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Leg Exercise For Runners : Enhance Flexibility With Running

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Public places are still closed due to lockdown. The health of the people is also getting affected. The people who are always active have been in the house for more than two months and their physical activity has also become zero. Many people resorted to running, jogging, yoga, gyms, etc., for fitness. But only yoga and workouts at home are being possible. Therefore, to overcome this problem we will tell you most effective leg exercise for runners.

After Unlock, if someone starts a fitness journey again, he or she may face many problems. Stamina, Endurance and Energy are needed while running. More than two months, now the quality of running will not be the same. Zero activity will cause long distance breathlessness or fatigue.

Continuous practice is necessary to improve running. Some exercise can make you a better runner by constructing small legs of the foot.

It is important that you do the exercise to improve running. This will enable you to easily fix long distances as before a few days later.

5 Leg Exercise For Runners.

1. Straight Leg Deadlifts.

Running is the work of Forward Propulsion. It seems that we are pushing the land backwards with our feet. It has more work of hamstring muscles and glutes muscles.

straight leg deadlift
Straight Leg Deadlift

So, they need to be strengthened. Straight leg deadlift exercise works on both the muscles. It prevent knee bending and take support from the lower back while bending.

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2. Bulgarian Split Squats.

It is a single leg squat, called bulgarian split squat. It puts tension on the lower body.

Bulgarian Split Squats
Bulgarian Split Squats

One foot is in the air and the other on the ground while running. So your feet should be so strong that one of your feet can handle the body weight. You can do the Bulgarian Split Squats with Barbell, Dumbbell or kettlebell.

Come to the position of the image above to do it. First practice without weight, then gradually increase the weight.

3. Side Plank Leg Raises.

Side Plank Leg Raises
Side Plank Leg Raises

The side plank also creates tension on the inner thighs. It also activates glute-muscles. Every step you take is a kinetic chain.

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4. Fire Hydrants.

Fire hydrants are necessary to improve mobility running. Especially when you want to improve your speed and see yourself in the field for a long time.

Fire Hydrants leg exercise for runners
Fire Hydrants

To do this, keep the core tight according to the position shown in the image and raise the foot to 90 degrees by loading it on the knee in the side. Come back to the starting position after holding 2 seconds. This exercise will strengthen the hip muscles.

5. Box Jump leg exercise for runners.

Explosive movement is included in the plyometrics, sometimes called ‘jump training’. It gives more force to your muscles for a shorter time. Box jump is the best warm-up for strength training on leg days.

Box Jump leg exercise for runners
Box Jump

In addition, it can also train the lower body. Can do it on a box or on a bench. When you have to exercise it, you have to stand 1 inch away from the box and jump on the box.

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Bottom Line.

Above mentioned leg exercise for runners with balance diet help you to improve your running. However, you should practice this exercise with proper form and technique to get the maximum benefits.

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