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Whether Smoking Really Affects Your Muscles During Workouts?

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We all are well known that smoking is injurious to health. That may be in any form like smoking cigarettes, beedi, hookah or cigars. How many times have you promised and intended to stop smoking? But after a few days, you forget everything. In fact, we often fail in the intention of quit smoking because we are not mentally and physically fully prepared or fully committed to quit smoking. However, most of the gym going persons smoke cigarettes and other stuffs on regular basis. So, today we will learn whether smoking affects your muscles during workouts or affecting your output in the gym? Also tell you about some tips that can help you to stop smoking addiction.

Nowadays, smoking has gone down socially. Smoking has stopped at most workplaces, shopping malls, theaters and stores. But still such bad habit continues in society. Most people start smoking in teenage and become accustomed to it until they grow up.

A cigarette is not giving people anything but death. We would not like to give lectures here because the death figures only confirm, we are writing this article to give life not death.

What Are The Common Reasons of Smoking?

There are many different reasons for smoking in people such as stress and pressure of friends, for hobbies or fashion. Then in the future, it becomes a mental addiction. Many people start cigarettes inspired by other people and there are many people who have a misconception that cigarette smoking reduces tension. And later it becomes very difficult to get rid of this addiction. But quit smoking can be very difficult but not impossible. Just you need strong will power and efforts.

How Smoking Affects Muscles During Workouts?

Let’s talk about some harmful effects of smoking on your muscles, which affects your workouts.

  • It increases the amount of carbon mono-oxide in the blood.
  • It promotes tar in the lungs.
  • Also makes you addicted to nicotine.

Now, we will discuss in detail how they affect your workouts in the gym.

Carbon Mono-Oxide.

When we smoke cigarettes, we pull carbon monoxide inside by breath. Carbon monoxide is a very poisonous gas. This carbon monoxide forms a bond with hemoglobin molecules in the blood.

In this way it replaces oxygen in the blood. Now, this blood enters different parts of your body, it is carbon monoxide that you are taking with oxygen.

Now, there is no supply of sufficient oxygen to your body cells and tissues. So that your body cells and tissues are not able to accomplish their tasks well. If such insufficient amount of oxygen continues for a long time, the body has difficulty in doing things such as cell development and repair.

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Impact of Tar.

Smoking accumulates tar in your lungs. About 70% of smoking in every cigarette accumulates in your lungs. This accumulated tar limits your lung capacity and also limits your breathing ability.

This is what causes tar cough deposited in your lungs. It hinders the ability of the human body to function. You are not able to pull enough oxygen through your lungs during workouts.

Therefore, your muscles are not able to get enough oxygen. That is why your body quickly starts to see symptoms like fatigue and weakness. It is one of the main affects of smoking on your muscles during workouts.

A person who does not smoke while exercising is able to breathe more easily than a smoker. Smokers are thus unable to exercise with high intensity.

Effects of Nicotine.

Nicotine is a stimulant that convert smoking an addiction. It hits your brain within seven to eight seconds of smoking. The presence of nicotine in the body increases your heart rate and also increases your blood pressure. Which causes red scars on your skin, poor metabolism and low testosterone production in your body.

In addition, lung cancer and lack of fertility are common problems. All these effects are not a good sign for any bodybuilder or fitness lovers.

The habit of smoking gives a boost to a deadly disease like cancer. It harms the body in many ways, one of which is premature aging.

Now, a recent study has revealed that smoking not only reduces age but also makes the person old 20 years early. For example, if a young man is 20 years old, his chorological age can be like a person of 40 years.

What is Chronological and Biological Age?

The human body has two kinds of age, the first is the chronological and the other biological. The chronological age is the one that is counted from the birth of a person, while the age of the person appears, it is counted in the biological age.

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What Came Up In The Study?

According to a released scientific report, a blood test was conducted on 149,000 addicts. As a result it was brought out that the craniological age of smoking youths is double than non-smokers youths.(1)

The craniological age of those who did not smoke was found to be accurate according to the time of their birth.

In the study, 7 out of 10 smokers who were under 30 were found to have a craniological age between 31 to 40 or 41 to 50. The age of 62 per cent of non-smokers was found to be accurate.

Out of the total people involved in the study, 49,000 people were smokers and their average age was found to be 53, which is a matter of concern.

So, we will tell you today 10 sure-fire ways to stop smoking, which you can follow to increase your life, get rid of cancer and do something good for yourself and your family.

Ask Yourself These Questions When Buying Cigarettes.

  1. If you are a student, ask yourself – Am I buying death from my parents’ earnings?
  2. If you are in a job, a seller – Am I earning for this?
  3. When you are a husband – If I die soon, will my wife be able to live without me?
  4. If you are a father – Ask, what can I buy for my children instead of this cigarette?
  5. When you are a fitness lover – What kind of affects can occur on my muscles during workouts through smoking?
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Tell People Around You.

Tell People Around You
Tell People Around You

If you have made up your mind to quit, tell people around you that you are going to quit smoking. Especially women working in the work place.

Don’t Keep Coins In The Pocket.

