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Know Why Nutrition Plays a Vital Role For Fitness

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At first, whenever we heard or see about fitness the thing that comes into the mind is exercise, yoga or gym. But these are the secondary parts of fitness. Without proper nutrition it is not possible to stay fit and healthy. So let us know why nutrition plays a vital role for fitness.

The food we intake each day will affect our health and it will reflect at every time as well as in tomorrow and in the future. Food play a vital role on how we will look and will feel.

There is one proverb we all heard from our childhood from our grand members of our family that “you are what for what you eat” which means nutritional habits has a great impact on our health for our long-term well being.

It has been heard everywhere that food acts as a better medicine which is essential in the maintenance of our mind and body, and it can also help us by reaching the physical performance of the body by boosting our capacity.

Therefore it’s very important to have a proper nutrition foods to maintain fitness of the body.

Why Nutrition Plays a Vital Role For Fitness.

  • Nutrition plays a vital role to stay healthy, loosing of weight as well as building of muscle.
  • Eating healthy nutritious food will help to prevent from many diseases like cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc.
  • It will give you more stamina to your body so that body could have more power and energy.
  • It will help in building stability of your body.
  • It’s mostly essential in maintaining of healthy body weight so that your Body Mass Index (BMI) could fall in the normal weight box.
  • Its provides as a fuel to the body so that our body could work properly and assist you while doing exercises.

Appropriate nutrient intake through food always complements a fitness routine. As nutrition is a key to fitness let’s see some advantages of nutrition in fitness. Let’s have a glimpse of it-

1. Improving of Physical Endurance.

Energy is main thing all need in our daily life to work throughout the day. So doing extensive workouts or physical activity, energy should be there in your diet. Carbohydrates and protein are the energy giving nutrients, so these should be include in your diet to maintain and to increase physical endurance.

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2. Remodeling of Muscle.

While doing heavy workouts or strengthen exercise, damage starts to occur in our muscle. So to remodel that muscle a proper amount of nutrition is needed in the body so that you can achieve your goal.

3. Management of Weight.

Proper intake of healthy and nutritious food can help you to achieve a perfect shape and body. An unhealthy diet often leads to gaining of weight and to become obese.

So if you are willing to shred some pounds proper amount of nutrition diet along with physical activity is recommended. You can look into our blog regarding some best exercise tips to maintain your fitness.

Now let’s have a look in the balance of nutrition and fitness:–

Fitness means physical activity that helps in improving muscle tone and body. This term means aptitude, i.e. exercises that can be done in our daily life which will help in improving muscular and physical resistance to have body flexibility and strength and muscle development.

4. Benefits Of Physical Activity.

Apart from weight loss, fitness helps in improving in cardiovascular health. It also helps in fighting with  anxietydepression and insomnia. Doing exercise at least 1 hour per day can improve in strengthen of bones as well as, it will help body to function properly.

It will also help in preventing from colon cancer, constipation as well as flu by flushing bacteria out from the lungs and airways. If person are fit then it will help in change of antibodies and White Blood Cells (WBC). WBCs are the body immunity cells that help in fighting with the diseases.

Balance Of Nutrition And Fitness.

Maintaining healthy life is very important for everyone. This comes especially from exercise and nutrition. The nutrition should be balanced with according physical activity. The more energy you are in taking that must be equal to the energy output.

In short, Energy Intake=Energy Output.

Eating right helps us in losing weight, reduces risk of diseases, and makes feel confident.

Now a days, it’s on trend that healthy food intake is the key for primary fitness. Foods which are nutrients dense like superfoods which include essential proteins, carbohydrates which are good for health and fats are essential for maintain out body fitness. All this should be there in plate (nutritional plate) in your daily diet.

Our body needs an adequate amount of nutrients to maintain a good health, so cutting off diet or skipping meals is not good for health. Therefore many of the experts says that 80 percent of the health and fitness comes from the food what we eat.

Combination of right balance carbohydrates, proteins and fats along with daily physical activity will help everyone in achieving and maintaining of best body.

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1. Carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are an energy giving nutrient which acts as a fuel to our body by proving energy. Carbs also fuel the brain, it also provides energy in the physical fitness routine protects muscles from damaging and also protect your gut.

Health Benefits of Brown Rice
Brown Rice

The carbohydrates rich foods are whole grains and refined grains. Unprocessed whole Carbs are the healthiest to include in the diet daily. You all can know what carbohydrate rich foods on our blog BMI.

2. Proteins.

Proteins mean we all know building blocks of our body that helps in achieving fitness. They help in repairing of muscle and building of it by toning after post work. It also helps to build cartilage, makes enzymes and hormone, etc. Essential protein rich foods like poultry, fish, dairy products beans and legumes etc., should be include in the daily diet in order to maintain fitness.

3. Fats.

Nutrition for Fitness
Olive Oil

Fats are also essential in our body to maintain. It acts a good compliment along with carbohydrates and proteins. It balance the body by absorbing fat soluble vitamins A,D,E,K and helps in regulating of hormones.

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Fats provide energy to our body which helps out body not to get fatigue easily while doing workout. it also protect organs of the body. Fats like seeds, nuts and oils should be included in the diet.

Apart from macronutrients, adequate amount of micronutrients should also be included in the diet to maintain fitness of the body. According to World Health Organization, micronutrients are called as magic wands which enable body to produce enzymes, hormones and other substances those are essential for maintaining proper health and growth and development of the body. Likewise-

5. Iron.

Nutrition for Fitness spinach

Iron in diet helps in transportation of oxygen in the body. If sufficient amount of iron is not taken in the diet then it will lower the immunity power in the body and for which body can get affected easily, and lower level of iron level in the body can make a person anemic.

6. Iodine. 

Iodine is essential in the body for the making of thyroid hormones that controls the metabolism of the body and also helps in brain development of the baby during pregnancy. Now days, there are many iodine fortified foods that can be incorporate in the diet to maintain a proper fitness of the body.

7. Calcium.

Nutrition for Fitness

Calcium is important for maintenance of our bone health. It also helps in coagulation of blood, contraction of muscle and also regulation of blood pressure. The best and good sources of calcium are dairy food especially milk, yogurt and cheese, along with these other calcium non dairy products are also there like nuts, sesame seeds etc.

Bottom Line.

Last but not the least the most important thing needed in our daily life is water. Without water no one can live. Always keep your body hydrated whether you are doing exercise or not.

Excess amount of water loss in the body can lead to dehydration and makes body weaken faster. So at least minimum 2-3 litres of water should be taken daily for maintenance of proper health and fitness of the body.

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