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GOLO Diet: A Diet for Weight Loss

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GOLO Diet: A Diet for Weight Loss: Nowadays obesity raise most of the critical medical problem in majority of the individuals. Due to our busy and hectic schedule, we often neglect our precious health. Which leads to weight gain and several other health complications like heart disease, hypertension, gastro problem etc.

Maintaining a healthy weight is always compulsory to get merely free from diseases. Therefore, today we will discuss about a miracle diet which helps in weight loss. And give you a healthy lifestyle.

Few years ago, in 2016 one of the most searched diet ranked in the internet was “GOLO Diet” and since then its popularity increased.

So let’s know what is GOLO Diet? And how it helps in weight loss?

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What is GOLO Diet?

As per the tagline GOLO diet means Go Lose Weight, Go Look Great and Goal of Life. GOLO diet concentrate on the management of insulin levels which aids in promoting weight loss. It was first developed by a team of doctors and pharmacists, which focuses on hormones.

How Does GOLO Diet Work?

The concept of this diet is based on creating a link among the missing hormones which helps in weight loss. Hormone imbalances initiate stress and anxiety which caused fatigue, hunger cravings, poor sleep quality and other symptoms.

All these drive emotional decisions like overeating, binging and cravings for fatty or high sugar food.

Therefore, the GOLO diet plan is based on researches which is comprised of low glycemic index food, that control blood sugar and insulin level. Thus promotes weight loss by burning fat and boost metabolism.(1), (2), (3), (4)

Footnote. Golo diet is a diet which aids in weight loss by managing insulin levels by balancing hormones.

Reviews on Does GOLO Diet Help in Weight Loss?

The GOLO Diet cheers to eat healthy, whole foods and increase physical activity. This hypothetically aids in weight loss.

There are few studies which showed that inclusion of physical activity along with GOLO Diet plan helps to lose weight.
On the other hand since these studies are done by the creators of the GOLO plan hence it’s not published in peer reviewed journals.
Furthermore, it’s not clear whether GOLO Diet helps in weight loss or not. Because simple healthy eating along with physical activity can helps to lose weight.

Footnote. GOLO Diet encourages eating healthy along with inclusion of physical activity for weight loss. Yet it is not clear either GOLO Diet is effective or not.

GOLO Diet Benefits.

GOLO Diet follows certain nutrition norms like increase in physical activity, elimination of highly processed food. Both of these help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Along with it improves blood sugar level. As well as it supports in weight loss.

There are several studies which showed physical activity helps in lowering blood sugar level.(5),(6)

Another study showed that nominally processed foods helps to keep blood sugar level balanced rather than ultra-high processed foods.(7)

GOLO Diet suggests eating healthy whole foods which are nutrient dense like lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats. This fulfill our daily nutritional requirement. They are full of vitamins, minerals and enrich with antioxidants.

It would be better to incorporate your diet plan according to proper nutrition plate like merging 1-2 portions of carbohydrate along with protein, vegetables in a meal.

Footnote. GOLO Diet follows some nutrition principle. It encourages eating healthy food which helps in lowering blood sugar level and promoting weight loss. Along with this, it also cheers to make a balanced diet plate containing all food groups.

Food to Eat in GOLO Diet.

It is suggested to have 3 meals per day and it should contain four fuel groups. The standard serving for each fuel groups should be 1-2 portions.

The main component of GOLO diet is GOLO Metabolic Fuel Matrix. It is done by selection of four major fuel groups- carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables and fats.

In this diet the most important thing is serving size. Serving size varies a lot. So while going for this diet you need to keep in mind about the serving sizes. Starting from the serving of oil to the serving of foods like fish or meat.

To get more benefit like cherry on top of a cake, add physical activity in your routine.

Fuel Groups


1. Protein Eggs, poultry, dairy products, nuts and sea food.
2. Carbohydrates Whole grains, sweet potatoes, beans, white potatoes, berries, fruits, yams.
3. Vegetables Green Leafy vegetables like spinach, kale; broccoli, celery, cucumbers, zucchini, Brussels sprouts.
4. Fats Flax seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds, GOLO salad dressing.
Footnote. The standard servings for each fuel groups should be 1-2 portions in diet. Above table showed the variety of foods which can be included in diet as major fuel groups.

Food to Avoid.

GOLO Diet encourages having healthy food and discouraging processed and unhealthy food. Before starting GOLO diet it is better to remove toxins by short term diet variations like “7 DAYS KICKSTART”, “RESET 7”.

The food to be avoid are:

  1. Grains: Rice, bread, pasta, barley, oats, millets (for short term diet only).
  2. Dairy Products: Cheese, yogurt, butter, milk, ice-cream (for short term diet only).
  3. Processed food: Crackers, cookies, potato chips, baked goods.
  4. Red meat: Pork, lamb, fatty cuts of beef (for short term diet only).
  5. Sugar sweetened beverages: Juices, cold drinks, soda, sport drinks, sweetened tea, and vitamin waters.
  6. Artificial Sweeteners: Saccharin, sucralose, aspartame.
Footnote. GOLO Diet recommends going for healthy diet. Exclude processed and unhealthy food.

Drawbacks of GOLO Diet.

