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What is Corona Virus or COVID-19 – Symptoms and Preventive Measures

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Corona or COVID-19 is turn into a dangerous pandemic which has already been spread all over the world, that’s why each and everyone should be aware of this. Now it’s the time to fight with brave. At first let’s gain some knowledge regarding What is Corona Virus or COVID-19 – Symptoms and Preventive Measures.

Viruses Other than COVID-19 or Corona.

Corona symptoms preventive measures

Several Viruses

At first this virus was identified in China and thereafter it spreads in many countries. According to WHO, 104 countries are now affected and 1,09,343 cases identified out of which 3,809 death case has confirmed (Based on old data). Several strict steps has already been taken to prevent this virus. Isolation wards and special observation care unit installed in many hospitals. Special team at international airports has been performing their duties to check out the foreigners and NRI’s to prevent the spread of this virus.

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General Awareness Regarding COVID-19 or Corona Virus.

This is same as the family of viruses which causes severe illness similar like the common cold and many more diseases like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS CoV).

Corona virus is an enveloped RNA virus which spread broadly among the mammals and birds. It causes several diseases related to respiratory, enteric, hepatic and neurological. Recently, the outbreak of this virus has been seen in humans. It shows that it is mainly effecting human respiratory system and weakening the immune system.

It is “zoonotic” in nature which means it is transmitted between animals and people. According to the investigation by WHO that SARS CoV was first transmitted from civet cat to humans and MERS CoV from camel to humans. Apart from these several known and unknown corona virus circulated among the animals but that have not yet affected humans.

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Common Symptoms of COVID-19 or Corona Virus.

Generally signs are not visible in earlier stage, but most of the common symptoms are seen which includes fever, breathing difficulties, cough, shortness of breath, pneumonia, acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and it may also lead to death if spread among your organs.

How to Prevent from COVID-19 or Corona Virus?

Everyone should follow this advice and always be keep in mind to Prevent from COVID-19 or Corona Virus, like;

  • Regularly and thoroughly wash hands with sanitizer or hand wash at least for 20 seconds. (1)
  • Covering mouth by mask.
  • Use of handkerchief while coughing and sneezing.
  • Use to cook meat after boil.
  • Avoid huge crowd or mob.
  • Maintain social distance.
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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Corona Virus, Its Symptoms and Preventive Measures.

Many people are unknown about this virus because of lack of awareness and knowledge by which they easily believe on several myth which are spread in social media platform, which are need to be clarify.

There are no such specific medicines or ways has been invented to prevention form this virus. However WHO and many more health organizations are working on various techniques to find out the suitable antidote or vaccines. It needs appropriate care to relieve and treat.

1. Are Antibiotics Works Against COVID-19 Or Corona Virus?

Although, antibiotics are ineffective against this virus as it’s a new type of virus. So, there are so such evidence have found that antibiotics are works against COVID-19.

2. People Of Which Age Are Most Affect By COVID-19 Or Corona Virus?

This virus can affect the people of any age groups. That may be older or young. But it can easily grab the person who is suffering from pre-existing medical problems such as diabetes, heart problems and asthma. It also affect the person who also have lack of immune power like new born baby and even those have immune lacking problem.

3. Can Eating Garlic Help To Prevent COVID-19 Or Corona Virus?

Eating garlic is a healthy habit because it consists antimicrobial properties. But at present no evidence proved that garlic protect from this virus.

4. Can Vaccines Against Pneumonia Protect You From COVID-19 Or Corona Virus?

There are no vaccines like pneumococcal vaccine and Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib) can protect you against this infection. Because this virus is different from the other virus. Several researchers along with WHO are trying to develop a vaccine against this virus.

5. Can Pets Spread COVID-19 Or Corona Virus?

Most of the people think that pets like dog, cats and mammals can spread this virus in your home. There are no such evidence have been found which confirms pets can carry this virus. However, it should be keep in mind that “Prevention is better than cure” that’s why always wash your hands with soap, sanitizer and water after coming in contact with pets.

6. Can Chemical Disinfectant Like Alcohol Or Chlorine Kills COVID-19 Or Corona Virus?

Use of such substance can’t kill this virus. It’s also can be harmful for your mouth or eyes even for your skin. It can only kill virus on the surface but does not wade off or kill viruses on human skins, and should not be used without appropriate recommendation.

7. Is Mosquito Can Carry Or Transmit COVID-19 Or Corona Virus?

At present there are no any evidence found that, this virus could be transmitted by mosquito. As per the science this virus spreads basically through droplets which generated when a person who is infected through cough, sneezes or thorough droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose. Avoiding close contact with such person can prevent to contact with this virus.

8. Is Taking A Hot Bath Can Prevent COVID-19 Or Corona Virus?

Eucalyptus oil effective to prevent respiratory bacteria and its regular inhalation can also helpful for overall of your health. But according to U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) nor the World Health Organization (WHO) advised or suggested regarding such kind of steam therapy or treatment to prevent Corona Virus or COVID-19.

9. In Corona Virus Can You Eat Tulsi?

Yes, to protect from several virus we often use Tulsi as a home remedy. It defend the body against harmful pathogens and effective to boost immunity power. It consider as Ayurvedic medicine and also effective for viral infection. So, use of Tulsi basil or Tulsi tea can be effective for Corona Virus but it is only a home remedy which can only boost your immunity power. However, still there are no effective evidence are there in this regard.

10. Is There Any Role Of Eucalyptus Oil Steam Inhalation In Corona Virus Prevention?

Eucalyptus oil effective to prevent respiratory bacteria and its regular inhalation can also helpful for overall of your health. But according to U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) nor the World Health Organization (WHO) advised or suggested regarding such kind of steam therapy or treatment to prevent Corona Virus or COVID-19.

Nutrition Therapies for COVID-19 or Corona Virus.

It can be say that eating right and proportionate amount of food containing balanced nutrients will help to keep your body as well as your immune system strong.

We can see that corona virus are mostly effecting to the persons whose immune systems is weak, so if you make your immune systems strong then only you can think that your body can give that much of stability to fight against this virus. So let’s have a look that what are the important nutrients which can boost your immune system

  • Apart from this there are many more nutritional therapies which we can look after to keep your body strong and fit, cutting down sugar intake from our daily life.
  • Also there are some nutrients from nature like botanical medicines a kingdom of Algae extracts can help you to prevent from this types of viruses by stop attacking the cells and replicating.
  • Vitamin C – Citrus fruits.
  • Folate/Folic acid – beans and fortified foods etc.
  • Vitamin E -chick peas and baked potatoes etc.
  • Iron – broccoli and kale etc.
  • Vitamin D – milk and cereals etc.
  • Selenium – barley and garlic etc.
  • Vitamin A –  carrot, cantaloupe and pumpkin etc.
  • Zinc –  yogurt and chick peas etc.

Red and Brown Marine Algae prevent viral replication in the human body.

Echinacea root helps and support general immune system in the body and prevent in cold and flu season.

So in order to strengthen your immune systems you have to stay healthy and to do so partially we can take supplements or medicines where needed. However, regular exercises, yoga and having balanced diet will more recommended.

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Bottom Line.

Overall, it can be conclude that this virus affects drastically on human and it mainly affecting to those whose immune systems are low. Hence, regular exercise and proper nutrition will help you to stay fit, so that your body can fight against with this type of viruses.

So stay aware and share this awareness regarding “Corona Virus or COVID-19 Symptoms and Preventive Measures” among the society.

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