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Which Blood Group People Are More Prone to Corona, Who Is Less?

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Which Blood Group People Are More Prone to Corona, Who Is Less? If you’ve been surfing the Internet recently, you can have some discussion about the type of blood group and the connection between the corona virus.

Corona virus infection is dispersing rapidly around the world. A number of research is taking place in different countries around the world over the infection that started from China’s Wuhan city.

So far 7,939,988 people from all over the world are infected with the corona virus that started spreading from Wuhan in China. Out of these, 433,904 people have died. 4,078,668 people have returned home.

In China’s Wuhan city, they conducted many studies on hospitalized patients, while scientists are also studying the deaths caused by the virus. In this order, a new blood group research has surfaced, which explains about the different blood group those are more prone to corona virus. (1)

A new study suggests that people with type ‘A’ blood may be more sensitive to infected by the virus and type ‘O’ are more protected from the virus.(2)

*Note. All data and figures are based on widely available data at the time of publication. Some facts may be outdated. Visit our Corona virus live updates page for the most recent info of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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What the Experts Says?

The blood group was discovered in 1901 by Australian biologist Carl Lindner. Blood type is determined by an antigen. It is a substance present on the surface of red blood cells that activates the immune response of the blood when the virus is attacked. (3)

Some experts in the report have conveyed that people with type ‘A’ blood may be nervous or anxious and people with type ‘O’ blood have more capacity to cope up with any situations. (4)

Footnote. In a study, researchers in China have discovered the impact of the corona virus on people in the Blood Group. In simple terms, they discovered which blood group’s people are at high risk from the corona virus.

‘A’ Blood Group Advised to be More Careful.

According to Chinese researchers, patients of the corona admitted to Wuhan with a blood group ‘A’ had more severe symptoms of infection. The symptoms in the ‘O’ blood group were quite mild according to Wang Xinghuan, researcher at Wuhan University. Therefore, blood group ‘A’ needs to be more careful to avoid infection. (5)

Another study conducted in Wuhan city, China’s Hubei Province, showed that people with ‘A’ blood group had the highest risk of corona virus infection. The people of the ‘O’ Blood group have the lowest risk of getting infected. (6)

Researchers said the situation is most likely to be high risk when people in the ‘A’ blood group are infected. They also have a greater rate of infection.

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‘O’ Blood Group Doesn’t Need to Rest Much.

According to researchers, out of 206 patients who died from corona, 85 people had blood group ‘A’ and 52 blood group ‘O’. If you have ‘A’ blood group, there is no need to panic, it does not mean that 100 per cent of you will get an infection, said researcher Gao Yingdai. (7)

Nor does the O-blood group need to be relaxed. They can also be vulnerable to viruses. Hence, they must also take all preventive measures, including frequent hand washing. Researchers have drawn these findings in an initial study conducted on more than 2,000 patients in Wuhan and Shenzhen.

Wuhan has the Highest ‘O’ Blood Group.

According to the research report, Wuhan in China has the highest ‘O’ blood group people. There are 31 per cent people with blood group ‘A’, 24 per cent blood group ‘B’, 9 per cent blood group ‘AB’ and 34 per cent blood group ‘O’.

However, it’s not at all that they can’t get infected. They can also be vulnerable to viruses. Hence, they must also take all preventive measures.

Footnote. In an initial study conducted by China on patients infected with corona virus, it is found that people with ‘O’ blood group are at the lowest risk of infection. People in the ‘A’ blood group are most at risk of infection. However, the people of the ‘O’ blood group also have to repeatedly wash hands and take all precautionary measures.

Doctors will be Facilitated to Treat When the Situation is Clear.

Researchers said this is a preliminary study. A lot of work is yet to be done in this direction. They urged governments and health facilities around the world to prepare separate data based on their blood groups while treating infected people to find out the real situation.

Doctors will find it very easy to treat infected people after a clear detection of the different effects of corona virus on different blood groups. Experts said that if clear results are found in this direction, patients from the highest risk blood group can be treated on priority and protected.

