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10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

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We incorporate a variety of exercises into our daily routine to keep our body healthy and fit. Similarly aerobics are also a type of exercise that is very easy to do. You can also do it at your home. Aerobic exercise not only keep you fit, but also remove physical problem. Yes, it is important to focus on your diet along with this exercise. Today we will give you detail information regarding aerobic exercise and correct procedure along with the benefits.

What Is Aerobic Exercise?

Aerobic exercise is a type of cardiovascular exercise and presently became famous in all over the world. In aerobic exercise, the heart pumps blood with more force than usual. If the blood pumped with speed, the supply of oxygen is also increased. This intensifies respiratory activity. Such exercise strengthens the heart and can increase the level of healthy cholesterol.

Walking and swimming are low-impact aerobics, while running, tennis and dance are performed for high impact. Also there are many types of aerobic, which we will learn in detail. It is mostly done in the group with music and under the supervision of an instructor. It keeps the body fit, increases flexibility, strengthens muscles and improves cardio-vascularity.

Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercise.

Aerobic exercise can have many health benefits, such as;

Weight Loss.


Aerobic exercise can prove to be the right choice for those who want to lose weight. Some people are follow moderate-Intensity Aerobic Exercise for 6-12 months. After 12 months, their weight and waist size were decreased.

Isolated Aerobic Exercise may not have any effect on obesity. Yes, if it is done with the right diet, blood pressure and lipid levels may improve. Isolated aerobic exercise means only aerobic. No other exercise is included in it. This information is given in a research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). So, it can be said that aerobic exercise is beneficial for weight loss.(1)

Reduce Heart Disease.


Another benefits of Aerobic exercise is that, it also effective in heart problems. According to one research, aerobic exercise is a dynamic excise that promote heart health. It can also prevent problems like hypertension.

In addition, if someone has a heart problem, aerobic exercise can be beneficial for them, but at this stage, do it only by the advice of the doctor. The doctor will suggest you suitable aerobic exercise according to the patient’s physical condition.(2)

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Balance Blood Sugar And Insulin Level.

diabetes insulin

Aerobic exercise also keeps your blood sugar and insulin levels balanced. A scientific research has indicated that aerobic exercise can control blood sugar of patients with type 2 diabetes. This exercise increases the production of insulin in the body, which works by absorbing glucose. This can reduce blood sugar levels in the body. This information is available in a research published on the NCBI website.(3)

Help To Quit Smoking.

Smoking affects muscles during workouts

Many people want to quit smoking, but they are unable to quit because of the summons. They can get benefit from aerobic exercise. According to a scientific study published on the NCBI website, exercise reduces cigarette summons and can also help to keep the symptoms away. In addition, it also support your lungs. Here we make it clear that smoking is not beneficial in any respect even if you follow nutritious food and regular exercise. However, It is harmful in every respect.(4)

Improve Mental Health And Mood.

Aerobic exercise also improve mental health and mood. It can reduce anxiety and depression. This exercise improves blood circulation in the body as well as in the brain, thereby improve mood.(5)

Strengthen Bones And Muscles.


Exercise keeps the bones healthy and also helps to protect against osteoporosis (bone disease). In addition, it can also helps to strengthen the muscles.(6)

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Relief From Insomnia.


According to a scientific research it is confirm that regular exercise provide better sleep. A study was conducted on a young man who was suffering from insomnia. He was practice aerobic exercise for 4 months and as a result quality of sleep in that young men improved as well as it reduced the symptoms and depression. In such a way, the dancing stamps of aerobics not only relax the mind but also provide quality sleep.(7)

Reduce Depression.


Depression is a major problem today. Aerobic is a very effective treatment to reduce depression.(8)

Balance Hormones.

It is another among the benefits of aerobic exercise. In the past few years, problems like hormonal imbalance in women have increased considerably. Due to non-regular menstrual periods, women face many health related problems. Aerobics immensely beneficial for this.(9)

Burn Calories.

Its regular practice assist to burn more calories, increases HDL cholesterol in the body, reduces LDL cholesterol and boost immunization.(10)

Footnote. Aerobic is quite popular among men and women. If you are unable to take advantage of this exercise or are not able to maintain regularity, once again take the opportunity to incorporate this exercise into your routine and make your health full of energy.

Types of Aerobic Exercise.

The ways to do aerobic exercise are different, which we are elaborating below;


Aerobic exercise swim

It is considered to be the best for good health. In this aerobic exercise, the whole body engage together. Almost all organs of the body are used while doing this.


zumba exercise aerobics

It is a kind of dance and is also considered a type of aerobic. Music is used to do it.



Jumping rope is also a kind of aerobic exercise. A skipping rope is used for this. Initially, do it more slowly under the supervision of the instructor. Be careful while doing this, so that the rope is not trapped in your foot.

Walking And Running.

