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Hang Clean and Press Exercise : Advantages and Steps

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We basically paid more attention to the muscle growth and increasing functional strength during exercise. For this, a variety of weight training exercises are used, that are beneficial in developing muscles. Take a look, it shows that many of the power-enhancing and weight training exercises are from sports and competitions like weightlifting. These forms of exercise changed over time. Increased practice of exercises that proved to be easier and more effective than before. Hang Clean and press is one of the such exercise.

Hang Clean and Press is a modified form of clean end press exercise, which already being used. There is no need to keep the barbell or dumbbell down and then lift it every time during this exercise. It is a combined form of two workouts, Hang Clean and Overhead or Shoulder Press. This makes this exercise an excellent compound exercise. During this exercise, all the small muscles from the neck to the pins are engaged.

Most people who go to the gym are not able to get accustomed to this style or technique very quickly, because such people have done a lot of modern exercises and need more space to practice. However, people who are comfortable with exercises like CrossFit or compound, do not have difficulty in hang clean and press exercise. In this article we will tell you why hang clean and press exercise is necessary? And what kind of benefits can you get by using it?

Types of Hang Clean and Press Exercise.

Usually hang clean and press exercise is practice with the help of barbell. However, early-level people can also do this exercise by taking a dump in both hands. The form of exercise with dumbbells becomes a little easier. Under the supervision of trainers in the gym you can practice the following forms of hang clean and press exercise. Trainers can show you the right technique of exercise that reduces the risk of injury.

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Advantages of Hang Clean and Press Exercise.

Hang clean and press is part of a series of exercises that benefit the whole body. The whole body is used during the weight-lifting competitions during the Olympics, hang clean and press also perform the same work in a very effective manner. In addition, doing this exercise regularly can benefit you from the following.

Full Body Workout.

Hang clean and press exercise is beneficial for all the major muscle groups of the body. During this exercise, tension arises in the muscles of the upper and lower part of the body at the same time, which gives them strength.

Increases Functional Strength.

Whether you’re an athlete or you need strength for daily work, this exercise is very beneficial for you. With its regular practice, you can make the body powerful.

Strengthens The Core.

You need a lot of strength to lift any load from the floor to the top of the head. Through hang clean and press exercises, you can strengthen your core muscles, which also increases physical strength.

Enhances Balance And Stability.

During hang clean and press exercise, tension arises in the legs as well as core muscles which are very helpful in giving stability to the body. Physical coordination also improve due to many variations during the same exercise.

Increases Speed And Elation.

Rapidly incorporating from one form to another during this exercise increases physical motion. This makes it simple for you, to do other things.

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Advantages of Hang Clean and Press Exercise.

Like other exercises, it is advisable to take into account some special precautions even before this exercise. It is necessary to thoroughly warm-up the muscles and subsequent stretching before the hang clean and press exercise. So that the muscles are completely opened before exercise and there is no risk of workout injury.

What Devices Will Be Required?

  • Barbell with steady plate.
  • A pair of dumbbells or kettle-bells.

Muscles Groups Engaged.

Primarily.  Neck, shoulders, hands, quads (muscles in front of the thighs).

Secondary.  Backs, glutes, hamstrings and pins.

Who Can Do This Exercise?

From trainee level people to experienced can do this exercise.

Sets and Repetition.

3 sets of 10-15 repetition.

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How To Practice It?

Hang Clean and Press Exercise

Step 1.

First stand upright. Hold a barbell with an overhand grip (hold the barbell upwards).

Step 2.

Keep the position of the hands at a short distance from the shoulder width. Barbell will be in front of your thighs.

Step 3.

Now bend your elbow and bring the barbell upward and lift it upward towards the shoulders at a fast pace.

There are two stages of this exercise. First bring the barbell up to your collarbone and then move it upwards of the head.

In the second phase, first bring the barbell to the collarbone and then bring it to the thighs in an undone position. It’s a repetition.

*Tips.  At first start these exercises with light weight. Keep the rep too low at the beginning. Once accustomed to it, you can increase weight and rep.

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Optional Exercises of Hang Clean and Press.

Hang Clean end press is one of the complex form of exercise. Such exercise requires lots of strength. It is also very important to practice regularly. During this exercise you have to bend your elbow faster. A little caution can cause you to be at risk of serious injury.

You should get accustomed to these optional exercises before practicing the basic form of Hang Clean end press. After being well versed, you will not have much difficulty in the original form.

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Bottom Line.

Hang clean and press is an exercise through which the whole body gets engaged. This form of exercises is very beneficial before moving towards weight training. As this exercise involves both hang clean and shoulder presses, this exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the entire body. Hang clean and press is considered important in CrossFit and other compound extensions. It needs to be noted that such exercises should be done only if you are accustomed to other elementary level simple exercises.

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