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How to Take Care of Your Health With Wall Sit Exercise?

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In our busy schedule it is tough to spare time for our health and fitness. However, it is also tough to spare time for walking, jogging or running. So, the biggest question is, how to take care of your health without running? A variety of exercise and yoga can be resorted to stay healthy, but there are many of these physical activities that are not easy for everyone, so today through this article we will tell you about some effective and easy exercise, known as wall sit exercise and the main thing is that these exercise can be done at home by a person of any age.

What is Wall Sit Exercise?

This exercise is similar like isometric exercise (physical activities that do not have to be repeated, just to hold the body at a particular stage). For example, the same activity in ‘Ab Crunches‘ needs to be repeated for a few minutes, while it does not happen when doing a kind of plank.

Like other activities, plank exercise also has a positive effects on many muscles at the same time, which helps to burn a lot of calories.

Wall sit exercise is a great way to strengthen the core, legs and enhance the stability and balance of the body. In addition, one can also do wall sit exercise to test their strength and skills. Here you have to remain in the same position for a long time.

People who have persistent problems or pains in the knees or hips may feel more stress while doing this exercise, so it is important to consult a certified fitness instructor before doing wall sit exercise.

Wall Sit Exercise Benefits.

Wall sit exercise stabilize the core, strengthen the muscles of the legs. The benefits are similar like squats. However, Isometric exercise has different benefits, some of which are;

Abdominal Muscle.

Abs can be made through wall sit exercise. In addition, it is also effective to develop abdominal muscles.

Boost Stamina.

Wall sit exercise is often performed by athletes of specific categories. Especially they practice wall sits in the off-season, when they are preparing for the upcoming competition. Sprint runners, hockey players, skiers, footballers and many other players are also advised to do this exercise.

Calorie Loss.

Wall sit exercise is very good if a person is trying to lose weight, as it helps to reduce calories quickly by contracting the muscles for a long time.

Strengthening Muscles.

Holding the body in the same position for a long time is considered a better way to strengthen the main parts of the body (core and lower half of the body).

Relieve Stress.

Wall sits exercise with full concentration helps in increasing focus, which can help to dealing with stress.

No Equipment Required.

The biggest advantage of wall sits exercise is that it does not require any equipment like other exercise. This exercise can be easily done by the wall of the room. Also, it does not have any kind of expenditure.

Developing Lower Body Muscles.

Wall Sit is an exercise that helps to strengthen and develop every muscle in the lower part of the body. In addition, those who want strong legs and attractive hips, can see the desired results through wall sits.

Increases Balance and Flexibility.

Wall sits are great for improving the overall posture of the body, as it helps to strengthen the muscles of the core and lower back.

Strengthen Bones and Joints.

Even though wall sits are not like a heavy weight, they are still considered as weight bearings. Such exercise has a positive effect on joints and bones in the body, which helps the tissues to develop.

Low Risk of Injury.

People with knee injury or weakness can get several benefits from regular wall sits exercise. Through this you can develop them, as well as it helps to strengthen the upper muscles of the quadriceps or thigh. In addition, it strengthen the muscles above and below the knees, which reduces the risk of injury or pain in the joints.

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Effected Muscle Groups.

Abs, Core, Hip, Thigh and Shin.

Difficulty Level.


Sets and Reps.

Start with 20-30 seconds per set and gradually increase the time.

How to do Wall Sit Exercise?

Wall sit exercise is one of the most simple and easy exercise. Here’s the right way to do this exercise;

wall sit exercise
Wall Sit Exercise

Step 1.

Stand on the back of the wall, the back and head should touch the wall.

Step 2.

Keep your feet about two feet ahead of the wall and the distance between the legs is as much as the shoulder width.

Step 3.

Now bend your knees to 90 degrees and bring the body to a chair-like position.

Step 4.

Make sure the knees are not further from your toes. Stay in the same position for 20 seconds or until you can stay comfortably in this position. Keep breathing normally and keep the hands in normal condition.

Rest for 30 seconds and then repeat the process.

*Note. If one has knee pain or any other problems, you can try to sit less than 90 degrees to avoid aggravating factors or avoiding an injury. If there is still pain in the knee, in that case stop this exercise and do not hold your breath in any stage.

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Variations of Wall Sit Exercise.

Wall sit exercise have many forms, especially the entire workout is perform to this position. Some of the advanced versions of this simple-looking exercise are as follows;

Stability Ball.

The same exercise can also be done with the stability ball. You may have seen this ball at a gym or fitness centre. Put it behind the back and try to do this exercise.

