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10 Misunderstanding About Fitness – Learn The Truth

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A fitness plan can begin with a new zeal at any time. If you are also passionate about fitness from many days and are not able to start a fitness routine for some reasons, then once again make your fitness plan. But before that, you must know these misunderstanding of fitness so that you can clear your thoughts regarding fitness.

Sometimes it happens that you make a plan for fitness and start implementing it. But due to lack of significant benefits you gradually stop it. This is due to a flaw in the combination of your diet and exercise. In fact, the wrong combination of diet and exercise can cause counterproductive damage to your body.

Children, old or young everyone is very concierge about health nowadays. The growing weight can blow up any sleepless nights. Often, the body of people is the most grown-up or rather than belly fat. People also join the gym, but there are several misunderstanding that tensed them, such as;

10 Misunderstanding About Fitness.

  • Fats will make me fat.
  • More exercise harms.
  • Protein diet is required to make muscles.
  • Lifting heavy weights increase muscles.
  • The calorie intake is more important than its type.
  • Suddenly the weight will increase after you stop the workout.
  • Running is important for all.
  • Body burn more fat during fasting.
  • I don’t need to eat healthy because I do a lot of exercise.
  • It is good to do stretching before exercise.


Fats will make me fat.


Your body requires fats as much as like water. The fats streamline many functions of the body and activate hormones. All kinds of fats, saturated and trans fats are essential for your body.


More exercise harms.


As the body is in your mind, it doesn’t become a reality until you start working on it. As long as your exercise, diet and rest are in the right quantity, over training is not very important in a day. Start working hard and that will make your dream true.


Protein diet is required to make muscles.


If you know someone who is eating only chicken, egg whites and other things just because the body gets protein, don’t forget to give this special advice to him or her.

Protein is definitely essential for making muscles and increasing the metabolic rate of the body but other nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals are equally essential for a healthy body.


Lifting heavy weights increase muscles.

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If you are a gym amateur and think that your muscles will only be made by lifting heavy weights, then you are wrong.

The development of your muscles depends not only on weight but also on how much exercise you do and how often you do it.


The calorie intake is more important than its type.


If you think you can eat those calories in any form and it won’t make any difference then you’re wrong. The type of calories is as important as its quantity.

Like a bowl of strawberry and fast-food, your body will get the same calories but their effects on the body is totally different.


Suddenly the weight will increase after you stop the workout.


There is no direct correlation between the stop of workouts and the fat of the muscle tissue. If you keep taking healthy diet, there will be no significant difference. People with muscle also become obese by age when the amount of metabolism and hormones decrease.


One of the misunderstanding regarding fitness is “Running is important for all”.


A certain body shape is needed to start running. If you are obese, you may be hurt when you lift. So it is better to start running first, then go to the gym.


Body burn more fat during fasting.


Actually taking calories before starting work out has a thermogenic effect on the body. So break your fast with a mild shake and then start the exercise.


I don’t need to eat healthy because I do a lot of exercise.


You can’t remove the effects of a bad diet by exercise. 80 per cent of your physical formation and looks depends upon your eating habits.

If you feel that you can only exercise and get a fabulous body without eating healthy, it is your misunderstanding.


It is good to do stretching before exercise.


It’s usually believed that stretching is good before you start the exercise, but the fact is that your muscles become dull. So, stretching after the exercise is also important. It will be a good recovery after a hard work.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Is it right to do crunch exercise in the gym?

Yes, but It takes the most time to reduce the belly fat through crunch. So try to do an exercise other than cardio, which put more focus on the abdomen. You should focus on each muscle groups of the abdomen so it can easily get the perfect shape.

2. Are packed food items contain fewer calories?

Often people think that the packet food is low in calories. If you are thinking of something like that, be careful. Whenever you eat a packet food follow the nutritional value. There are some food items in which sugar, flour and starch are used more. That can further increase your weight.

3. Can I eat something before exercise?

There is a need of strength before doing anything. The body get strength by food. If you exercise in the morning, it is okay to eat light. However, if you workout at the evening then you must eat something before 1-2 hours of workout.

Bottom Line.

Before start your workout routine clean those misunderstanding from your mind and start your journey of fitness with full of dedication. Many people start workout but they fail due to lack of concentration. Your body takes time to transform, so be calm and focus on your exercise and diet.

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