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How To Do Incline Bench Press Exercise?

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Chest-day is considered to be the most important day in the gym. Chest muscle is one of the biggest muscle of the body. Since it is one of the large muscle of the body, its exercises are also difficult. Bench press exercises are considered to be the most reasonable and effective for chest muscles. However, chest exercises cannot be complete unless its different forms are put into practice. Among several exercises, bench press is one of the effective exercises which engage majority parts of the chest. So, today we will discuss about incline bench press.

What is Incline Bench Press?

Incline bench press is one of the effective and latest form of exercise that generates relatively more stress with targeting the entire chest muscles.

You can engage different parts of the chest by using different forms of bench press exercises. At present, you may be able to easily see the use of different forms of bench presses in the gyms and fitness centres, but it did not have been so popular a few years ago.

In the early days the bench press was done on the floor, later its forms were novelty and now the bench press is being carried out in many ways. Dips can also be seen as an alternative to the development of chest muscles.

In the world of fitness, bench press started with all the variations. It is also considered as a superb compound exercise because it engage shoulders and triceps along with chest muscles.

This exercise can be done on the incline bench with a pair of dumbbells or barbell. It is quite easy and can be done like a flat bench press.


The incline bench press can also be done in many ways. The muscles of the upper part of the chest are in active condition in this exercise. Those are;

What are the Benefits of Incline Bench Press Exercise?

The texture of the incline bench causes tension in the muscles of the upper part of the body during exercise. This exercise is also very helpful in the growth and strength of the muscles of the shoulders, triceps and cores, with increasing the size of the chest muscles.

This exercise helps to target the upper body muscles as well as bring stability to the lower parts of the body.

The upward inclination of the bench also helps to increase the physical strength, which can help you to lift more weight during exercises such as squats, deadlifts and leg presses.

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What is the Right Way of Incline Bench Press Exercise?

It is very important to have a good warm-up before any exercise. Also ensure that the muscles are completely exposed, which prevent any kind of risk of injury during exercise. The exercise you are going to practice can be done without any weight as a warm-up.

The more direct the tilt of the bench, the more it affects the shoulder rather than your chest. That is why the angle of the bench should be right and comfortable at all times.

Incline Bench Press Target Muscles.

Incline bench press worked on the following muscles groups;

Primary: Upper part of the chest.

Secondary: Shoulders and Triceps.


A pair of dumbbells or a Barbell.

An incline bench or bench that can be tilted at different angles.

Who Can Exercise It?

Intermediate (Trainee Level People).

Sets and Repetitions.

3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

How to Do Incline Bench Press with Dumbbell?

incline bench press with dumbbell
Incline Bench Press with Dumbbell

Step 1.

Lie down on the back bench and take the dumbbell in both hands with a good grip.

Step 2.

Now lift the dumbbells parallel to your shoulders and touch both by taking it up. Wait for a few seconds.

Step 3.

Gradually bring the dumbbell down to your chest. It’s a repetition.

*Note:   If you can’t pick both dumbbells together, try lifting the two dumbbells one by one (like the Alternate Dumbbell press).

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How to do Incline Bench Press with Barbell?

The muscles on both sides of the chest can be targeted at the same time by pressing the incline bench with barbell.

Incline Bench Press with Barbell
Incline Bench Press with Barbell

Step 1.

To do this exercise, first catch the barbell while making a good grip of the palms and repeat like a flat bench press.

Step 2.

Touch the barbell with the bottom part of the chest while bringing it downwards.

It can also be done from different angles to engage different parts of the chest. If you want to widen the chest, hold the barbell a little distance from the width of the shoulders.

However, if you want to create tension on the inner part of the chest and the middle muscles, hold the barbell shortly before the width of the shoulders.

Doing this exercise with different angles can provide good results to the chest muscles and provide better development.

Incline Bench with Machine.

incline bench press with machine
Incline Bench with Machine

It is good for the beginners to exercise with the help of machine. This makes it easier to balance, as well as you can practice with heavyweight. Set the bench under the machine at 45 degrees. Also set the barbell according to your ability and put weight on it. Now do this exercise like the Barbell Incline bench press.

How To Do Incline Bench Press with Weight Plates?

incline bench press with weight plates
Incline Bench Press with Weight Plates

Step 1.

Hold the coated plates while making a good grip in both hands while lying on the bench. Place both palms in front of each other.

Step 2.

Now lift these plates upwards of the shoulders. Wait a few seconds in this situation.

Step 3.

Gradually bring the plates to the initial position. It’s a repetition.

*Note:   It is usually seen that when bringing the barbell downwards, touch it near the abdomen or neck. Keep in mind that while bringing the barbell downwards, bring it slightly below the collar bone. While lifting the weight, barbell should be parallel towards the shoulders.

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This bench press is the latest form of flat bench press. Keep in mind, if you have any kind of injury in shoulder or collar bone then you must consult with your doctor before doing this exercise. You must keep an instructor nearby to help you while lifting heavy weights.

Doing bench presses or all exercises requires greater muscle strength and stability. If you are feeling some kind of difficulty while lifting weights, first exercise the core muscles and strengthen them.

Practice this exercise with machine if no one is present to help you while lifting weights. Make sure you have warm up well before exercising. Flexibility in the body is very essential for such exercise.

Incline Bench Press Alternative.

The bench press exercise has been upgraded from time to time, which has many advantages. However, there are also many exercises those are best alternative and also help to develop chest muscles. Such as;

  • Flat Bench Press.
  • Cable Cross-Over.
  • Incline push-Ups.
  • Machine chest Press.

Bottom Line.

It is an excellent exercise for the growth and strength of the chest muscles. Since, it is also a compound exercise, the other muscle group of the body also gets the benefit from this exercise.

In most of the gyms and fitness centres, people prefer to do this exercise. However, it also increases physical strength, so once it is habitual, it will become easier to practice other difficult exercises.

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