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Flex Board Push Up And Its Benefits

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Flex Board Push Up: If you can’t go to the gym due to lack of time then you may continue your exercise with Flex Board at your home. It have color-coded muscle targeting system which makes it easier and perfect to use for anyone.

Flex Board promotes the appropriate form to ensure that you can take more advantages from your workout and maximize the definition of your upper body. However, flex board is also known as flex board 9 in 1 as you can do 9 types of push up trough this tool.

It consist premium comfort hand gripes which specially designed to reduce stress on your shoulders, wrists and elbows other than traditional floor push ups. You can easily workout without fear of hurting yourself. It is made with reinforced premium ABS plastic which can’t be broken easily or damaged and can support up to 300lbs.

Push up is one of the most basic and effective upper body exercise you can do. But while it’s quite a simple exercise, people often make numbers of mistakes while doing push up.

Benefits of Flex Board Push Up.   

Flex Board Push up
Flex Board Push Up Image Source: Push Up Board -with 14-in-one Muscle Toning System.
  • Regular exercise provide better shape to the chest and also reduces the fat from the chest.
  • It provide better muscle strength around the shoulder and help you to avoid rotator cuff injuries.
  • It increases the strength of the body which assist you in heavy workouts.
  • You can engage arms while doing this exercise, which provide better toning to the arms.
  • It does not require any specific place. It can be done anywhere and at any age.
  • Push up provide overall fitness along with strength, endurance and stamina.

Check out the flex board push up video here.

Video Source: Push Up Board with Handle Bars – Best Home Gym Equipment for Workout Exercises
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Ways To Make Flex Board Push Up More Productive.

Check out ways through which you can build more muscle, and make your flex board push up workout more productive.

1. Support Your Core.

To avoid bending your spine and doing push up also known as “banana back”, try squeezing or “bracing” your core. Bracing reduces the risk of injury by applying a neutral spine and core, and making this exercise for full body.

2. Squeeze Your Glutes.

Your glutes are one of the largest muscle groups in your body, and are often the most inactive. By squeezing your glutes you will protect your lower back, improve posture, provide stress to the whole body, and help to maintain a neutral spine.

3. Pack Your Elbows.

A common trend during push up is to widen your elbows. Despite its prevalence, this mistake can cause shoulder and rotator cuff problems. Instead, pack your elbows towards your sides, try to keep less space between your armpits. “Stack” your joints at the beginning of each reps, place your hands under your elbow and place your elbows under your shoulders.

It will improve shoulder health over the long term, and engage more your triceps and lats. Keeping the joints in line also creates a better range of motion in the shoulders and chest.

Think it that way: If you’re opening a door or pushing someone away from yourself, you’re not going to widen your arms – you’ll keep them close to your body. It works in the same way.

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4. Hold The Board.

Instead of putting your fingers together and pointing straight up, try it, Change your hand position so that your thumbs are facing each other.

Then open your fingers and hold the board handle properly. It instantly creates more stress throughout the body, tightens the latex and triceps, and helps to attach more upper-back muscles.

5. Push The Board Away From Yourself.

Instead of pushing yourself off the ground, push the board away from yourself. This force is transformed into stress of the entire body, and creates a strong effect throughout the body. By pushing the ground away from you, you will use more muscles which engage the whole body.

Bottom Line.

Therefore, it can be concluded that you came up with an idea how flex board 9 in 1 is good for push up in an effective way. It not only build muscles but also strengthen the body and gives an attractive look.

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