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8 Golden Rules of Nutrition to Get Six Pack Abs

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Nowadays Six pack abs is kind of trendy topic, isn’t it? Having six or eight pack abs make you an icon and everyone easily gets impress. We all know it is very difficult to make abs, as your body fat percentage should be in single digit. Many people try for it, but few of them are succeeds. Do you know the reason? Well maybe not….. Therefore, we are here to help you out with this 8 Golden Rules of Nutrition to Get Six Pack Abs.

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We would like to point out the reason for not becoming your six pack abs is your Nutrition!

Most of the people don’t know that you need the balanced nutrition for six pack abs. You must be in calorie deficit to reduce fat.  Many people get bored without eating spicy foods and their courage breaks down.

But today we are giving you some easy nutrition tips for six pack abs that will absolutely help you. This diet plan for abs can be used by both male and female.

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8 Golden Rules of Nutrition to Get Six Pack Abs

  1. Consume High Protein Foods.
  2. Eat Vegetables.
  3. Avoid Junk Foods.
  4. Coffee.
  5. Calorie Cycling.
  6. Generate Calories Deficit.
  7. Stay Away From Alcohol.
  8. Control Sodium Intake.

Consume High Protein Foods.

Protein not only helps you to build muscles, but also helps to achieve an ideal body structure by providing you quality of nutrients and fats.


It keeps your stomach full for a long time. So that you avoid eating junk foods, which improve your body structure.

However, high protein Intake (2-3 Gm Per Kg) should be taken according to your body weight, which is considered to be right for the body. (1)

FootnoteProtein is one of the main component for fitness. It plays a vital role in each and every function of the body. One should consume protein according to his weight (2-3 Gm Per Kg).

Eat Vegetables.

Many people have a habit of eating simple carbs in food. If you eat lots of carbs your abs will not visible. So you need to deplete the carbs intake.

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You can intake the same amount of carbs like an athlete who does a lot of training every day.

broccoli Nutrition Six Pack Abs

If you workout for 3 to 6 days a week for 40 to 60 minutes and spend the rest of the time at the desk, you need to reduce your carbs.

You should prefer vegetables because its keep your stomach full. It have better calorie ratio, which means that your stomach can be filled without taking calories from anything else. Therefore, you mainly use green and leafy vegetables (2), for example;

  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Kiwi
FootnoteSeveral green and leafy vegetables contain high amount of vitamins and minerals which are essential for the body. Your diet must contain green vegetables like broccoli and spinach etc.

Avoid Junk Foods.

Junk foods contains large amount of calories and most of them are made from raw products and white flour, which is unhealthy for the body. Therefore, they can become a wall in the middle of the abs.

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pizza Nutrition Six Pack Abs
Junk Food

Therefore, take calories from good and healthy foods, in result the body will transform positively. (3)

FootnoteJunk foods contains cheap amount of calories and sugar which leads several health issues. It destroy your goal of six pack abs.
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In the morning, instead of drinking tea with sugar and milk, prefer coffee. Coffee contains antioxidants and Phenols, which can help increase your metabolism and boost your digestive system, making a habit of drinking coffee can beneficial for you.


You can take black coffee before 30 min of your training session. It is quite popular among the fitness models and bodybuilders because it work as a pre-workout supplement. Apart from this it also enhance your focus and boost stamina. (4)

Footnote. Coffee contains caffeine, antioxidants and phenols which increase your metabolism and digestive system. Quite popular as a pre workout supplement, as it enhance focus during your training session.

Calorie Cycling.

A secret that lives in many athletes or fitness model is calorie cycling. This simply means that you eat less on the day you don’t workout and eat something heavy on the day you workout.

In this way, you can eat different amounts of carbohydrates based on your activity. That is the day when more activity is more carbs and the day with less activity is less carbs.

Footnote. This is one of the effective way which is follow by several fitness models. You should eat less on the day you don’t workout and eat something heavy on the day you workout.
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Generate Caloric Deficit.

You should create caloric deficit in the body, for example you should intake or consume less calories than you burn in entire 24 hour of period. By doing this for a few weeks or month you will create a caloric deficit in the body.

However, it is also depends upon your body fat percentage. For getting a visible six pack abs you must have a body fat percentage below 10. Click here to find out your body fat percentage at free of cost.

Footnote. Creating caloric deficit means you should intake less, than you burn in your entire day. By doing this you burn your body fat as well as your abs will visible soon.

Stay Away from Alcohol.

Alcohol are contains several cheap nutrients with high caloric value which is extremely harmful for your health. Consumption of alcohol reduce testosterone levels and also makes increase body fat percentage. It stimulate our appetite and we feel hungry. Moreover, alcohol slowing down the digestion of fat, carbohydrates and protein.(5)

Footnote. Consumption of alcohol is harmful for health it increase the toxic level in the body as well as it contains cheap nutrients which are not good for health.