Walking And Running

This is the easiest way of aerobic exercise. Walk slowly at the beginning and then run later by increasing speed. Do it in the park in the morning or evening for better results.

Jumping Jack.

jumping jack
Jumping Jack

At first stand straight while doing this. Then spread the legs by jumping and move the hands upwards. Then come to the previous position by jumping. At the same time, the sound of clapping should also come at the same time. Do it in slow motion at the beginning. Then increase its speed. This is a good aerobic exercise.



It boost body strength as well as the strength of the brain. Stand at one place to do it and punch it in the air. Keep in mind that the balance of the body must be control through mind. In the beginning, gently hit the hand in the air, then increase the speed. It would be okay to do it under the supervision of the instructor.

Traditional Floor Aerobics.

Traditional Floor Aerobics

It has certain movements that go back and forth on a particular music. Those idols are called high impact idols, i.e., very effective and low impact idols, i.e., less effective. High impact, where both legs leave their contact with the ground together and low impact means where a foot is in contact with the ground.

Step Aerobics.

step aerobics
Step Aerobics

Choreographed moves in step aerobics are elevated step-based. It is one of the most popular cardio exercises. This can reduce the fat of the legs and hip.

Dance Aerobics.

dance aerobics Benefits of Aerobic Exercise
Dance Aerobics

This aerobics class uses a variety of dance styles. In particular Salsa, jazz, hip hop and Zumba are prominently involved in burning calories and also creating enthusiasm among the people.

Cardio Kick Boxing.

kick boxing Benefits of Aerobic Exercise
Cardio Kick Boxing

It combines boxing, martial arts and traditional aerobics with high-intensity cardio exercises. It provides regular circulation of blood in the muscles and also burn calories.

Aqua Aerobics.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons BY CC 3.0

Aqua Aerobics Benefits of Aerobic Exercise
Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics is the best choice for people who are fond of swimming. It makes the body resilient. It also uses certain floating devices.


jogging Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

It can be done in two way. Jogging can also be done by standing in one place or even moving from one place to another. It improves workout metabolism.

Suggested Balanced Diet.

  • Do breakfast in the morning. Sprouts consists pulses, milk, egg and juice etc.
  • Can consume fruits between mid-meal of breakfast and lunch.
  • Use multi-grain bread at lunch. Use green vegetables and pulses. Take salads.
  • In the evening you can take coconut water, buttermilk and yogurt.
  • Consume light dinner. Such as soups and salads.
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What To Avoid?

  • Do not eat fried-roasted stuffs.
  • Stay away from junk food like burgers and pizzas.
  • Do not use carbonated drinks and things made of flour.
  • Take tea and coffee in small quantities.
  • Eat food when you are hungry and eat light food at night.

Keep Increasing The Time Limit.

Increase time, speed and distance in aerobics gradually. If you are jogging for two kilometers a week, jogging up to two and a half kilometers in next week.

Keep Right Diet.

  • Take some healthy food at regular intervals, so that you don’t have to starve for a long time.
  • Going straight to the bed after dinner will burn less calories and increase fat. So take a quick and light meal at night and sleep after two hours.
  • Drink enough water, it can burn a lot of calories.

Take Special Care of These Things.

Positive thinking plays an important role in weight loss. If you keep your thinking positive with regular practice, you will soon see the benefits.

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Must Exercise.

Whatever your fitness level, jogging is very important to lose weight. Always start slow and then increase your speed and distance. Use the stairs instead of the elevator and refrain from sitting as consistently as possible.

Synergy With Instructor.

If you are suffering from a disease like heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes or stroke, you must discuss it with your instructor. Before going to the class, you must tell your instructor about your recent physical and mental condition, so that he can plan your workouts accordingly. Eat on your choice one day a week.

Precautions For Aerobic Exercises.

While doing aerobic exercise, it is important to keep in mind the following things to avoid the damage;

  • If you have an injury or pain in the leg, you needs to be careful while exercising. If the pain increases at the time of aerobic, stop it immediately.
  • While swimming, keep in mind that muscle stretch does not cause any problems.
  • If there is any difficulty in the legs, knees and hands while jumping the rope, avoid doing it.
  • If someone has undergone surgery, he should do aerobic exercise on the doctor’s instructions after he is fully healed.
  • Pregnant women should not do it without the advice of the doctor.

Other Side Effects of Aerobic Exercise.

Even after we get benefits from aerobic exercise it have side effects too. Any exercise can be seen to have some ill-effects. Even in aerobic exercise there may be some damage. Such as;

  • Muscle fatigue.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Pain in the lower back.
  • Pain in the upper back.
Bottom Line.

Now it has become clear that aerobic exercise is helpful for healthy living. So start a healthy life by adopting the aerobic exercise in your daily routine. You can share this article with your friends and acquaintances, so that they also know about the ways and benefits of aerobic exercise. We have also mentioned about some precautions and side effects of aerobic exercise. We hope that this article of ours will be useful to you.

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