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Simple 9 Exercise for Muscular and V Shape Back

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“V” shape back, which is quite different, because it gives you an attractive personality as well as provide you perfect fitting of your clothes. One can predict the strength of a person from the upper part of the back. If you also want to get “V’ shape back then you must focus on some specific exercise. But you may not have been aware of the right exercise yet, which could not transform your back with a proper growth. This may be due to the wrong selection of your exercise. So today, we are going to tell you 9 exercise that directly affects your back muscles and assist you to develop muscular and V shape back within a few months.

Why it’s Important to Have a Strong Back Muscles?

Most of the people rarely focus on the back muscle, because these muscles are backwards and make minor significant in your body. Chests, biceps, shoulder muscles can be seen in the mirror, so everyone pays attention to these body parts but not on the back.

The back is the largest muscle group of the upper body. You become weak in the pulling functions if you have weak back muscles. So an strong back muscle is very important.

Classification of Back Muscles.

  • Upper Back.
  • Lower Back.
  • Middle Back.
  • Wings.

Benefits of Back Workout for Muscular and V shape Back.

  • It maintain overall structure of the body. 
  • It provides an attractive V-shape back.
  • Prevent pain in your spinal cord.
  • A strong back makes it easier for the body to lift any type of weight, as the muscles of the back are attached to other muscles.
  • Back Workout improves your strength.

Top 9 Exercise for Muscular and V shape Back.

The top 9 exercise for muscular and V shape back are;

  1. Pull-ups.
  2. Deadlift.
  3. Wide Grip Lat Pulldown.
  4. Close Grip Lat Pull Down.
  5. Dumbbell Row.
  6. Mid Row.
  7. T-Bar Row.
  8. Bent Over Barbell Row.
  9. Seated Cable Row.


Our first exercise is pull-ups. This exercise is followed by almost all, but they don’t perform this exercise properly or do not take more reps.

How to do Pull-Ups.

You have to keep the Grip of your hands wide up to about 28 inches, i.e., when you exercise it, squeeze you proper. When you go upwards, you have to take 1 second. Keep your back on hold and keep more and more Mind Muscles connection as you do this exercise properly, so you’ll be able to increase reps in this exercise.

pull ups
Pull Ups

3 – 4.


12 – 15.

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It is considered to be the best exercise for the back as it technically shows the effect from your calves to the upper traps.

Before deadlift, keep in mind that you need a lot of practice and it can be better if you start with light weight. With the wrong posture you can be injured for life time. Therefore, it would be better to exercise it under the supervision of an expert.

This workout contains more than one muscle groups, which releases the muscle building hormone in your body, which helps in the growth of your back.

How to do Deadlift.

While doing this, first use the empty barbell and then gradually increase the weight according to your capacity. Just remember one thing, do not use more weight in a way to show someone, otherwise you may incur heavy losses.


2 – 3.


8 – 10.

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Wide Grip Lat Pulldown.

This is the most famous exercise. Most of the people may know about it, but may not know the right way to do it. It is considered to be the best workout for your lats i.e. wings. Note that even in this exercise, the balance of your mind and your body helps you to grow quickly.

How to do Wide Grip Lat Pulldown.

To put the grip you have to hold the rod at some distance from your shoulder. Then gradually bring it down to the chest and move it slowly. You have to keep in mind that your back should be straight and pull down the weight with the help of your wings and not the shoulders.

Starting with low weight, gradually increase the weight and apply 3 to 4 sets. Take 30 seconds of rest in the middle of each set.

Wide grip
Wide Grip

3 – 4.


10 – 12.

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Close Grip Lat Pull Down.

Our next exercise is Close Grip Lat Pull Down. With this exercise you will train your Middle Back.

How to do Close Grip Lat Pull Down.

You had previously widened your hands in the Back Workout of Wide Grip Lat Pull Down, but in this exercise, keep your hands close by using V-Bar Handle to make your grip properly.

In this exercise you have to do proper squeeze and stretch when you bring the bar towards your chest, hold up to about 1 sec and stretch proper when you move upwards.

Close Grip Lat Pull Down
Close Grip

3 – 4.


10 – 12.

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Dumbbell Row.

It is an effective exercise to achieve an muscular and V shape back along with the strength. It also affects your lats. This leads to tension on your wings.

How to do Dumbbell Row.

You’ll need a bench to do Dumbbell Raw. It uses single arms. For this you have to first put your left foot on the bench. Keep the chest straight while keeping the back straight.

Then take the dumbbell down in the way shown in the photo, so that the tension on your lats is built and then gradually brought up.

For this, you have to take care of your posture first, only then you can do workout. You can also start with 5 Kg of Dumbbell if you are a beginner.

Dumbbell row exercise for Muscular and V shape Back
Dumbbell Row

3 – 4.


10 – 12.

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Mid Row.

Our next exercise is Mid Row. Which is a great exercise for Back Workout.  Our back muscles are very large, as it become necessary to train with the different angles, through this exercise you will target your Middle Back.

How to do Mid Row.

In this exercise you have to use the V-Bar handle, then you have to adjust your feet to the machine with the right way because it will support your body and then you have to keep your waist straight and gently pull V Bar Handel to bring it towards your abs and then take it back, don’t take your waist back and forth.

Mid row exercise for Muscular and V shape Back
Mid Row

3 – 4.


12 – 14.

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T-Bar Row.

It strengthens your back by taking chest support. This exercise required the support of legs, hips, back and biceps. That gives your back a perfect look.

How to do T-Bar Row.

In this exercise, you have to take care of the posture mentioned in the photo. For this you have to implicate barbell in a corner and put weight in it according to your ability.

Then gradually move it upwards with the help of the handle and feel the tension on your back.

At the same time, keep in mind that the load does not go to your lower back, as lifting more heavy weights increases the risk of injury in your lower back.

T-Bar Row
T Bar Row

3 – 4.


12 – 14.

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Bent Over Barbell Row.

Our Next Exercise Is Barbell Bent Over Row. It is an effective exercise for overall of your back muscles.

How to do Bent Over Barbell Row.

Before start, you have to keep your Grip wide up to about 20 inches or 22 inches wide, i.e., you have to bend your body up to about 45 degrees, if you move your body downwards more than 45 degrees, then it increases the chances of being Injure, you have to slowly do this exercise. When you bring the rod to your chest, you have to hold for 1 second and deliver more blood to the back muscles.

bent over barbell row
Barbell Row

3 – 4.


10 – 12.

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Seated Cable Row.

This exercise provides full range of motion to your back muscles and you can feel the tension for a long time.

How to do Seated Cable Row.

You have to sit on the machine according to the posture mentioned in the photo. Then the machine rod has to be gently bridged and gradually left out while holding slightly out of the shoulder.

At the same time, bridge-up is also considered to be the best workout for the back. As you increase its reps, your back will be strengthened.

While doing the back exercise, keep in mind that avoid to do any kind of bicep exercise in advance, because if you do, you will not be able to lift more heavy weight. At the same time, do not load on the neck, otherwise you may have a pain.

Use weight according to your ability, because lifting more weight to show someone in the gym can damage your body.

seated row
Seated Cable Row

3 – 4.


10 – 12.

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Bottom Line.

With this above mentioned exercise you will feel a lot of tension on your back muscles which assist you to get a muscular and V shape back. All of these exercise not only beneficial for your back but it also gives you significant result in your overall health.

At the same time, your 80 per cent diet should be balanced for the entire growth of your body. If you want to know about the exercise of other body parts other than the back, you can follow our fitness section.

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