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Yoga and Its Several Health Benefits

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Yoga and Its Several Health Benefits: Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means “connection and union”. It is a cluster or group of physical, psychological and mystical practices. Yoga was first originated in ancient India and they discover its benefits.

We have found many evidence of Yoga in Rigveda and Upanishads.

In India, Swami Vivekananda adopts the yoga tradition at the time of 19th Century. Apart from him several persons in India such as Seetharaman SundaramBishnu Charan GhoshSwami KuvalayanandaSivananda SaraswatiBikram Choudhury and many more were support Yoga.

In 20th century Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya were developed several effective yoga asanas. Thereafter, three of his students developed specific styles of yoga.

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What is Yoga? 

Actually Yoga is more than the physical exercise. It’s a skill of controlling the mind along with the body and it can help you to reform and gloom your characteristic. Yoga provide you internal peace and happiness.

Footnote. Yoga means connection and union, it’s a group of physical and mental practices. Originated in ancient India. Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya along with three of his students develop several styles of yoga.

Classification of Yoga.

Yoga is classified according to its tradition and variety of methods, such as;

In 2nd Century Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra classify yoga in 8 parts based upon its specifications, such as;

Pillars of yogaPatanjali’s Yoga Sutra

Today most of us practice asana (Physical posture) with several positions. It’s a modern form of exercise which is very popular among the common people. Yoga is a vast chapter with different number of exercise. There are different types of yoga and has different benefits. Such as;

Asanas (Sanskrit) Asanas (English) Image
Adho Mukha Vriksh asana Downhill Facing Tree Adho-Mukha-Vrikshasana1
Adho Mukha Shvan asana Downhill Facing Dog Adho mukha shvasana
Anant asana Ananta pose anant asana
Akarna Dhanur asana Shooting bow Akarna Dhanurasana
Ashtanga Namaskara Eight limbed Salute Astanga Namaskara
Ardha Chandr asana Half moon ardha chandra asana
Anjaney asana Curve Moon anjaneyasana Yoga and its benefits
Astavakr asana Eight angled astavakrasana
Bhadr asana Cobbler posture Bhadrasana
Bal asana Child Balasana
Bhairav asana Formidable bhairavasana
Bak asana Arms straight Bakasana
Bhek asana   Frog Bhekasana
Bhujang asana Cobra Bhujan-Asana Sphinx Pose
Bharadvaj asana Bharadvaja curl  Click on the link
Bhujapid asana Arm persistent pose Bhekasana
Bidal asana Cat Bidalasana
Caturanga Dand asana Near to the ground Plank Caturanga
Chakr asana Wheel chakrasana
Dand asana Staff  Dandasana
Durvas asana Durvasa Pose  Click on the link
Dhanur asana Bow dhanurasana
Garbha Pind asana Origin in Womb  Click on the link
Gomukh asana Cow faced gomukha asana
Goraksh asana Cow herd Gorakhashasana
Garud asana Eagle Garudasana1
Hanuman asana Hanuman Pose hanumanasana
Hal asana Plough  Halasana Yoga and its benefits
Jathara Parivartan asana Belly twist Jathara Parivartan asana
Janusirs asana Head to Knee  Janusirsasana
Kapot asana Pigeon  Click on the link
Kaundiny asana Kaundinya Pose yoga for concentration 
Karnapid asana Ear pressing  Click on the link
Kukkut asana Cockerel Pose Click on the link
Kurm asana Tortoise Pose Kurmasana
Kraunch asana Heron Pose Kraunchasana
Lol asana Pendant Pose Lolasana
Mal asana Garland Pose Malasana
Manduk asana Frog Pose


Makar asana Crocodile Pose Makarasana
Matsy asana Fish Pose matsyasana
Matsyendr asana Lord of the Fishes Yoga Poses to Boost Immunity Power
Marichy asana Marichi Pose Marichyasana
Mayur asana Peacock mayurasana
Mukt asana Liberated muktasana
Nav asana Boat naukasana1
Nataraj asana Nataraja Pose natrajasana
Parigh asana Gate Parighasana
Padm asana Lotus padmasana
Parshvakon asana Side angle  Parshvakon asana
Pash asana Noose Noose
Parshvottan asana Intense side stretch Parsvottasana
Pincha Mayur asana Feathered Peacock pincha mayurasana Yoga and its benefits
Paschimot anasana Seated Forward Bend Paschimott Asana
Padottan asana Wide Stance Forward Bend padottasana
Rajakapot asana King Pigeon rajakapotasana
Shalabh asana Locust Shalabasana
Samakon asana Side Splits samakonasana
Shav asana Corpse


Sarvang asana Shoulder Stand Sarvangasana
Siddh asana The Adept Pose siddha asana
Setu Bandha Sarvang asana Shoulder supported bridge setu bandhasana
Shirsh asana Headstand Pose Shirshasana
Sukh asana Easy sukhasana
Simh asana Lion Simhasana
Supta Vir asana Reclined hero Suptavirasana
Surya Namaskar Sun Salute Surya namaskar
Svastik asana Lucky mark Swastikasana
Supta Padangusth asana Big toe supine padangustha
Tad asana Mountain pose


