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Curtsy Lunges Exercise: Benefits, Steps and Precaution

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During exercise, we try to focus more on better size and strength by practicing different muscles. Glutes (Maximus) is the largest muscle in the human body, which shape and improve your body texture. This hip muscles are not just a proper one to improve your clothing fittings, as well as many other benefits. The exercises of the lower parts of the body are made keeping this in mind. These exercises keep the organs in shape, balance and stable. Lunges exercises are considered more effective than squats and dead lifts for the balance and shape of the lower parts of the body. By putting pressure on the hips and feet at the same time, incorporating them into activities gives strength and balanced shape to the muscles of the foot and glutes. This exercise can be done in many ways such as walk, forward, reverse, side-way and curtsy lunges etc. Curtsy lunges is exercised by rotating the legs, doing this exercise in regular basis with proper steps can give you a perfect shape and strength of the hip muscles and legs along with several other health benefits.

Curtsy Lunges are an excellent body weight exercise to reduce fat from your buttocks. In this exercise, the muscles of your thighs and glutes are targeted. You can benefit in many ways by incorporating curtsy lunges into your daily workout routine.

In addition to hips and thighs, it also provide strength and stability to the core muscles. You must include this exercise with leg-day workouts with squats and dead lifts. Daily exercise has many benefits, including curtsy lunges in it increases the benefits.

Benefits of Curtsy Lunge.

However, the normal exercises are also beneficial in many ways. In this, you can get additional benefits if you include curtsy lunges. It became more effective if the legs are folded at different angles. With improving the physical texture, curtsy lunges exercise have the following benefits, if you perform it with proper steps;

  • Effective for muscles behind the thighs.
  • Favorable for shin and back muscles.
  • Beneficial for glutes.
  • Helpful in Weight Loss.
  • Beneficial for ankles.
  • Reduce risk of injury.
  • Beneficial for knee.
  • Gives strength to the whole body.
  • Improves health.
  • Creates balance and stability in the body.

However, you can do this exercise without any equipment, but if you do this exercise with a dumbbell or kettle bell in the hands, it increases the effectiveness.

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How To Do Curtsy Lunge?

curtsy lunges
Curtsy Lunges

Step 1.

First of all, stand upright. Keep your hands on the waist.

Step 2.

Now go to the left by skewing your right leg.

Step 3.

Now bend your knees. Your thighs will be straight to the ground.

Step 4.

Return to the starting position by putting strength on your right foot. Now repeat it with another foot also.

Muscle Groups Affected in Curtsy Lunges.

  • Glutes (buttocks).
  • Hamstring (back of thigh).
  • Quadriceps (front part of the thigh).
  • Lower back.
  • Calf of the leg.
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Who Can Do This Exercise?

Beginners and intermediate can easily do this exercise without any equipment and assistance.


3 sets.



Common Mistakes During Curtsy Lunges?

First of all, you have to keep in mind that you never start any exercise without warm-up. You can do jumping jack, or run on a treadmill for five minutes before start. By doing so, your muscles and joints will be active and there is no risk of any injury.

Most people find this exercise relatively more difficult. In such a way, you are at risk of injury by not doing this exercise properly. Since curtsy lunge exercise is difficult, it may take time for you to get accustomed to it. This exercise is very beneficial in stabilizing and shaping the body.

Keep the upper part of the body upright during this exercise and look straight, do not look down or behind. It is good to exercise under someone’s guidance or you exercise it in front of the mirror, so that you can see all the movements from the front.

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Precautions in Curtsy Lunges.

However, all kinds of lunges exercises have their own benefits. Here are some exercises that can help to empower the lower part of your body.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Will curtsy lunges work for inner thigh?

Yes, curtsy lunges workout basically engage quads and glutes. However, you can also engage any other muscle groups with some other moves in lunges like inner thing. When you make your move with cross legs, at that time it mostly engage the muscle group of inner thigh.

2. Can you achieve big thighs with curtsy lunges exercise?

Yes, curtsy lunges exercise effectively increase the size and strength of your thighs as well as it also strengthen separate muscle groups like glutes, calves and quads. Regular practice give you better tone with lean muscle mass.

Bottom Line.

Curtsy lunges exercise is quite similar like common lunges, with different feet position. Doing Curtsy lunges with proper steps gives you a better shapes, strengthen the hip and lower part of the body along with other health benefits. If you are in the early stages of exercise, take the help of a fitness specialist. This allows you to easily learn the nuances of exercise and also reduce the risk of injury.

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