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Hyperbolic Diet- A Magical Diet for Weight Loss

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Hyperbolic diet is a diet plan where we have to starve for a long time. At the same time, diet and time are fixed in advance. Some people take their meals within 12 hours, some do not eat for 14 to 18 hours. In hyperbolic diet we mainly deplete the carbohydrate intake and prefer more protein and fiber.

Types of Hyperbolic Diet.

There are usually 5 types of Hyperbolic diets;

1. Avoid eating for 16 hours.

By adopting this method, you will have to maintain the fasting state for 16 hours. For example, if you are having dinner at night, then have your lunch only when you complete 16 hours in the next day.

Its mean, you have to skip the breakfast. The time between lunch and dinner should be about 8 hours. That is, after lunch or dinner you have to take your next meal within 8 hours.

2. Suppress calorie 2 days in a week.

By adopting this method, you have to take a normal diet for 5 days and you have to consume between 500 to 600 calories in any 2 days of a week. It should be kept in mind that apart from this 2 days your diet should be normal as usual.

3. Avoid eating for 20 hours.

Here you have to maintain a fasting state for 20 hours, during that time fruits and lean proteins can be considered. Thereafter, you have to set a time of 4 hours in which you can eat vegetables, protein and fat. Carbohydrate is only preferred when you have a strong appetite.

4. Avoid eating for 24 hours.

In this procedure you have to refrain from eating for 24 hours in 1-2 times a week and in the other days of the week you can prefer normal diet.

5. One Meal in the Day.

In this diet you have to eat once a day and skip rest of the meals. That may be your breakfast, lunch or dinner.


The Benefits of Hyperbolic Diet are:

Human Growth Hormones.

It is observed that with this diet several essential hormones along with human growth hormone increases by 5 times. This is beneficial for reducing fat loss and overall health.


Following this system significantly increases insulin sensitivity and effectively drops insulin level.

Repair Cells.

It is observed that when you are on a fasting state, cells are used to repair themselves. Therefore, when we maintain hyperbolic diet, as it assist cells to repair themselves.

Weight Loss.
Weight Loss

Research has shown that the fasting system proves to be effective in losing weight. In which people have lose not only the fat of their abdomen but also decrease the circumference of their waist. Similarly, the hyperbolic diet system also protects you from age-signs, cancer, heart-related diseases and mentally occurring diseases.(1)

Consequences of Hyperbolic Diet.


Maintain a hyperbolic diet is not so easy. Due to the difference of 12 or more hours between two meals, the body is fully exhausted. So it provoke a sharp appetite, which also increases the risk of overeating.


You may experience weakness due to prolong fasting. From dusk to morning, there is a shortage of essential elements to generate energy in the body. So, you may feel weakness.

Switch Mood.

Food is correlated to mood. Often you may have noticed that when you are hungry, you feel irritations. However, the same happens during the period. You feel hungry, but you explain yourself for the fasting, as a result it affects your mood as well as it can make an adverse effect on your mood and your social life.(2)


If the stomach is not properly filled, you may face insomnia. Sometimes it happens when a person has worked so hard throughout the day and suddenly gets hungry even after the dinner, but he does not eat anything because of hyperbolic diet, which causes difficulty in sleeping.


Fasting can also result dehydration problem. Actually, when we do not eat food, we often have less thirst, so it creates lack of water in the body, which is not good for your overall health.

How to Start Hyperbolic Diet?

According to your lifestyle and routine you can choose one of the above methods which are most suitable for you.

How Hyperbolic Diet Works?

Whenever you maintain fasting state, your body needs more energy for any kinds of activities, so that the fat and calories present in the body is burned to meet the energy needs. When you continuously maintain this activity, body burns large amounts of stored fat for the natural activities. Therefore, it has been considered as a better way to reduce obesity.

For your better understanding let’s know how it works in a bit Broadway.

While taking a meal, carbohydrates in food are broken down into glucose. Glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal wall and transported to various organs, where it serves as the major energy source. Excess glucose is stored as glycogen and fat for future use in liver and adipose tissue.

