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Prone Cobra Exercise : How To Do?

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The prone cobra is a great exercise that helps to strengthen the “anti-slouch” muscles in your back and improve your posture. It’s an extremely simple exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere and without any equipment.

Another great exercise for those who spend significant time sitting. The Prone Cobra is a calisthenics, pilates, total body and yoga exercise that primarily targets the lower back and also to some extent the abs, glutes and hamstrings.

The only tool you really need is the following:

The exercise mat. However, there are many different prone cobra variations that you can try out that may require a variety of tools or may not even require any equipment.

It is easy to learn the proper prone cobra exercise with step by step instructions. The prone cobra is an exercise for those who have moderate level of physical fitness and exercise experience.

Easy Variations.

  • Lift only the upper body.
  • Just raise the leg.
  • Use arms to help the upper body.

Hard Variations.

  • Super slow, 10 seconds up, 10 seconds down.
  • Stay longer on top and squeeze your entire body.

How to Do Prone Cobra Exercises?  

Video Source: Prone Cobra

  • Lie down on the ground with your arms stretched out while making a T-shape with your body. Keep your fingers outstretched throughout the motion, the glutes are active and the balls of your feet are attached to the ground; To raise your knees.
  • With a neutral head position, start by moving your torso upwards and lifting your torso as high as possible (thumbs pointing upwards). Think about pulling your shoulder blade back behind you toward your glutes and thumb.
  • Stay in the top position for two seconds and then slowly return to the initial position.
  • Do not rest completely on the floor and repeat.


  • Used to correct the forward posture of the head and reduce thoracic kyphosis.
  • Strengthens the postural muscles.
  • Improves proprioceptive awareness.

Share with your loved ones! ❤

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