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Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19

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Nowadays, its a breaking news that “Hydroxychloroquine” is a lifesaving drug for COVID-19 patients. So before going detailed into it, FreakToFit will give a brief description on Corona virus.

According to the Latin word corona means “Crown”, so since this virus looks like a crown shaped. Hence, it is named as corona. At first, the virus was called as “novel virus”  which means a new strain.

But as soon as the scientist reveal the exact cause and the procedure to identify it through test , then its known as SARS-COV2. In later stage this virus is called as COVID-19.

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It was first identified in the Wuhen, Hubei province of China in December 2019. Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is the primary cause due to novel corona virus.

Later, on 12th of March 2020 World Health Organization (WHO) declared it as a pandemic.

Recently, it is a breaking news that particularly hydroxychloroquine is assisting to recover the COVID-19 patients.


Hydroxychloroquine is also an anti-malarial drug with immunomodulatory effects. which is especially used for malaria patients. According to the recent reports it shows that it is also helping to get recover from specifically coronavirus.

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Dider Raoult and his team, who were specifically approved by French National agency for Drug Safety (FNDS) conduct an experiment on especially on 36 patients those who are infected by COVID-19.

Out of 36, this drug was given to specifically 20 patients and remaining 16 were in placebo. On the 6th day, they observe the patients who were under hydroxychloroquine drug and found that they had no sign of virus load as compared to placebo group.

Out of that 20, 6 patients were given azithromycin (prevents bacterial super-infection) along with hydroxychloroquine and was kept monitoring under electrocardiogram.

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Thereafter, it is found that the patients recovered faster than other 2 groups. Finally, it is proved that hydroxychloroquine along with the strength of azithromycin can reduce the virus loads on the COVID-19 patients.

It also help them to recover fast, within 3-6 days by weakening the transmission of the virus chain.

Safety Concerns That Need To Look After.

  • Certainly risk of cardiac arrhythmia can be there.
  • Patients who are diabetic.
  • If use for prolong term, while risk of retinal damage.
  • G6PD patient should administered properly.
  • Who have significant drug interactions.

As per World Health Organization (WHO), Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and FDA no specifically vaccines have been found for the treatment or prevention of SARS-CoV2.

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Bottom Line.

Therefore, it has found that hydroxychloroquine along with azithromycin works greatly in curing coronavirus. But as per WHO and FDA there is no specific vaccine found to prevent from this disease. 

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  1. WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 – 11 March 2020;—11-march-2020

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