The paper said that as per the study so far, doctors should treat patients in the ‘A’ blood group on priority basis.

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First Treatment for Patients with Doctors ‘A’ Blood Group.

Wang Xinan, who led the research in China, said that people in the special blood group will also be more careful when there is a clear relationship between the blood group and the corona virus. This will also curb the speed of infection.

Wang wrote in the research paper that according to the study so far, people in the ‘A’ blood group should be provided treatment in priority basis. In contrast, the rate of access to critical condition is very low among people in the ‘O’ blood group, according to the research paper published in Medrxiv.org. (8), (9)

However, people in this blood group also need immediate treatment if there is an infection so that they cannot spread the infection to other people.

63 % of those Involved in the Research Belong to ‘A’ Blood Group.

The study revealed that out of 206 people (died in the corona virus) those are involved in the research, 85 had ‘A’ blood group (out of which is 63 per cent are die) and 52 patients belong to ‘O’ blood group.

The death toll includes men and women of all ages. The study was conducted by scientists and doctors from Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai and Shenzhen. In the paper of the study, Wang also gave guidelines on the current method of treatment in China.

Latest Reports Based on Different Studies.

Gao Yingdai, a researcher at the government Laboratory of Experimental Hematology in Tianjin, said that increasing sample size will yield more clear results.

Yingdai said the study on 2,000 patients for research is not too low. The drawback of this study is that the research has not revealed the exact cause of the different effects of the corona virus on people in different blood groups.

41 per cent of the people in the US are group ‘A’. In China’s Wuhan, 34 per cent of the people belong to the same blood group.

The research in Wuhan on the blood group also indicated that the infected patients of corona virus had the highest deaths of ‘A’ blood group. The research included a total number of 2173 patients infected with corona virus, out of which 206 people died due to the infection.

According to this research, the number of ‘O’ blood groups in the total infected patients of corona virus was 25 per cent, while the number of patients with ‘A’ blood group was about 41 per cent.

The deaths of patients infected with the virus were about 25 per cent of the ‘O’ blood group. They all were admitted in three hospitals in Hubei province.

The research also included 3,694 people from Wuhan with infected patients who were not infected. These people also belonged to the same locality. However, the research is yet to be reviewed. Researchers in Wuhan are unable to explain why the virus infection spread more in this blood group.

Gao Yingdai, scientist of the Laboratory of Experimental Hematology, said that the rate of infection and severe symptoms in blood group ‘A’ patients developed more, the patients of this blood group need more vigilant monitoring and speedy treatment. He said the study will help in finding a cure for corona virus.

China’s Wuhan has ‘A’ blood group of 34 per cent of its population of 11 million. The ‘O’ Blood group has a population of 32 per cent. Among the people infected in Wuhan, the number of people in the ‘O’ Blood group is higher than the ‘A’ people.

There are 38 per cent of the ‘O’ blood group, while 25 per cent of the ‘A’ people were affected by the virus. But the people who died after the infection were more people with ‘A’ blood group.

Footnote. The population of the blood type is also different in different countries. About 44 per cent of people in the United States have ‘A’ blood group. 


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Scientists are still unable to explain why the corona virus is affecting different groups. However, it can cause a major genetic memory of the plinth. Some scientists believe that a particular sea level, special temperature and air moisture can help to protect people with the particular blood group from corona virus.

In addition to corona virus, the effects of hepatitis B, norwalk virus and SARS were also found to be different on people in different blood groups. Yingdai says the study can help medical professionals significantly. Even after this research, people in the ‘A’ blood group no need to panic.

This does not mean that the people of this blood group are safe corona virus. They can avoid infection by using preventive measures.

Bottom Line.

Several studies on corona virus infection has brought out important information. In fact, the research in Wuhan tried to find out which group of people are more prone to corona viruses. It was discovered that people who have blood group ‘A’ are more prone to corona infections. While people with blood group ‘O’ are less prone to this infection.

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