GOLO Diet is a healthy diet which helps in weight loss. On the other hand it has drawbacks too. The drawbacks are:

  1. It’s very expensive. People can’t afford it easily. For example, cost of GOLO Release is $38 for 90 tablets which can last for 1-3 months according to your intake.
  2. Even though it contains plant extracts which supports metabolism and have many micronutrients, all these you can obtain from a healthy nutritious diet.
  3. Due to its strict principle regarding food choice and portion size some people might face problems, whereas some people may make a healthy food by following its dietary guidelines.
  4. Many variations in the diet and many factors need to be concerned for it like fuel values, personal metabolic rates and fit points. This thing makes consumer confused to cope up with it.
  5. Studies on this diet are done by the creators of itself; hence there is lack of research. Therefore, it is not clear whether the diet has any extra added benefits or not apart from healthy eating along with physical activity.
Footnote. GOLO Diet is very expensive and it’s difficult for the people to afford it. People often get confused and it’s very difficult to follow. Due to lack of research it’s not clear whether it has any additional benefits or not. 

GOLO Diet Plan.

Menu Sample According to Western Pattern.

Sample GOLO Diet menu plan for one-week:

Days Menu
Monday Breakfast: steamed spinach with scrambled egg, almond and blueberries

Lunch: Asparagus with Grilled Chicken, couscous and coconut oil

Dinner: Kale with Broiled flounder, walnuts and grapes

Tuesday Breakfast: Sautéed broccoli with omelette, olive oil, apple

Lunch: Buckwheat with Roast turkey, olive oil and roasted bell peppers

Dinner: Stir-fried vegetables with salmon, boiled potatoes

Wednesday Breakfast: Omelette with guava and almonds

Lunch: Spinach with tuna salad, GOLO salad dressing and an orange

Dinner: Zucchini stuffed with beef and stir fry in coconut oil with tomatoes

Thursday Breakfast: Pears with poach egg, Pista

Lunch: Yam with pork chops, almonds and steamed spinach

Dinner: Mashed potatoes with roasted beef, olive oil and almond

Friday Breakfast: Oats with sautéed zucchini, boiled egg, hemp seeds

Lunch: Arugula with baked cod, olive oil, chickpeas

Dinner: Green beans with chicken breast, olive oil, sweet potatoes

Saturday Breakfast: Oats with boiled egg, chia seeds, strawberries

Lunch: Broccoli with stir fried beef, quinoa

Dinner: Pan Fried salmon fish with salad

Sunday Breakfast: Sautéed Broccoli with omelette, walnut, apple

Lunch: Grilled chicken with sautéed veggies, GOLO Dressings, Salad

Dinner: Brussels sprouts with stir fried salmon, boiled potatoes, olive oil

Menu Sample According to Indian Pattern.

GOLO Diet sample menu plan for one week:

Days Menu
Monday Early Morning: 1 glass boiled jeera water in empty stomach

Breakfast: Semolina upma, boiled egg, almonds

Lunch: Roti with 1 katori mixed vegetable sabjee, dal, salad, curd

Dinner: Roti with fish curry, salad

Tuesday Breakfast: Pancake, omelet, any one fruit

1 glass Basil seeds soak in water- 30mins before lunch

Lunch: Roti with fish curry, green leafy vegetables curry, salad, curd

Dinner: Roti with dal, mixed sauté veggies, salad

Wednesday Breakfast: Riceflakes upma, green gram sprout with ginger and rock salt, scrambled egg, any one fruit

Lunch: Roti with steamed or shallow fry chicken with veggies, salad

1 glass Basil seeds soak in water- 30mins before dinner

Dinner: Roti with mixed vegetables curry, salad, curd

Thursday Early Morning: 1 glass boiled jeera water in empty stomach

Breakfast: Plain dosa in coconut oil, sambhar, almonds or walnut

Lunch: Roti with soybean curry, steamed spinach curry, curd, salad

Dinner: Roti with dal, baked fish with lemon and honey, salad

Friday Breakfast: Cornflakes with milk in minimal amount, green gram sprout with ginger and rock salt, boiled egg

1 glass Basil seeds soak in water- 30mins before lunch

Lunch: Roti with steamed paneer sabji, curd, salad

Dinner: Roti with tossed veggies, dal, salad, almond or walnut

Saturday Early Morning: Drink 1 glass of overnight soaked  meethi seeds water in empty stomach

Breakfast: Sago upma, scrambled egg, any one fruit, almond

Lunch: Roti with curd fish curry, sautéed green leafy veggies, salad

Dinner: Roti with tossed mixed  veggies with light seasoning, dal, salad, walnut

Sunday Breakfast: 1 glass sattu drink, bouled egg, any one fruit

1 glass Basil seeds soak in water- 30mins before lunch

Lunch: Rice, chicken curry with light seasoning, curd, salad

Dinner: Roti with soybean curry, salad, almond

Footnote. Above sample menu is given according to the Western as well as Indian Pattern which contains all four fuel groups. 

Bottom Line.

GOLO Diet helps in managing hormone levels in our body through GOLO supplements and aids in weight loss. It encourages eating healthy balanced diet consisting of four fuel groups along with physical activity.

GOLO Diet helps in weight loss as well as controls blood sugar level. It is expensive, confusing and difficult to follow. More researches need to be done to know its effectiveness.

Therefore, it is better to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating balanced nutritious food along with some exercises. Drink plenty of water and take an adequate amount of sleep.

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