Control Sodium Intake.

Excess sodium intake with snacks or foods retain water in the body. It is the reason you will see bodybuilders and models who preparing for a photo shoot completely cut down salt intake in last few days before competition or photo shoot, to achieve a dry and attractive look. (6)

Footnote. Sodium retain water in the body, that’s why our abs are not visible. Control sodium intake cut down the water from the body and you will achieve your six pack abs easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How can I build 6 pack abs fast?

If you want to get your six pack abs within a few months then you must keep in mind some important points;

  • Balance your Cardio in a regular manner.
  • Work on each part of your Abdominal Muscles.
  • Increase Protein Intake.
  • Focus on High-Intensity Interval Training. (HIIT).
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid Processed Foods and fast foods.
  • Cut off simple Carbs and add complex carbs.
  • Avoid excess intake of salt and sugar.
  • Eat Fiber from natural source.

2. By what exercises I can get my abs fastest?

To achieve six pack abs you need to tone your core. So you must add some exercise to your workout routine. At the same time with some difficult cardio-workouts you can rapidly burn your body fat percentage.

Although cardio exercise is for your heart but it also burns your calories fast and you can burn your fat because of calorie burn and you start to get absorbed soon. Here are some example of effective exercises;

· Crunches.

Crunches is the best exercise to tone the stomach’s muscles. Lie down on the floor on the knees and take the hands behind your head. Thereafter, lift up your body and touch your head to your knees. This leads to tension on your upper and middle abdominal muscles.

· Leg Lifts.

Leg lift is not just to tone down your lower abdominal but it also increases the strength of the last part of your thigs and Hamstring. Moving your two legs from the ground will also help you to make abs.

· Cardio.

There are many exercises in the cardio that you can select according to your capacity. Such as cycling, running, swimming and dancing can also help you. As a result your abs will start appearing soon.

Either to focus on a single muscle group you should make a flexible workout routine which must consist each and every exercise. However, you must not skip your cardio session, as it help you to reduce your excess body fat and give you an attractive look.

3. Should I workout on my abs everyday?

No, because like other muscle groups your abs also need rest to recover. While you workout on your abs that time muscle groups of the abs are break. It required rest for the recovery so you must train your abs after 24 hours of the rest, i.e if you train your abs on Monday then you should do your abs exercise on Wednesday.

4. Which foods ruin my abs?

There are several foodstuffs are used by you in your daily life which can ruin six pack abs inspite of your hard works, for example- sugary beverages like soda, juice and cold drinks etc, which can increase your body fat percentage.

Fried and fast foods such as French fries, chicken strips, fast foods etc because this foods are contains high calories. However, alcohol can also destroy your dreams of six pack abs, as it contains several cheap nutrients which are injuries to health.

5. What breakfast foods are good for my abs?

There are several options in Breakfast which can assist you to achieve your goal of six pack abs, for example Fruits salad, Greek yogurt, Egg Sandwich, Protein Pancake, Brown bread with peanut butter, Whole egg, Sprouts, Oats etc.

6. Is rice bad for the abs?

No, with some limitation it’s not. Several refined grains such as white rice, white bread and regular white pasta is an unhealthy option. You should always prefer unrefined foodstuffs for example whole wheat and brown rice.

Because white rice or white bread is a simple carbohydrate which spike our insulin level and give us energy for limited time but brown rice or brown bread is a complex carbohydrate which give us energy for the maximum time period.

7. What should I eat for dinner for six pack abs?

Dinner is one of the important meal during your entire day. So it must contains balance nutrients along with protein. Such as beans, peanut butter, spinach, eggs, broccoli, olive oil, whole grains and chicken.

8. Is milk bad for abs?

No, milk is a good source of casein protein, which are essential for muscle building as well as it contains several healthy nutrients which develop your entire body. You can take several dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt.

9. How bananas good for six pack abs?

Bananas are one of the effective food which have several health benefits. Apart from that it help in build muscles and effective nutrition for getting six pack abs. It is a good source of potassium and amino acids which reduce water retention from the body and helpful in muscle building.

10. Are potatoes bad for my abs?

Rather than white potatoes you must prefer sweet potatoes as it enriched with vitamin Avitamin B6potassium, folic acidriboflavincopper and pantothenic acid. These nutrients are helpful for muscle building and desired for six-pack abs.

Bottom Line.

At first you have to understand what are the main factors for making abs from the above points. You can also consult your fitness trainer so that he can guide you more thoroughly.




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