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Diamond Push Ups : Types, Steps And Benefits

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Push ups is the best bodyweight exercise you can do to get a toned and strong upper body. Although diamond push ups are difficult, they are very effective exercises to build strength. Also you can do this exercise regularly like normal or any other type of push up.

Diamond push ups engage your entire body such as chest, triceps, shoulder, core or abdominal muscles and your leg muscles. It also helps to tone your upper chest, shoulders and arms. Although diamond push ups are not the easiest exercise, including them in your fitness routine can give you many benefits.

How To Do Diamond Push Ups?

To do diamond push up, first put yourself in a push ups position. Now place both your palms just below the chest and make both your hands in the shape of a diamond, holding your back straight, pressing your stomach and pushing it down. Try to bring all your focus to the chest. Now push down while breathing and then come up with breathing.

Diamond Push Ups For Beginners.

Diamond push up may be a good option for the beginners but may be seem difficult in the beginning but keep in mind as you keep practicing you will get results in a few weeks. At the beginning 10 times will be fine as the muscles start strengthening, then you will be able to apply it as much as possible 20 or 30 of the big ones.

Diamond Push ups Work On Which Muscles?

The pectoral muscles, triceps and shoulders, although secondary muscles such as the stomach or core, quadriceps which help to maintain adequate position. You will get several health benefits after doing diamond push up. So it is good for your upper body muscles that build strength, and help to build muscles.

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Types of Diamond Push ups.

Wall Diamond Push ups.

wall diamond push up
Wall Diamond Push Up Image Source: Wall Diamond Push Up

Simple Diamond Push up are often difficult to apply for those who are beginner or weak muscle groups. For them wall diamond push up is the best option.

Incline Diamond Push ups.

incline diamond push up
Incline Diamond Push Up Image Source: Incline Diamond Push Up

During Incline Diamond Push up the entire focus is on your upper chest and core.

Decline Diamond Push ups.

decline diamond push up
Decline Diamond Push Up Image Source: Decline Diamond Push Up

This push up can be done by placing both your legs on a bench or an upward surface.

Diamond Push Ups Vs Normal Push Ups.

The biggest difference between the two is the position of the hands. In normal push ups the palm has to be kept slightly away and in the Diamond push ups both the palms have to be sticking to each other i.e. in triangle shape. Basically normal push up targets the chest and Diamond push up mainly targets triceps.

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Benefits of Diamond Push Ups.

1. Benefits of Diamond Push Ups For Triceps.

Due to different hand positions, diamond push up target your triceps more than regular push ups. This is the best exercise for those who want to improve the strength of their triceps.

Even the study found that diamond push up have a much higher effect on triceps than other push ups. Doing it regularly will improve the strength and definition in your triceps.

2. Improve Upper Body Strength.

The upper body strength is the most important sign of being fit and healthy, which not only helps in lifting weights, but also helps in your daily activities such as pulling, pushing and whatever you do physically. Also, it helps your body to balance properly while running.

Proper diamond push up effectively train your shoulders, arms, triceps, chest, abdominal muscles, butt (buttocks) and leg muscles. Training all these muscles together will provide powerful and well-defined upper body, which everyone wants.

3. Help To Get Abs.

As we know, any kind of push ups target the abdominal or core muscles. Diamond push up can help you to get abs faster. This push ups activate your main muscles, attach your abdominal or core muscles. However, there are a lot of exercises that help to target your abs effectively.

4. Good For Chest And Shoulder.

Having a strong chest not only increases your physical attractiveness but also good for your overall fitness. Although most people think that diamond push up are only effective for triceps, it actually benefits your chest (pectorals major and minor) and also work on your shoulder (deltoid).

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5. Develop Strength For One Hand Push Up.

Pushing up with one hand requires more strength of your hand and upper body. But majority of the people avoid right exercise which makes strength for hands. Diamond push up build incredible strength in your triceps, then you can move towards archer push ups that need strong triceps. Once you’re mastered in archer push ups you can move towards one hand push ups.

Other Benefits.

This exercise not only gives you the benefits mentioned above, here is a list of additional benefits:

  • Improve your balance and coordination.
  • Helps to burn extra calories.
  • Strengthens your core muscles.
  • Improve your fitness and heart.
  • Help to maintain the density of upper body muscles and bones.
  • Provide an attractive upper body, arms, stomach and back muscles.

How Many Diamond Push Ups Should I Do?

A good target for the goal will be 5 sets of 20 reps. After that, you will be ready to make more difficult changes or add weight.

If you’re not there yet, 3-5 sets of push ups. Go to the last one and not on any set. If a sample workout may look like 12, 10, 8, 7, 9, you go on failure on the final set.

Each workout adds some more repetition and tries to beat your best last time. In a few months, you will be strong and able to do a lot.

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Mistakes While Doing Diamond Push Ups.

Remember not to take your elbows out too much and keep them close to your body. The temptation to do it with the wrong form is bigger than regular push ups as there is less space to fit in your arms, but keep your form tight and you will receive rewards. The 45 degree angle between your hands and your body is what you should aim for.

Also, do not let your hands go in front of your shoulders. In the bottom position, your hands should touch your sternum. If you want even more triceps activation, you can move your hands closer to your face: it will be called triceps push ups and it is a different, more advanced bodyweight exercise.

Sometimes people start very fast with diamond push ups and the elbow swells. This is because the position of the narrow hand puts too much weight on the elbow. If you experience pain, relax and then come back to normal push ups and this time, slowly bring your hands together over a few weeks. Remember, injuries only increase the time it takes to reach your goals.

Bottom Line.

Therefore, now you have some idea and knowledge about diamond push up and what are its benefits and how you should perform. To know more about fitness workouts look at our fitness sections.

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