If you are going to quit smoking, first stop buying the whole packet. Obviously, your mind will have to smoke a cigarette as soon as you exit. If you have coins in your pocket, you will immediately go to the shop and buy cigarettes.


So if you keep a note of 100 or 500 in your pocket for a few days, you would think ten times before buying a cigarette of Rs. 10. The shopkeeper may refuse you.

Set Your Date To Quit Smoking.

Once you decide to quit smoking it is necessary to decide the start date. Once you decide the date, start working towards your goal. Like –

  • Make an announcement to family members, friends and colleagues about your intention to stop smoking. Their support and encouragement will strengthen your commitment and help you in weak stages.
  • Remove everything that can undermine your commitment. Like remove ashtrays from your home, office or in your car. If a member in your family smokes, request them not to smoke in your presence.
Set Your Date
  • If you plan to consume drugs to quit smoking, start them before your committed date.
  • Keep the option easy to use. When it comes to the day of all this start, the need to smoke often arises (the first few days are especially difficult). Put hard candy, sugar-free gum or vegetable sticks in the mouth whenever your mind triggers for smoking.

Avoid Smoking Triggers.

If you have been smoking for a long time, it becomes a habit associated with common habitual activities such as smoking with morning coffee or after having a drink in the evening or with the last puff of dinner before going to bed.

drink and smoke
Avoid Smoking Triggers

But when you quit smoking, these regular tasks can trigger your mind. To prevent, you can wake up to longing once again. It may be hard for you, but you may get success within few weeks.

Dealing With Smoking Withdrawal.

Nicotine is the major addictive compound present in cigarettes that affect many of your organs, including the brain. When you decide to stop smoking, your system will still want to smoke. It’s not easy to fight with your body and mind.

Depression Whether Smoking Really Affects Your Muscles During Workouts

Symptoms of withdrawal vary from person to person in type and intensity. They can range from unbearable craving for cigarettes to depression and irritability and sleep problems. 7-10 days are the worst; This is the time when your potency will decrease and smokers usually get their resolution. Every smoker has to find a tool that works for themselves.

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Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) also protects against small doses of nicotine and other dangerous chemicals loaded in cigarettes. It helps smokers to cope with rigorous control in the early stages of removing them from smoking. From over-the-counter (OTC) products to prescription-based measures, NRT comes in many forms tailored to individual preferences.

OTC Products Without Doctor’s Prescription.

Nicotine Gum And Lozenges: Chew or suck to reduce the amount of nicotine.

Nasal Spray: Nicotine-in-a-bottle that can be sprayed in the nose with a pump.

Nicotine Patch: A small amount of nicotine is released from the body when this patch is applied to the skin.

Products With Doctor’s Prescription.

Nicotine Inhaler: This product contains a cartridge filled with nicotine. Releases nicotine from the mouth through a mouthpiece.

How to Stop Smoking Intense Desire?

Nicotine is a tuff enemy and regardless of the path of the drug you choose, there will be many moments when your will power is against withdrawal. Feeling anxious, depressed or strict is normal when you struggle through quitting smoking. Try these pre-methods to cope with reducing your greed.

  • Pamper yourself with healthy food and adequate sleep. Stay well hydrated. These measures can give you the energy you need to fight with excess stress.
  • Eat many small meals a day instead of some big food. It helps to balance blood sugar levels and eases the desire to smoke.
  • Intake of spicy or sugar-filled foods can increase the desire to smoke slightly. So stay away from them.
Health benefits of morning walk Whether Smoking Really Affects Your Muscles During Workouts
  • Go for a long walk, visit the gym or try dancing or aerobics. Exercise can reduce stress so that you can feel better.
  • Take a shower or bath whenever you feel the desire to smoke.
  • Play a new game. The additional advantage is that you may be better at increasing weight after leaving.
  • Take 10 long breaths. On the last long breath, burn a matchstick. Gently extinguish the match by leaving the breath. And put it in an ashtray thinking that it is a cigarette.

Counselling to Quit Smoking.

Do not underestimate the power of psychology to fight against nicotine. Consulting yourself may help you lot to quit smoking. Together with the drug, the chances of quit smoking are increased. Explore options for counselling such as regular, face-to-face sessions or as a telephone helpline, especially when the desire to smoke is very strong.

Counseling Whether Smoking Really Affects Your Muscles During Workouts

Some studies have shown that guided relaxation can help smokers successfully to control nicotine intake. Deep breathing exercises are also a effective form relaxation. Consult to your doctor or psychologist to learn these techniques.

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Bottom Line.

Therefore, it can be concluded that you can try the above mention effective ways in order to quit smoking. Regular smoking affects your muscles during workouts as it prevent natural growth and suppress the production of testosterone.

So, if you are a fitness lover then you must quit smoking from today. Our above mentioned ways will help you in your journey. However, at first, it will be difficult especially for the chain smokers, but nothing is impossible with proper dedication and determination.

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Freaktofit has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, educational research institutes, and medical organizations. We avoid using tertiary references. You can learn more about how we ensure our content is accurate and up-to-date by reading our editorial policy.

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