Wall Sit With One Foot.

Once you learn to do wall sit well and stay in a chair position for more than a minute. So now is the time to make it a little harder. During the wall sit, lift one leg from the floor and try to straighten it on the front side. It is not just challenging but also effective.

With Weight.

To make this exercise even more difficult, try to take some weight in the body and stop in the chair position. Keep this weight in the middle of both thighs but slightly above the thighs. This will have additional pressure on the thighs. As soon as you feel tired, gently sit on the floor completely.

What are the other Exercises you can do?

If it is not enough to stop in a chair position for half a minute or more, the following exercise can be performed with wall sit;

Wall Sit Shoulder Press.

wall sit shoulder press
Wall Sit Shoulder Press Image Source: Wall Sit with Overhead Press

Step 1.

This exercise also requires a dumbbell in the hands. It should be in a position with a normal wall sit exercise, i.e., keep the head, back and hip on the wall.

Step 2.

However, it needs to lift the dumbbell slightly differently from the wall sit biceps curl.

Step 3.

Bring your both arms in a straight at the shoulder height with the wall.

Step 4.

Now, your hands from the shoulder to the elbow will remain in the right and left direction of the body, while the part of the elbow to the top of the roof will remain. This way the size of your hand will be the stuff of L shape.

Step 5.

Now move the hands together and bring down together to use dumbbell. In this process, keep the arms just one to two inches away from the wall.

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Wall Sit Bicep Curls.

Wall Sit Bicep Curls
Wall Sit Bicep Curls Image Source: Wall sit bicep curl

Step 1.

Touch the head and back on the wall, but keep both legs about one to two feet away from the wall.

Step 2.

Now hold the dumbbell in both hands and keep the hands in normal condition.

Step 3.

Then slowly come into the chair position and keep the hands loose downwards at normal state.

Step 4.

Now, use dumbbells, but do not shake the part from the shoulder to the elbow, just use the part from the elbow to the hand.

Step 5.

The dumbbell has to be gradually elevated from the bottom.

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Wall Sit Lateral Raise.

Wall Sit Lateral Raise
Wall Sit Lateral Raise Image Source: 10 Wall Sit Benefits – Variations and Guide

Step 1.

Lift the dumps according to the supports in both hands.

Step 2.

Now come to the position with the normal wall sit exercise, i.e., keep the head, back and hip on the wall.

Step 3.

Now, bring both hands together according to the shoulder. Do not let the hands turn in the meantime, keep it straight.

Step 4.

Now, move the hands back down at the same speed.

Step 5.

In this process, there is a need to move hands like flying like a bird.

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Marching Wall Sit.

Marching Wall Sit
Marching Wall Sit Image Source: Wall Sit March

Step 1.

Come into the position with a normal wall sit exercise, i.e., keep the head, back and hip on the wall.

Step 2.

Cross both hands and put it with your chest or you can also place both hands on your thighs.

Step 3.

Now, gently raise one foot about half a feet and keep it back.

Step 4.

Then lift the other foot in the same way and keep it back. Do this initially 30 seconds, then the time can be increased according to the capacity of the body.

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Wall Sit with Raised Heel.

It does not have to remain in the position with normal wall sit exercise.

Sit with Raised Heel
Wall Sit with Raised Heel Image Source: Heel Elevated Wall Sit

Step 1.

Keep your head, back and hip with the wall and make a distance of 2 to 3 feet in both legs and the legs will continue to touch the wall.

Step 2.

Now, sit down completely and stay in this position.

Wall Sit with Resistance Band.
Sit with Resistance Band
Wall Sit with Resistance Band Image Source: Miniband wall sit abductions

It is different from the above three exercise, as it does not require a dumbbell.

Step 1.

Add both legs to the knee in the resistance band (a kind of wide and strong rubber band).

Step 2.

Now come to the position with the normal wall sit exercise, i.e., keep the head, back and hip on the wall.

Step 3.

Now, leave the hands either in a normal state or if you want, put it on your thighs.

Step 4.

Thereafter, try to make both knees out, since your knee has a resistance band, the legs will immediately come into their position. Do initially 30 seconds and then the time can be increased according to the capacity of the body.

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Bottom Line.

Wall sit exercise are an easy exercise and it provide several health benefits. It strengthens many muscle groups as well as the lower part of the body. It also enhances the immunity power of the body.

Anybody can do it and if he or she wants to make it difficult, a number of ways have been suggested above, through which the challenge can be increased. It can be easily included in your daily workout routine.

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  1. Are isometric exercises a good way to build strength?;

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