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What Should Be Your Kids Diet Plan During Covid-19


A strong immune system can protect you against any kind of virus or infections. However, food can upsurge your immune system in a positive way. Below we are going to tell you about the doctor’s suggested food, that should be include in your kids diet plan during COVID-19, which can protect your kids from corona virus infection by strengthening immunity power.

Include these food from today in your kid’s diet as these things will prevent the corona virus to rapidly getting its feet at your home. Apart from this you must take all necessary measures to avoid this infection.

These measures are related to cleanliness and cooking habits. Include especial food that increase your immunity. Indeed, a strong immune system you can’t protect your kids from corona virus infection.

What Should Be Your Kids Diet Plan During COVID-19?

  • Mulethi or Liquorice Root.
  • Vitamin D.
  • Mushroom or Toadstool.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Non-veg Foods.

Mulethi or Liquorice Root.

The use of Mulethi or Liquorice Root strengthen your immunity power. In addition, the anti-viral properties present in it can protect you from any kind of viral infection. Corona virus infection also resembles viral infection. So you can use mulethi or liquorice root to strengthen your immunity and avoid being infected with corona virus.(1)

Vitamin D.

Using vitamin D can boost your immunity power, which will reduce the risk of corona virus infection manifold. The main source of vitamin D is considered as the sun. The sun gives you vitamin D, supplies shortly after sunrise.

For vitamin D you can include salmon fish and milk in your kid’s diet. In addition, you can also use vitamin D through fortified foods.(2)

Mushroom or Toadstool.

Don’t forget to include mushrooms or toadstool in your diet chart. According to the expert, shiitake mushrooms are packed with beta glucan. This property has antiviral and immune boosting assets. For this reason, your immunity will be boosted, as well as it help you to avoid corona virus and other infections.(3)

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You can also use cinnamon to avoid corona viruses by strengthening the immune system, as immunomodulatory properties are found in cinnamon.(4)

In addition, anti-viral properties can also protect you from colds. Use it as a spice while cooking, so that all the qualities that come in it will easily reach your body through food.

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Non-veg Foods.

No meat has been considered the cause of infection so far, behind corona virus infection. Even the report has been released on behalf of the Government. However, while consuming meat, keep in mind that it has been cooked cleanly.(5)


To avoid corona virus infection several doctors and researchers advised to include some food items in the diet. These food must be rich in properties such as anti-viral and immunity boosters, which can protect you from corona virus infection and also Include food that are especially edible, which will boost your immunity.

Recommended Sample of Healthy Food Plate.

  • Whole Grains (1/4th a Plate).
  • Fruit and Vegetables (1/2 a Plate).
  • Healthy Plant Oil or Vegetable Oil (Medium Quantity).
  • Protein (1/4th a Plate).
  • Water or Juice.
  • Carbohydrate.
  • Stay Active.
Healthy Plate
Healthy Food Plate

A healthy food plate, created by our nutritionist for your kids which consists a balanced and healthy meals. Whether served at the plate or put in a dining box. Place a copy of it on the fridge, so it reminds you every day to make healthy and balanced meals.

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Whole Grains (1/4th a Plate).

Whole grains like wheat, barley, millet, brown rice or unprocessed rice and food made from them, such as whole wheat bread, ‘white rice’ and other processed grains have little effect on blood sugar and insulin. You must add them in your food plate.

Fruit and Vegetables (1/2 a plate).

Try to eat many colours and many kinds of fruits and vegetables and remember that potatoes are not considered vegetables in healthy food plates, as eating potatoes has a negative effect on blood sugar or blood glucose.

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Healthy Plant Oil or Vegetable Oil (Medium Quantity).

Choose healthy vegetable oils, such as olives, canola, soybeans, sunflowers, peanuts, mustard etc., and stay away from ‘partially hydrogenated’ oils, as they contain unhealthy ‘trans fats‘. Remember always prefer only low or healthy fat oil to make food.

Protein (1/4th a Plate).

Fish, poultry, lentils and walnuts are sources of healthy and versatile proteins. They can be poured into salads and well known with vegetables. Red meat should eat less and should stay away from processed meats such as ‘bacon’ and ‘sauce’.

Drink Water or Juice.

Stay away from sweet drinks, eat only one or two servings a day of milk and other milk foodstuffs and drink as much as a small glass of water or fruit juice a day.

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More than focusing on carbohydrate content, it is important to think about what kind of carbohydrates we eat in our diet, because some sources of carbohydrates, such as sweet potatoes, whole grains, lentils and fruits are consider to be healthier than other sources.

Stay Active.

It is a vital part of the healthy food plate to remind you that it is also necessary to be active to maintain an ideal body weight.


Healthy food plate also give people sweet drinks, which are full of healthy and natural sweets. Unhealthy sweet have lots of calorie and usually have less nutrition, so it is better to stay away from such kind of food. A healthy food plate is contain balanced food for all age groups and there is no upper limit on consumption of healthy fats.

Bottom Line.

Last but not the least, as this COVID-19 pandemic increase its effectiveness day by day, so it is most important to protect ourselves and our kids from this hazardous infection. All the above mention food will help you to boost your kid’s immune power.

However, it is also recommended to involve in some physical activities.

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