roots.

In asthma, this therapy can balance your body’s magnetic field. The magnets used in this therapy create a magnetic field that interacts with your body’s field. This interaction can target the points in your body increasing the asthma attack frequency.

Biomagnetism Therapy can also reduce inflammation of the airway. This happens through improved blood circulation. Better circulation will take nutrients to your airway. So it will eventually heal. The improved blood flow will ensure the overall well-being of your respiratory organs.

This therapy will also balance the Ph level of your body. Asthma can take your Ph level above 7( the average human Ph). This makes your body acidic, making you prone to various infections. Your immune system also grows weaker, making asthma attacks more frequent. This therapy will bring your pH level back to normal. This will kill harmful germs, reducing asthma attacks. 

So, choose to heal from asthma in a non-invasive, gentle, pain-free way. However, there are more alternative asthma attack treatment options, too. Read on to know more.

More alternative treatments.

You can make your choice from one of these alternative treatment methods too-


The deep breathing exercises and poses in Yoga can help reduce asthma attacks. The body movements can help open your airway by improving blood flow. The breathing exercises can help you manage breathing issues during asthma attacks. Yoga is also a great option to reduce anxiety, one of the known triggers of asthma attacks. 


Herbs such as turmeric, milk thistle, etc, are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming these herbs in limited doses can help reduce asthma attacks. It does so by healing the inflammation of the airway. These herbs can also help fight off allergies by boosting your immune system. You can find most of these herbs at herbalists.

So, are you ready to choose your asthma attack treatment? Well, you do need to be aware of some precautionary measures, too. Read on to know more.

Precautions you must take.

The first thing that you need to do before starting your asthma attack treatment is to consult a doctor. They can decide the right alternative treatment for you.

Biomagnetism Therapy is not a safe choice for people with pacemakers and pregnant women. The magnets can interfere with different medical devices implanted in the body. The strength of the therapy magnets can be dangerous for the fragile and sensitive body of pregnant women. The therapy also needs to be practiced in hygienic conditions to avoid infections.

Yoga, though gentle, needs to be regularly practiced under expert supervision. They can prevent any risks of injury and build a tailored Yoga routine. Herbs in some people can trigger allergies instead of helping. So do use it carefully.

Hopefully, now you will abide by these safety guidelines to heal from your asthma issues as soon as possible.

FAQ about alternative treatment for asthma.

1. Can alternative treatment help asthma patients?

Alternative treatments can help reduce the frequency of asthma attacks if used correctly. There are multiple alternative treatment options that you can choose from.

2. Is Biomagnetism Therapy a safe choice for asthma attack treatment?

In general, Biomagnetism Therapy is a non-invasive, safe, and gentle treatment method for asthma. However, it’s not a safe option only for people with pacemakers and pregnant women.

3. Can herbs help improve asthma symptoms?

Herbs such as milk thistle, turmeric, etc, can help treat asthma symptoms due to their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. However, do use them carefully to avoid allergy triggers.

For additional details and resources regarding biomagnetism. 

Dr. Garcia, a prominent figure in the field of biomagnetism, boasts 14 years of extensive experience. His life’s mission revolves around bringing biomagnetism therapy to the masses, and to achieve this, he conducts training sessions across the USA. 

Furthermore, he offers online training programs to make biomagnetism accessible to a wider audience, and hundreds of his students are actively practicing biomagnetism therapy.

Bottom Line.

So are you ready to opt for an asthma attack treatment? With an expert medical professional combining both traditional and alternative treatments . Be rest assured that you will get to see a difference in the frequency of your asthma attacks very soon.




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