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Which Outdoor Sport Can Combine Both Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise?

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When it comes to improve physical fitness, it is important to integrate different forms of exercise, including aerobic and anaerobic exercise. But what exactly is aerobic and anaerobic exercise? What are its benefits and which outdoor sport can combine both aerobic and anaerobic exercise? Lets know in brief about this.

Aerobic Exercise Meaning.

Aerobic exercise is a kind of exercise that helps to keep the body fit. The practice of aerobic exercise is very much associated with our daily life. For example, if we dance, swim or walk and climb the stairs with fast movement, it means that we are doing aerobic exercise.

Types of Aerobic Exercises.

Aerobic exercise is a group of variety of exercises. But most people usually practice aerobic exercise to lose weight and keep the body fit.

Aerobic exercise includes climbing stairs, Burpees, Jumping Jacks, Squat Jumps, Flutter Kicks, Donkey Kicks, Jumping Lunges and Skaters etc. Apart from these we also tell you about some easy aerobic exercises for weight loss.


zumba exercise aerobics
Zumba Exercise

This exercise has been discovered by dance. It is a special type of dance that helps in weight loss and provide better shape to the body. Zumba dance is very popular among women for weight loss.


Aerobic exercise swim

It is another aerobic exercise in which the entire body engage simultaneously. Swimming helps to tone shoulders, arms, waist, back, stomach and legs. It is a great aerobic exercise to reduce excess calories.

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dance aerobics

It is a great aerobic exercise. It helps in rapid discharge of sweat from the body. This not only reduces body fat but also flushes out toxins from the body which helps in weight loss.



It is a high cardio activity that not only reduces body fat but also provides adequate stamina to the body. Regular Jogging improves overall health.


skipping Which Outdoor Sport Can Combine Both Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

It is also a kind of aerobic exercise. Jumping rope engage the entire body. It helps to tone the body and reduce the excess fat accumulated in the body.

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What Are The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise?

Aerobic Exercise Improves Mood.

Aerobic exercise is very helpful to reduce mental problems such as anxiety, depression and stress. A study has found that aerobic exercise for half an hour three to five days a week can cure depression and improve mood.

Aerobic Exercise Improves Brain.

After the age of thirty, the brain cells of a person begin to weaken. Scientists believe that aerobic exercise can be beneficial to avoid this condition and to prevent cells from breaking down. It helps to keep the brain healthy as well as increase memory and eliminate amnesia.

Aerobic Exercise for Asthma.


Practicing aerobic exercise daily reduces both the severity and speed of an asthma attack. It is an exercise that provides enough air to the lungs and flushes out toxins. If you are an asthmatic, be sure to consult a doctor once before doing aerobic exercise.

Aerobic Exercise Strengthen Immune System.

A study has found that regular aerobic exercise for about 30 minutes increases the antibody called immunoglobulin in the blood and strengthen the immune system. Aerobic exercise help to reduce cortisol levels in women and strengthen immune system.

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Aerobic Exercise Reduce Blood Pressure.

Blood Pressure

This exercise is very beneficial to relieve the problem of hypertension. By doing this exercise, the blood vessels become more rigid which improve blood supply. Therefore, aerobic exercise is beneficial to avoid the risk of heart diseases.

Aerobic Exercise for Weight Loss.

Usually we all know that exercising leads to weight loss but doing aerobic exercise gives energy to the body and support rapid weight loss. A study conducted on some people has found that by practicing aerobic exercises for five days a week you can reduce up to 400 to 600 calories.

This prevents excessive accumulation of fat in the body and keeps the weight under control. So, aerobic exercise is very popular for weight loss.

Aerobic Exercise Reduce Back Falling.

One in three people over the age of 65 are suffering from injuries due to falling every year. The fall causes fractures in the bones which can causes serious injury. Doing aerobic exercise reduces the risk of falling. Therefore, elderly people must do aerobic exercise.

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Anaerobic Exercise Meaning.

Anaerobic exercise means that you are working so fast that your heart cannot deliver oxygen to your muscles fast enough (“anaerobic” means “without oxygen”). This type of activity can improve both your endurance and muscle strength.

Because the muscles need oxygen for continuous working, anaerobic exercises can last only for a short time, which can reduce your total workout time. If you have never breathed fully during exercise, or made it from 90% to 100% of your maximum heart rate, you know what anaerobic exercise feels like.

The biggest difference between aerobic (“with oxygen”) and anaerobic exercise is the intensity you are working on.

Types of Anaerobic Exercise.


sprint Which Outdoor Sport Can Combine Both Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

Instead of a static jog for extended periods, sprints can be done. You use the highest possible energy for short distances instead of running at a steady pace like marathons. It can also help to speed up the pace for long-distance races.


olympic weightlifting

While weightlifting, the body exerts its energy to lift certain objects. Weightlifting is done in a repetitive manner.

Lifting weight properly is important to reduce injury, especially when you are a beginner. You must start with your bodyweight and thereafter add weight to progress.

Health experts recommend at least two to three weight lifting sessions every week.

