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Amazing Military Diet Plan For Rapid Weight Loss

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Amazing Military Diet Plan For Rapid Weight Loss: The passion for weight loss is not new. Each and every obese person have dream to lose weight. You will have to adopt a variety of diet plans for weight loss. Now, another diet plan has been included in this list, called military diet. This military diet is quite easy, effective and will also help in weight loss.

This diet plan is also effective to live a healthy life. When obesity increases too much, a military diet plan is suggested by the experts. This diet plan is adopted for 3 days a week. It is effective to boost up your metabolism and also helpful in rapid weight loss.

Where Did The Military Diet Start?

The answer of this question has not been properly known till date. According to some people, the diet was first adopted to reduce weight before the medical test before being inducted into the US military. Some others said that, this diet was started by the US military doctor, so that the US military could stay fit. However, it is clear that this diet has helped many people to lose weight.

What Is Military Diet?

Military diet plan are suggested to reduce weight and obesity. It is an instant diet plan. You don’t have to wait for months. Taking this diet for 3 days a week helps to lose several kilos.

This diet is divided into two phases:

  • Three-day low calorie intake phase.
  • Four days normal calorie intake phase.
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Amazing Military Diet Plan For Weight Loss.

The military diet has a list of low calorie foods as well as ice creams. Yes, ice cream!

For the first three days of the week, you don’t have to consume more than 1100 to 1200 calories. The amount of calories much lower than the amount you consume daily. For the next four days you have to consume 1800 calories (i.e. normal level). However, most people eat healthy food instead of taking their normal diet.

There is no strict rule in this diet plan, that you do not eat carbs, fiber, fat, protein or vitamins. In a controlled quantity, you are allowed to eat everything in this diet. The value principle of this diet is “Calorie In and Calorie Out” or CICO.

How Military Diet Helps In Losing Weight?

With the help of a military diet, one can lose up to 10 pounds a week. The military diet is becoming very famous among those who intend to lose weight. This weight loss plan is easy to follow and it will never bring inconvenience to users. Without hesitation, one can follow a 3 day military weight loss plan. This weight loss plan is made with low calorie foods at the morning, afternoon and dinner. Lets see-

vanilla ice cream
Vanilla Ice Cream

3 days Military Diet Menu Plan.

1st Day.


  • 1 toast with black coffee.
  • 2 cups fruit.
  • 2 tsp peanut butter.


  • Water or Coffee.
  • ½ cheese or fish (for protein).
  • One toast.


  • ½ cheese.
  • 1 bowl green vegetables (beans).
  • One small apple.
  • ½ banana.
  • One cup vanilla ice cream.
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Second Day.


  • One egg.
  • ½ banana.
  • 1 toast.


  • 1 cup paneer (for calories).
  • 50-50 biscuits.
  • 1 boiled egg.


  • 2 hot dogs without buns.
  • One cup broccoli or green vegetable.
  • Half cup carrot.
  • ½ banana.
  • One cup vanilla ice cream.

Third Day.


  • 1 small paneer piece.
  • One toast.
  • 1 small apple.


  • 1 egg.
  • One toast.


  • 1 cup paneer bhujia.
  • ½ banana.
  • One cup ice cream.

Another Sample 3 Day Military Diet Plan.

Day 1.


  • 1 egg.
  • One slice toast.
  • ½ banana.


  • 1 hard boiled egg.
  • One cup cottage cheese or slice cheddar cheese.
  • 5 saltine crackers.


  • 2 hot dogs.
  • One cup broccoli.
  • ½ cup vanilla ice-cream.
  • Half cup carrot.
  • ½ banana.

Day 2.


  • ½ grapefruit.
  • One cup coffee or tea.
  • 1 slice toast.
  • 2 tablespoon peanut butter.


  • ½ cup tuna.
  • One cup tea or coffee.
  • 1 slice toast .


  • 2 slices meat.
  • 1 cup green beans.
  • One cup vanilla ice-cream.
  • 1 small apple.
  • ½ banana.

Day 3.


  • 5 soda crackers.
  • 1 slice cheddar cheese
  • One small apple.


  • 1 hard boiled egg.
  • One slice toast.


  • 1 cup tuna.
  • Half cup vanilla ice-cream.
  • ½ banana.
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What Not To Eat?

  • Do not eat mango and jackfruits in fruits.
  • Dairy products include full fat milk, full fat yogurt and full fat cream.
  • Vegetable oil, butter, mayonnaise in fates and oil.
  • Soft drinks, packaged fruit juice, packaged cocoa water and alcohol.
  • Tomato sauce, barbeque sauce, sweet chilli sauce, chilli sauce and mayonnaise in sauce.

What Are The Disadvantages?

  1. If the military diet is followed properly, the weight is reduced rapidly, but it can also cause you a loss. When you follow this diet plan to reduce weight, it reduces the weight but as soon as you leave it, weight may increase again. You have to do the right ways to lose weight such as healthy diet, exercise and workout etc.
  2. Prolonged follow-up of this diet can also leads health damage. Take advice from the doctor before you follow the military diet plan.

Food Options When Choosing Military Diet.

Majority of the people are confuse to choose the right food for this diet plan. The 3 day diet plan is not very strict. You can easily change military diet substitution into vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free versions. Yes, in some cases you can also choose some substitute, such as:

  • If you have a diet-related limitations.
  • There is some kind of allergy.
  • The suggested military foods plan cannot be eaten.

In all the above mentioned circumstances, you can swap foods that you cannot eat. For example, a can of tuna has 200 calories, instead you can eat 20 almonds. But keep in mind that, you don’t even consume a full cup of almonds, as it can increase your weight.

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Substitute List of Military Diet.

  • Tuna – Cottage Cheese, Tofu, Almonds, Peanuts.
  • Cottage Cheese – Soya Cheese, Soy Milk, Tofu.
  • Coffee – Green Tea.
  • Hot Dogs – Turkey Dogs, Daily Meats, Soy Dogs, Tofu Dogs etc.
  • Grapefruit – ½ teaspoon baking soda in a glass of water.
  • Banana – Papaya, Kiwi, Apricot.
  • Broccoli – Green Grams, Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts.
  • Vanilla Ice-Cream – Apple Juice, Fruit flavoured Yogurt.
  • Carrots – Beats, Celery etc.
  • Peanut Butter – Almond Butter, Soy Butter etc.
  • Egg – Milk, Chicken Wings, Nuts.
  • Meat – Lentils, Beans, Tofu etc.
  • Whole Wheat Bread – Whole Grain Cereal, Flax Seeds, Rice Cakes.
  • Apples – Plums, Grapes, Pears etc.
  • Green Beans – Tomatoes, Lettuce.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Is military diet safe for children?

No, military diet is not safe for the children, as it cause rapid weight loss. So, it can cause several other health issues. However, the weight loss is temporary. Wherever you stop this diet your weight will put on again. It is suggested to lose weight naturally with the balanced diet and routine workouts.

2. How to avoid weight gain after 3 days of military diet?

To avoid weight gain after 3 days of military diet, you must stick on low calorie diet in the rest of the days. You must add some exercise or yoga on regular basis to avoid weight gain. However, in the rest of the days you must focus on your cheat meal and should suppress the consumption.

Bottom Line.

According to the several health consultant, it is claimed that, military diet is too much effective in weight loss. The 3 days diet plan helps you to shred a pound but you have to stick with the plan. But make sure that prolonged continuation of this diet can affect your health adversely. It is always better to consult your doctor or dietitian before starting with this diet.

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