Effective Hammer Curl Workout With Benefits And Mistakes


Are you spending hours in the gym to enlarge biceps with classic curls and chin-ups? However, you are not satisfied with the size of your biceps. If so, this mean you have never heard brachialis muscle of biceps. So, you won’t even have to do the targeting exercise. Because these muscles increase the size of the biceps. The Brachialis muscle are placed near the biceps. During workouts, biceps are targeted by targeting this muscle group. Hammer Curl is the best exercise to develop this muscle and make rock-solid biceps.

In human body there are hundreds of muscle groups. We can understand that, it is difficult to keep an eye on everyone and keep information about them. But this is an important muscle for those, who go to the gym to make strong, attractive and large biceps.

In this article, we will show you what hammer curl exercise is, how to do it, the right way to do it as well as information about caution and benefits.

What is Hammer Curl Exercise?

Hammer curl is the only simple variation of biceps curl exercise. Which targets the arms for greater strength and size. Some people believe that this exercise can improve your grip with increasing the stability of the wrist. This exercise mainly targets the upper-arm’s brachialis and the lower arm’s brachialis muscle.

What Muscles do Hammer Curls Work?

Basically Hammer curl exercise is an effective exercise for long head of the biceps as well as it also engage brachialis and brachioradialis (also known as forearm muscle). Apart from that it also activate extensor carpi radialis, upper and middle trapezius and anterior deltoid muscle groups.

Machine for Hammer Curl Exercise.

Hammer curl workout does not require any special equipment. It just required a pair of dumbbells. You can also take different weights, if you can increase the weight in each set, it will give a better result.

If you are a beginner, start with a dumbbell of 2.5 or 5 kg. Then increase the weight according to your capacity. Some people perform it with a cable rope. They also do this by inserting Gym Handle.

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Types of Hammer Curl Exercises.

There are different types of hammer curl exercise, such as;

How to Do Proper Curl Exercise?

Do not forget to make a warm-up before starting this exercise. Then the hammer curl exercise can be done with the following steps.

Hammer Curl

Step 1.

First, hold a pair of dumbbells with the hands and make a position is such that the two palms remain in front of each other.

Step 2.

Now while keeping the body stable, flex the elbow to lift the dumbbells upward towards your shoulders.

Step 3.

Stop the dumbbell touching the shoulder and gradually bring the back hand downwards after holding 1 second.

Step 4.

Now repeat the same process with another hand. It can also be perform with one hand or both hands. With both hands a set will be completed when you perform repetitions of 15 with 3 Set in the same way.

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Benefits of Hammer Curl Exercise.

  • Hammer curl exercise is not only beneficial for your biceps but also for your brachialis and brachioradialis.
  • This exercise increases the size of the upper arm, making a cool look while wearing t-shirts.
  • It also increase flexibility and rotation of forearm.
  • Even without elevating the palm, you can lift heavy weight in this exercise.
  • It brings strength to the hands. So that you can easily do many things of daily life.
  • It increase stability and muscle endurance of wrists.
  • Strengthened the grip of the arm. Which gives the ability to carry more weight in other exercises such as dead-lifts.

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Mistakes During Hammer Curl Exercise.

  • In hammer curl exercise we often lift heavy weights. Which is wrong. Sudden weight lifting may shock the lower back.
  • If you do not contract while doing exercise, there will be no benefit. So contract the forearm and biceps to bring up.
  • Over speed reduce the tension in the targeted muscle and reduce its effectiveness. So, do this workout slowly with full of muscle contraction.
  • Do not lift the dumbbells with weight exceeding capacity. It may hurt you.
  • Always make correct position before taking heavy weight.
  • During this exercise, people make the most mistakes to move their torso back and forth to bring the weight up, which is wrong.
  • In addition, sometimes people workout with a very fast or poor grip, which decrease the effectiveness of the exercise.
  • To complete a repetition, shaking or bending your torso from one side to the other is wrong. By doing so, the person puts the weight strain on his back and core muscle. If you make such a mistake, reduce the weight.
  • Speeding up the activity of exercise will reduce the stress on the biceps, as a result it will not grow properly. You must lift the dumbbells slowly with balanced speed, while you want to hold the dumbbell up for few seconds after moving up with normal speed.
  • When it comes to grip, people often catch the dumbbell loose, which is prone to injury. Hold the handles of the dumbbell with tight grip as much as possible and maintain tension throughout the repetition.

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Bottom Line.

If you want tone your biceps, then include this exercise in the workout plan from today. If you are confuse with positions or anything else while workouts, talk to the trainer immediately. Because proper movements and position with balanced nutrition gives you effective and positive result. However, at the beginning you must take the help of your trainer, so you must learn the basics of hammer curl exercise.

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