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At FreakToFit, we desire you to continue to be fit, and that’s all! Our Certified Fitness Consultants are all set to aid you with particularly personalized on line non-public education and health diet coaching.

We craft exercise or meal plans or Online Diet Chart for Weight Loss based totally on man or woman wants and make working with a expert non-public coach exciting and easy. Whether you are at the gym, home, or on the road, get entry to your customized exercising plans on line and experience healthful and healthy like in no way before.

Our Nutrition and Fitness Consultants observe a systematic strategy so you can stay your excellent and healthiest life.

Personalized coaching that helps you to stay fit and healthy

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Our fitness coaches have empowered 10,000+ lives throughout the globe to acquire long-lasting health with the strength of proper workout and healthier habits


Nebadita (Nutritionist)

Nebadita Maji is a Nutritionist who specializes in field of nutrition and diet with an experience of 8 years and above, and also help to motivate people to eat balanced nutritious food. She writes with empathy and accuracy and has a knack for connecting with readers in an insightful and engaging way. View Her Certificates & Achievements. Know More About Her.

🥗 Fast Track Diet Plan By Nebadita Maji.

Uttam (Fitness & Yoga Trainer)

Uttam Swarnakor is a fitness and yoga trainer who specializes in the field of fitness and yoga for more than 10years, and also helps to motivate people for fitness. He writes with empathy and accuracy and has a knack for connecting with readers in an insightful and engaging way. View His Certificates & Achievements. Know More About Him

🏋️‍♂️ Fast Track Fitness Plan By Uttam Swarnakor.

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I absolutely love FreakToFit! They helped me motivate to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. The platform is really user-friendly and the content is really engaging. I highly recommend FreakToFit to anyone who wants to start living a healthier life.
Cristina U.


I never though I would be able to stick to fitness routine, but FreakToFit has made it so easy and fun! They have a great community of like-minded people who are always there to support and motivate you. And the best part is that I’m seeing results! I’m so grateful to have found FreakToFit!
Merrill W.

Client 3

FreakToFit has helped me finally kick start my fitness journey! I really appreciate how the team holds my hand and motivates me to stay on track. The content is very well written and easy to follow. I highly recommend FreakToFit to anyone who wants to get fit and healthy!
Cris V.


FreakToFit has helped me turn my life around! I was always chubby kid, and after years of unsuccessfully trying to loose weight, I had all but given up. But FreakToFit showed me that it is possible to reach my goals, and they’ve been with me every step of the way. I’ve never felt so motivated or supported.
Christopher I.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What Is Book An Appointment?

Book An Appointment, is an online platform serving clients regarding workout plan and balanced diet according to your health by certified fitness and nutrition experts by eliminating the boundaries of quality healthcare via online video consultations, managing client’s self medical records in a secure server, syncing data from multiple sources – all stitched together with intuitive user experience across computers, tablet and mobile devices.

2. How can I Book An Appointment?

You can book an appointment through computers, smart phones and tablets. Follow this page to book an appointment now. You can read more about terms and conditions about book an appointment.

3. How can I communicate with experts?

To communicate with the experts book an appointment through this page, once the appointment is confirmed you will get zoom or google meet link from where the consultation will take place.

4. When can clients use Book An Appointment?

Book an Appointment should be used when clients are looking for weight loss exercise or diet plan, muscle gain exercise or diet plan, various exercise routine or chart and balanced diet plan according to your need etc.

5. How do I charge for the consultation?

Right now it’s fully free for limited time. However, consultation fees are fixed i.e. 30$. We have no control on the pricing. As soon you make an appointment it will be redirect to the payment gateway.

6. Is the client’s data secure?

Yes, they are fully secure. Records are kept totally secure and only shared between the client and the experts. There is nothing more important to us than keeping your data or information secure.

7. I cannot dedicate a particular time, So Is Book An Appointment available 24×7? What do I do?

We completely understand this. You may set your schedule for online consultation ‘On Request’. To make a request drop an email on support@freaktofit.com.

8. How do clients pay for the online consultation on Book An Appointment?

We have partnered with the best payment providers. Payments can be via paypal.

9. What happens if my computer shuts down or Internet connection stops working when the Payment is getting processed?

There could be 2 scenarios –
(1) The payment got authorized by the bank however the communication of the same was not received by the Payment Gateway. In this case your account will get debited by the bank. The payment status will be Initiated/Failed/Dropped. We receive a confirmation from the bank later and then we initiate a refund for the payment to the client’s account.
(2) The payment didn’t get authorized by the bank. In this case your account will not be debited and we don’t get any further updates from the banks. The payment status will be Initiated/Failed/Dropped.

10.  What do I do if I cannot be available during the booked appointment?

We understand that sometimes situations may go beyond control. Incase you are not able to attend the appointment, you have the option to recommend another time and if accepted by the experts, the appointment will be rescheduled else the full payment will be refunded back to the client. To reschedule the appointment drop a mail to support@freaktofit.com.

11. I have a question and I can’t see that here. What can I do?

Sorry about it. Please drop an email to support@freaktofit.com and we will respond back to you on the same at the earliest.




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