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Training in the Gym With Two Sessions a Week: The Routine That Helps You Stay in Shape

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Embarking on a fitness journey doesn’t always require an overwhelming commitment. Discover the transformative power of gym training with just two sessions a week. In this approachable routine, we’ll explore a balanced and efficient workout plan that maximizes your efforts, ensuring you achieve your fitness goals while maintaining a manageable schedule. Let’s redefine fitness with a practical and sustainable approach to training in the gym, twice a week.

1. Torso/leg training.

This type of routine is characterized by dividing the body into two parts, working the upper part one day and the lower part another day. In this case, since we will go to the gym twice a week, we will dedicate one day for each part of the body.

Barbell Military Press

These routines are usually designed to train four times a week , dedicating two days to each part of the body, and therefore, in this case, what we will do is lengthen the duration of the training so that it does not fall short.

An example could be the following:

Press bench46-8
Military press46-8
Tricep dips38-12
Biceps Curl38-12
Triceps extension on overhead pulley38-12
Plate / Abdominal wheel3
Dead weight46-8
Quadriceps extensions38-12
Femoral Curl38-12

2. Full-body training.

I like this option better for this case in which we can only train twice a week. Basically, what I like is that thanks to this type of training we can have a training frequency of two and this, it has been seen in several studies , gives better results in the long run.(1)

wide grip incline bench press

In this case, furthermore, we would not have to modify a traditional full-body workout much and almost any we find could work for us. We could do the same one we put in the training routine one day per week or, for example, this other option:

Dead weight56-8
Bench press56-8
Military press56-8
Tricep dips38-12
Biceps Curl38-12
Abdominal wheel38-12
Decline bench press56-8
Barbell row56-8
Lateral raises38-12
French Press38-12
biceps on scott bench38-12
Planks530-45 seconds

In the end, either of the two options is valid and you should choose the one with which you are most comfortable or which motivates you the most and, remember, it is important to accompany these workouts with good eating habits and, if possible, some extra activity. beyond the gym.

Bottom Line.

Training inside the gym with periods per week can still yield sizable advantages for standard health and fitness. While frequency can be decrease compared to extra extensive workouts, consistency and adherence to a nicely-designed program remain key factors for progress.

With right planning and recognition on compound moves, individuals can correctly construct power, improve cardiovascular health, and beautify muscle tone inspite of a confined fitness center time table. Ultimately, finding a sustainable ordinary that fits one’s lifestyle and goals is essential for lengthy-time period success.

+1 Source

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  1. Effects of 8 weeks equal-volume resistance training with different workout frequency on maximal strength, endurance and body composition;




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