Uttam Swarnakor

Uttam Swarnakor is a fitness trainer who specializes in field of fitness and yoga more than 10years, and also help to motivate people for fitness. He writes with empathy and accuracy and has a knack for connecting with readers in an insightful and engaging way. Uttam contributes regularly to FreakToFit. Read more of his work here, and connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn. View Author’s Certificates.


  • Board certified in Fitness Instructor from ACE.
  • Associated with Defence Organization as Fitness Advisor.
  • Recognized Expert as Yoga Instructor, and also expert in physical and mental health.
  • Author of FreakToFit.


Uttam Swarnakor is the Founder of FreakToFit. Along with this he is also associated with Defence Organization as a fitness advisor. He is also experienced in yoga and also a great advisor in motivating people mentally and physically towards fitness journey.


Done M.Com from University of Calcutta and besides he completed his fitness course from one of the reputed college from his native land.


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