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Most Effective 6 Crunch Exercise For Solid Six Pack Abs

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Most Effective 6 Crunch Exercise For Solid Six Pack Abs: You may have often heard a friend or acquaintance say that he will start gym from tomorrow. The point is that, the tomorrow never comes and then gradually be became obese and face several physical problems. Now, it is necessary to be aware of such a situation. For this, good sleep, adequate food and a variety of exercise will have to be included in your routine. Now you would think that you would have to go to the gym for exercise, but it is not so. You can keep yourself fit by just a crunch exercise at home.

In this article, we will explain you the benefits of the crunch exercise. We will also tell you the steps, through which you can do this exercise properly. Before proceeding to the article, we want to tell you that, it is also necessary to consult the trainer before starting any kind of exercise.

What is Crunch Exercise?

The crunch exercise is most popular among gym-going and exercise-seekers as well as players. This exercise, which is being used by the back force, is not only easy to do, but also give you instant benefits. Through this exercise, weight can be reduced with the density of the abdominal muscles. It can be a good exercise for those who want to reduce abdominal fat. This exercise can be done in many types. In the article, we will further explain this in detail.

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Most Effective 6 Types of Crunch Exercise.

Although there are many types of crunch exercise, but here we tell you 6 major types, such as;

  • Basic Crunch.
  • Reverse Crunch.
  • Vertical Leg Crunch.
  • Long Arm Crunches.
  • Bicycle Crunch.
  • Double Crunches.

Benefit of Crunch Exercise.

There is no doubt that any kind of exercise is beneficial, but here we will only tell you the major benefits of the crunch exercise. Let see the benefits of crunch exercise.

Strengthen Muscles.

Crunch exercise is beneficial to strengthening the muscle groups. A research paper in this regard exists on the website of NCBI (National Centre for Biotechnology Information). The research paper proved that if the crunch exercise or cross-crunch exercise is done even one or two days a week, it can help to provide a boost to the abdominal muscles. Such results were obtained from tests conducted on 59 men and 59 women.(1)

Reduce Waist Fat.

At the beginning of the article, it is stated that the crunch exercise is also called the exercise associated with the stomach. In a research published on the NCBI website, it is mentioned that such exercise not only reduce abdominal fat, but also help to strengthen it. However, a balanced diet should also be consumed along with crunch exercise. As a result the body will be comfortably brought to the perfect shape.

Increase Flexibility.

Crunch exercise also help to make the body flexible. A number of research institutions have conducted research on young, adult and elderly people on the subject, which has been published on the website of NCBI. According to the research, the flexibility of all the body may vary depending on gender, physical ability, age and training. Research conducted on people of different ages found that people who exercised regularly in the right way have seen an increase in the flexibility of the body. Therefore, according to the research, the training of crunch exercise can increase flexibility.

Lose Weight.

This exercise not only helps to reduce weight, but if it is included in your daily exercise routine, it can also help to control body fat. Research has found that the crunch exercise strengthens the muscles, which can help to reduce excess body fat.

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Steps To Do Crunch Exercises.

You have known the benefits of the crunch exercise. Here’s how to do the following crunch exercise;

Basic Crunch.

Basic Crunch

Step 1.

First, lie down on the back and spread your feet on the floor.

Step 2.

Then bend the knees and place the hands on the chest by folding your elbows.

Step 3.

Now lift the head and chest up while breathing.

Step 4.

Then breathe and come to the previous position. You can do this many times continuously.

Reverse Crunch.

reverse crunchesReverse Crunch

Step 1.

Lie down on the mat and keep your two arms straight with the body.

Step 2.

Then bend your two knees to an angle of 90 degrees.

Step 3.

Then lift the knees and hips up while breathing. Try to touch the knees along with the chest.

Step 4.

Then come back down while breathing, but do not keep the feet on the ground. In this way, you can constantly up and down the hips and knees for a while.

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Vertical Leg Crunch.

vertical crunch
Vertical Crunch

Step 1.

First, lie down on the mat.

Step 2.

Thereafter, bend your hands and bring it back to your neck.

Step 3.

Now keep your two legs straight and move upwards. In this position, the body size will be similar to the L shape. Keep in mind that the waist must be adjacent to the floor.

Step 4.

Then try to lift the upper part of the body as much as possible while breathing.

Step 5.

Hold yourself for a minute or two in this situation.

Step 6.

Now come back to the bottom while breathing and repeat the process again.

Long Arm Crunches.

long arm crunch
Long Arm Crunch

Step 1.

Lie on the ground and take the hands straight behind the head. The arms should be adjacent to the ears and hold both hands and tie the fist.

Step 2.

Now bend your knees to 40 degrees and try to lift your chest and both hands while breathing.

Step 3.

Stay at this stage for 1 to 2 seconds.

Step 4.

Then breathe comfortably and come back to the initial stage.

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Bicycle Crunch.

Cycling exercise
Bicycle Crunch

Step 1.

Put the fingers of both hands on the back of the head and lift the two legs slightly.

Step 2.

Then bend the right leg with the knee and try to touch the right knee with the left elbow by turning the head up to the left.

Keep in mind that your hands must be interlinked and the left leg must be straight. Then straighten the right leg and bring the head down. Then bend the left leg with the knee and try to touch the left knee with the right elbow. You can do it several times continuously.

Double Crunches.

Double Crunch Exercise
Double Crunch

Step 1.

Lay on the back force directly on the ground.

Step 2.

Thereafter, place both hands behind your head and bring both knees slightly to the chest.

Step 3.

At the same time, exhale and lift your head upwards. You can do it 10 times in 4 sets.

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Precautions for Crunch Exercises.

Some precautions related to crunch exercise are mentioned below;

  • In the beginning, take support for the crunch exercise, otherwise there is a risk of injury.
  • The beginning should be slow.
  • Incorrect procedure of crunch exercise can negatively affect the back and neck. So, first, you must know the right way and then do it.
  • You can also take the help of the trainer at the initial stage.

Side Effects of Crunch Exercise.

  • The wrong way to do the crunch exercise can cause tension in the back.
  • The risk of groin injury may increase.
  • Wrong procedure can lead to muscle pain, swelling, injury, stiffness or abdominal pain.
  • Doing this after meals can also cause severe abdominal pain as well as vomiting.
  • More emphasis in the crunch exercise can cause muscle stiffness as well as neck pain and sprains.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Are crunches the best abs exercise?

Yes, crunches can help you to build abdominal muscle. However, this exercise is also ideal for your core muscle such as lower back and obliques. With several variations you can easily engage different parts of abs, which gives you the toned abs along with a strong core. You can perform this exercise easily at your home without any assistance or equipment that is why this exercise is popular among the several fitness models.

2. How to do crunches exercise on a ball?

A fitness or stability ball is a great tool for your abs and core muscles. Do it with the following steps;

Step 1.

Fitness balls usually come in different sizes. You must pick a fitness ball which allows your knees at the right angle.

Step 2.

Thereafter, sit on the ball and take the support of the floor with your feet.

Step 3.

Then move the ball with the support of your back and feel the stretch on the abs. Repeat the same for 1 to 3 sets of 12 to 16 reps.

Bottom Line.

If you want six pack abs, this article on the crunch exercise can be beneficial for you. In this article, you have aware about the benefits of the crunch exercise along with its method. If you are going to start this exercise, it is better to ask a trainer or a consultant, because it is beneficial to do it with caution and full knowledge.

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