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Also known as “plyos” or jump training, plyometrics is an excellent activity to improve strength and balance. Example of plyometrics exercises include jump squats, one-legged hops and other series of jumps, which may also include jumping on the box.


Unlike plyometric, isometric exercise is a form of weight training. But in isometric practice, muscle length or contract does not change. The use of isometrics can be especially useful in maintaining strength and increasing stabilization.

Isometric exercises are mostly low-impact and do not require a full range of motion, which makes them valuable for managing arthritis and other conditions that provoke pain.

High Intensity Interval Training.

jumping jack Which Outdoor Sport Can Combine Both Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise
Jumping Jack

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), which includes Tabata workout, interchanges high speed movement with rest periods to convert specific aerobic exercises into anaerobic exercises. For example, a person will complete a commonly considered aerobic exercise, such as cycling, in high explosions of energy.

Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise.

Anaerobic exercise mainly done by athletes to increase performance, daily exercise provide you several health benefits. When you train at high level, you can enhance your limit. This means you can work harder for longer while burning more calories. Some of the benefits of anaerobic exercise are are as follows;

Better VO2 Max.

Through this exercise your body learns to use more oxygen, which converts it into energy to allow you for exercise longer.

Anaerobic Exercise for Strong Muscles.

Instead of generating energy from oxygen (as during aerobic workouts), your body uses energy reserves in the muscles during anaerobic exercise. This means it helps in maintaining and improving muscles.


Short bursts of intense exercise or strength training helps in your long workout session.

Anaerobic Exercise for Strong Bones.

Some anaerobic exercises such as intensive resistance training can improve bone density and strength. Also it reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Anaerobic Exercise for Fat Loss.

A study found that high intensity interval training can be more effective than aerobic exercise to burn fat.(1)

Anaerobic Exercise Better Mood.

Like aerobic exercise, anaerobic training has effectively reduce depression, anxiety, stress and anger.

Anaerobic Exercise for Maintain Muscles.

Simultaneously with growing age, our muscles lose their mass. Aerobic exercise helps to maintain the muscle mass and improve strength.

Risk of Chronic Disease.

By maintaining a healthy body weight you can avoid the risk of chronic diseases including heart disease and diabetes.

Boost Metabolism.

Once the muscles grow, metabolism also improves. It is especially useful for weight loss and fat loss.

Anaerobic Exercise Promotes Healthy Aging.

New research published in the European Heart Journal suggests that intensive training promotes healthy aging by protecting the cell from death.(2)

What Is The Difference Between Anaerobic And Aerobic Exercise?

Aerobic exercises are where oxygen is used to generate energy and is usually done for a long period of time and for example there is light to moderate intensity such as racing and pedaling.

Anaerobic exercise is oxygen less for energy synthesis. It is based on many mechanisms, it becomes operational immediately, but it lasts for a while – after several seconds, energy generation processes begin with the participation of oxygen.

Aerobic and anaerobic exercise are both important and have many health benefits, such as better fitness, increased muscle strength and stamina, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In other words, any exercise begins with the rapid breakdown of energy-intensive compounds in the muscles without oxygen. Then, if the work without relaxation continues at low or moderate intensity, oxygen is actively involved in providing energy to the muscles.

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Which Outdoor Sport Can Combine Both Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise?

There are many outdoor sports which are categorized under aerobic and anaerobic exercises differently. But among those, the outdoor sport which can combine both aerobic and anaerobic exercise are Lacrosse and field hockey. Apart from these two, another sport name cross country skiing is also a combination of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Tips For A Safe, Effective Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise.

Here are some tips for a safe, effective aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Common recommendations includes:

  • Consult a doctor especially if you are suffering from any health condition or taking prescribed medicines to ensure the safety of anaerobic activity.
  • Start light and slow! Intensity and weight can always be increased. But overdoing it can lead to painful injuries and muscle strain.
  • Always warm-up for at least three to five minutes before starting any exercise. Warm-up with light jogging, bike rides, jumping jacks or any other preferred exercise that increases heart rate.
  • Complete one to three sets of 8 to 12 repetitions depending on the type of the aerobic exercise.
  • Try various exercises, the best aerobic exercises are the only one which you can do consistently.
  • Cool down and stretch once completed to reduce pain and stiffness. Reduce heart rate with a light walk and stretch the muscles, breathe deeply and hold the stretch for 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Always remember the importance of recovery and let the body rest at least one or two days a week. Starting a training for the first time may take longer for the body to recover.
  • Similarly, ensure proper refueling with good nutrition and maintain hydration to maximize the benefits of performance, recovery and workout.

Bottom Line.

This is a very challenging way to exercise, so start with light activity. Walking too hard and fast can put you at risk of injury and discomfort, so it is better to start with light aerobic training. However, you may include some outdoor sport which combine both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Along with the exercise proper recovery is important. Once you include some aerobic and anaerobic exercise in your workout, remember that you will need to recover completely later.

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Freaktofit has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, educational research institutes, and medical organizations. We avoid using tertiary references. You can learn more about how we ensure our content is accurate and up-to-date by reading our editorial policy.

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