When the body is in a state of fasting, the liver converts glycogen back into glucose to generate energy. Typically, an inactive person takes about 10 to 12 hours to use the stored glycogen, although someone doing complex activities or exercises can burn that glycogen faster within a short period of time.

Once the reserved glycogen in the liver are depleted, the body taps into energy, reserves in adipose tissues. This occurs when fat-free fatty acids are broken down and converted into excess metabolic fuel in the liver. Thus, if anyone maintain this fasting state for last long, his body can burn fat for energy.

Role of Insulin Hormone in Hyperbolic Diet.

Insulin is a hormone required for driving glucose in cells. Insulin levels are regulated to match the amount of glucose in the blood, i.e. more after meals and less between meals. Because insulin is secreted after every meal, insulin levels are highest throughout the day at the time of eating.

Persistently high insulin levels can de-educate body tissues, which can lead to insulin anaesthesia– identification of prediabetes and diabetes type 2. Fasting helps to keep insulin levels low, reduce the risk of diabetes.

It has a good effect on the brain and also encourage the production of neurotrophic factors, which support the growth and survival of neurons.

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When to start this Diet? 

It’s totally depends on you, when you want to start. You should choose it according to your routine. It is very easy to start. Also, keep in mind that, with longer time of fasting gives you more positive results. Apart from that you will be able to lose more weight. The best time is from 8 pm to noon. The rest of the time you can eat food.

Precautionary Measures.

  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water. You can also prefer lemonade.
  • Avoid unhealthy drinks. Unhealthy drinks that contain high-calorie along with cheap nutrients and sugar that cause weight gain.
  • You can also drink tea and coffee in the morning which contains caffeine. However, it assist you to lose weight.

How much weight can be reduce with this Diet?

Hyperbolic diet is more potent than other methods. You can reduce more weight within the few months. It is important to maintain a fasting for a week, through which you can reduce about 1 to 2 kg per week.

Whether workouts can be done while you are on this Diet?

Doing workouts with hyperbolic diet will be an icing on the cake. This will help you to lose more weight within few months. Along with this, you will feel healthy. This is because workout not only keeps you physically fit but also makes you mentally fit.

Who can follow this diet?

Hyperbolic diet is not for everyone, because prolonged starvation can lead to fatigue, weakness and irritability. If you see these symptoms, you should stop fasting immediately. Rather than fasting, it is a better option to take a healthy and balance diet.

Who Should Avoid Hyperbolic Diet?

  • Children and adolescents.
  • Pregnant or lactating women.
  • People with eating disorders.
  • Diabetes type 1, advanced diabetes or other medical problems.
  • People who underweight.

There are many approaches of fasting, but one of the easiest way is fasting at night.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Does Hyperbolic diet affect my metabolism?

Yes, if you follow this fasting diet system under the supervision of a skilled dietitian, the effects will be even more beneficial.

2. Can you drink milk in Hyperbolic diet system?

No, however you can consume water, coffee, tea and non-calorie fluid.

3. Is it advisable to skip breakfast in Hyperbolic diet?

Yes, if you follow this diet pattern, instead of the breakfast in the morning, you have a whole day in which you can take a proper diet.

4. Can I take additional supplements with this dietary system?

Yes, but always keep in mind that fat soluble supplements are even better options.

5. Can you gain muscle with the help of this diet?

Yes, if you follow this diet with dedication then you can obviously gain quality of lean muscle mass. Here you have increase your protein intake along with exercise. However, it will also reduce your body fat percentage and help you to maintain a paper thin skin.

Bottom Line.

Therefore, it can be conclude that hyperbolic diet is an excellent diet. It specially planned for weight loss. Apart from weight loss this diet has several health benefits. Those who can’t control the starvation should avoid this diet, as it can be harmful for them.

So, it is better to go for a balanced diet along with routine exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy.

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Freaktofit has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, educational research institutes, and medical organizations. We avoid using tertiary references. You can learn more about how we ensure our content is accurate and up-to-date by reading our editorial policy.

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