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Progressive Resistance Strength Training

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Majority of the people who lift weights they don’t have any aim to compete. They lift with the aim of sculpting a physique to improve the performance in the sports, stay fit, look and feel better. They follow the same basic exercise principals “Progressive Resistance Strength Training”. The term “Resistance” defined as “an external force which is used against our body for the purpose of triggering muscle attentiveness”. For example- one who lift 50kgs, suddenly started lifting 70kgs lead to more stress on the muscle. This increase the ability on cardiovascular system to supply more oxygen. Nutrients demands also increase in order to meet the demand of the muscle under stress.

Importance of Progressive Resistance Strength Training?

Progressive resistance strength training is a form of exercise which involves different kind of resistance training based on “Overload Principle”. It improves your conditioning as well as body adapt the changes due to excessive stress. Your muscle groups became bigger and stronger to deal with the extra loads. Right exercise with the right techniques give you a positive results, as it sends specific signals to the nervous system which tells the body what kind of changes you want to achieve. This is termed as “Specificity of training” which says why it is essential to learn the training in an exact way. Without specificity you are going to disappoint with the result either of your hard work.


Progressive Resistance Strength Training

In spite of the above classification of Progressive Resistance Strength Training, we will discuss about the methods of training which is more effective.

There are several ways for progressive resistance training –

Increasing The Weight.

With the identical number of sets increase the weights, by 2% to 10% of the maximum amount of weight you can lift. For example your capacity is 50 kg then you should increase only 1 kg to 5 kg at a time in a week. It will send a specific message to your nervous system which improve your growth and muscularity.

Increase The Reps.

Along with the weight you should focus on the rep ranges. In this process increase the rep range with the same weight. For example if you are lifting 50 kg with 10 reps, then increase the reps range from 10 to 12 with the same weight. It is one of the effective way for better conditioning.

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Increase The Number of Sets.

Maximum person are follow 3 to 4 sets during the training. But increase the number of sets with the stationery weight range puts more intensity on your body and assist you to achieve your fat loss goal. For example. If you are doing 4 sets with 40 kg, then increase the sets from 4 to 6 with the same weight range.

Decline The Number of Reps.

It is also known as “Heavy loading”. One of the advance feature of the progressive resistance training where one increase the weight and reduce the rep range. As well as one should increase the rest period between the reps, for example from 1 minute to 3 minute.

Increase The Tension.

With the same weights and reps just slow down the exercise. For example when you lift just start with the count of one and drop the weight with the count of four. In this procedure you puts more stress on the specific muscle groups.

Decrease The Rest Period Between The Sets.

If you are taking rest of 30 to 60 seconds (depends upon the weight) between any sets then reduce such period will put more load and intensity to the muscle groups. By doing such method you put more stress on your body which help you to break the muscle plateau.

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  • Too much effective because the body adapt such training and grow with positive response.
  • Break your muscle growth plateau.
  • Its trigger the muscle attentiveness.
  • Increase muscular strength and size.
  • Boost your stamina to cope up with situations (load).
  • One can burn more calories and fulfill the goal of fat loss.
  • Improve the overall joint health.
  • Improve overall fitness level.

Bottom Line. 

Such methods of training in routine manner will improve your performance and overall health. It brings positive results, when your body touch the muscle growth plateau. It is the reason behind most of the professional bodybuilders are follow Progressive resistance strength training in routine manner.

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We do the research so you don't have to. Stay up-to-date with the latest health and fitness information.

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We do the research so you don't have to. Stay up-to-date with the latest health and fitness information.

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