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10 Unknown Facts About Fitness

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People are being careless about their health in the race to success. Because of the irregular lifestyle, people are being lapped up by diseases, youth are also suffering from a disease that occurs to aged people. The number of patients with osteoporosis, diabetes, heart attack, etc., is continuously increasing. Lack of essential nutrients and knowledge regarding fitness is the most responsible for all of these. So, here we tell you some unknown facts about fitness.

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10 Unknown Facts About Fitness.

  1. Fitness and Sleep.
  2. Weight Loss.
  3. Tv Props for Fitness.
  4. Dinner and Fitness.
  5. Warmup.
  6. Fitness Planning.
  7. Supplements.
  8. Choice of Footwear.
  9. Water is Essential.
  10. If There is No Time for Workouts.

Fitness and Sleep.


Adequate sleep also affects fitness. In some researches, it has been found that a person needs an average of 7-8 hours of deep sleep per day. But those who wake up in the morning with only 4 or 5 hours of sleep, sometimes they start to nap.

This causes mistakes in exercise and also increase the risk of injury. Inadequate sleep slows down the metabolism process in the body during the morning and this does not make much difference to the body despite of the exercise.

Weight Loss.


Scientists at the University of America have found in a research that women need to exercise about one-third more than what men have to do, to get equal weight loss and fitness.(1)

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In addition, along with the exercise women also need to have strict control over food more than the man. Differences in hormones in the body of women and men are also responsible for this.

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Tv Props for Fitness.

Tv Props

Some people workout in front of the television in the morning or evening. If you have a habit of watching TV while walking on a treadmill or during weight lifting, change it, as it may hurts you.

If you are watching TV during cardiovascular exercise on the bicycle or walking on the treadmill, all your attention is on TV rather than the method of exercise, so many times your grip on the handle is loosened, so that the body does not get the full benefit of the exercise. During exercise, listen a good music instead of watching TV.

Dinner and Fitness.

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Some people feel that not having dinner can control weight and keeps you fit. While it is not correct and it also weakens your body, it does not affect weight as well. Your body needs enough energy to workout in the  morning, but if you do exercise or jogging with empty stomach, it can cause abdominal pain and acidity problems.

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So, you must have dinner at night, but avoid overeating if possible, make dinner 2 hours before bedtime, in this way you can easily digest the food before sleep.

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Warm Up

It is very important to make a warmup before starting exercise to keep the body fit. Some people start a direct exercise without a warmup to save time, which can prove to be very harmful to health. Because warmup makes your body exercise-friendly.

This makes the blood circulation in the muscles and the body temperature also becomes balances. If the exercise is done without a warmup, it can cause muscle pain. So if you are doing aerobics or jogging you must warmup for at least a minute.

Fitness Planning.

Plan for Fitness

It is one of the common unknown facts about fitness. Planning is most important part of fitness, because if you do the same exercise every day, it can be boring for you and your mind will be less likely to exercise and can stop doing it after a few days. Because it will not affect your body.

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For example, some people just walk in the morning, so some people get bored in aerobics, because of their fitness routine and they do not get the full benefit. So, include jogging, aerobics, skipping and cardiovascular exercise at intervals of one week.

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Some people start taking vitamin supplements and tablets, which have a side effect and can cause problems. Use of nutritional food is also very important along with vitamin supplements.

In red meat, iron is abundant which builds muscle. Use various sources of protein such as fish, eggs, dairy producers for the nutrients needed for the body.

Choice of Footwear.


Some people start exercise to stay fit but they choose the wrong footwear. Some wear basketball shoes during treadmill exercise, some wear walking shoes during aerobics. Its not only hurts the soles of the feet but also can cause pain in the knee, hip and lower back. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the same suited footwear for each exercise.

Water is Essential.


Water is very important to keep the  body fit, it removes the toxins of your body. Also, drinking water during exercise keeps you hydrated. It is important to drink fluids and a lot of water throughout the day to make the body beauty and to make muscles.

Drink a lot of water during and after exercise to keep yourself satisfied. Drink water every 15-20 minutes during exercise as sweating is produced from the body during exercise. There may be problems of dehydration and the body is affected due to lack of water.

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If There is No Time for Workouts.

Time Management

If you can’t spare time for the workouts and gym due to your job or there are no other ways in which you can keep yourself fit. However, in such condition you can also keep yourself fit by regular walking.

If possible, walk from the bus stop to your office. Use the stairs instead of elevator. Experts believe that walking from regular 45 to 60 minutes gives you adequate fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Can I eat fruits like cucumber and banana 10 minutes before workout?

Yes, you can eat a piece of fruits like cucumber and banana before 10 minutes of workout. Because, it is simple carbohydrate which gives you instant energy during the workout and you will don’t feel sluggish during the entire workout.

2. What is the exercise to occur deceleration of heart?

There are several types of exercise which occur deceleration of heart, like;

  • Running.
  • Swimming.
  • Cycling.
  • Aerobic.
  • Brisk walking.
  • Jogging.
  • Sprinting.

It is recommended to practice at least 30 minutes a day for five days a week for better result.

3. How can a change in lifestyle plays a very vital role in staying fit?

Change in lifestyle plays a vital role to stay fit. If we elaborate, then lifestyle change means change in diet and add some regular exercise for at least half an hour in your daily routine. You can easily avoid lots of diseases and several health problems by adopting such lifestyle.

Bottom Line.

May be majority of people are unknown regarding these facts about the fitness. However, these points are very important in the field of fitness. You must do your exercise with full of dedication and focus.

Don’t ever avoid your nutrition, because a balanced nutrition is the most important key to fitness. You may share your thought regarding fitness in our comment box.

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Freaktofit has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, educational research institutes, and medical organizations. We avoid using tertiary references. You can learn more about how we ensure our content is accurate and up-to-date by reading our editorial policy.

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