Trikon asana Triangle pose Trikonasana
Trivikram asana Standing splits   Click on the link
Tittibh asana Firefly   Click on the link
Tul asana Balance Tulasana
Upavishta Kon asana Open Angle Upavistha konasana
Ushtr asana Camel pose Ushtrasana
Utkat asana Powerful utkatasana
Urdhva Mukha Shavasana Rising Facing Dog Bhujan-Asana
Uttan asana Vertical Forward Bend Uttanasana
Utthita Hasta padangusth asana Standing BigToe Hold Utthita hasta padangustha Yoga and its benefits
Vajr asana Thunderbolt vajrasana
Viparita Dand asana Inverted Staff Viprita Dandasana
Vasisht asana Side plank Vasishtasana
Uttanapad asana Legs up the wall uttanapadasana
Viparita Virabhadr asana Inverted Warrior Viparita Virabhadr Asana 
Virabhadr asana I Warrior I Virabhadrasana I
Virabhadr asana II Warrior II virabhadrasana2
Vriksh asana Tree pose vikrasana Yoga and its benefits
Vrischik asana Scorpion pose   Click on the link
Vir asana Hero Virasana
Yoganidr asana Yogic sleep   Click on the link

Benefits of Yoga for Men. 

Yoga can be a game changer for you. It help you to take decision with clarity and make you a better person. You can take it as a fun and challenge.  

Practicing Yoga in regular basis have several health benefits including physical and mental such as;

  • Improved flexibility and decrease rigidity.
  • Better muscle strength.
  • Improve joint health.(1)
  • Improve heart muscle.(2)
  • Reduce stress and give relaxation.
  • Tone every corner of muscle.
  • Improve bone health.
  • Enhanced breathing, energy and strength.
  • Control blood sugar.
  • Improve metabolism.(3)
  • Effective for Weight loss.
  • Increase blood circulation.
  • Boost your immunity power.
  • Boost oxygen supply in the blood.
  • Prevent disease.
  • Improve internal organs.
  • Provide peace of mind.
  • Upgraded athletic enactment.
  • Provide better sleep.(4)
  • Increase core strength.
  • Control blood pressure.
Footnote. Practicing yoga in regular basis have many valuable health as well as mental benefits such as it Improve heart health, Improve metabolism and Increase your immunity power etc.



Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What are the advantages or benefits of yoga or Benefits of yoga in improving health?

Here are the topmost 22 advantages or benefits of yoga,

  • Better muscle strength.
  • Improve joint health.
  • Upgraded athletic enactment.
  • Improve heart health.
  • Increase core strength.
  • Time Efficient.
  • Boost oxygen supply in the blood.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Increase blood circulation.
  • Reduce cholesterol level.
  • Enhanced breathing, energy and strength.
  • Control blood pressure.
  • Improve bone health.
  • Prevent disease.
  • Improve internal organs.
  • Provide peace of mind.
  • Improved flexibility and decrease rigidity.
  • Reduce stress and give relaxation.
  • Reduce Age Signs.
  • Boost your immunity power.
  • Provide better sleep.
  • Improve metabolism and support weight loss.

2. What are the advantages of Bikram Yoga?

Doing Bikram Yoga in regular basis have several health benefits, here are the 13 advantages of Bikram yoga;

  • Increase strength.
  • Improves flexibility,
  • Increase endurance level.
  • Improves balance.
  • Prevents chronic illnesses.
  • Prevent injuries.
  • Effective for Weight loss.
  • Tone muscles.
  • Sculpting your body
  • Improves posture.
  • Promotes better sleep.
  • Provide peace of mind.
  • Improve breathing quality.

3. Advantages of yoga in meditation?

Several posture in yoga helps you in meditation. Here are the 8 advantages of yoga in meditations;

  • It keeps your mind sharp and clear.
  • Improve mental calmness;
  • Increases body awareness.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Relieves chronic stress patterns;
  • It relieves stress and improves overall health.
  • Relaxes the mind.
  • Improve attention and focus.

4. What are the advantages of power yoga?

Here are the 13 benefits or advantage of power yoga, such as;

  • Increase flexibility.
  • Promotes stamina.
  • Strengthen muscles and joints.
  • Beneficial for weight loss.
  • Improve posture.
  • Strengthens your bones.
  • Improve body balance.
  • Boost immunity power.
  • Strengthen heart muscle.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Strengthens your body.
  • Reduce belly fat.
  • Rejuvenate mind and body.

5. Is yoga good for my health?

Yes, practicing yoga in regular basis with balanced diet gives you several positive health benefits. It does not required any professional trainer or experience. Person with any age can earn lots of health benefits with the help of yoga.

Bottom Line.

Practicing yoga can bring a positive change in your life. Person with any age group can maintain a healthy lifestyle with the help of yoga. It’s have several health benefits as mentioned above.

In modern lifestyle it is a very efficient way of exercise. You can practice yoga at your home without the help of any advance equipment and trainer. For your comfort you may use a mat and flexible cloth such as trousers.

However, without balance nutrition yoga lost his effectiveness. So, you must have follow a healthy diet to get the full effectiveness and health benefits of of yoga.

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