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Amazing Health Benefits of Prithvi Mudra

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“Prithvi Mudra”, is one of the effective mudra, which was practiced from ancient time. It increases the earth element inside of our body and also reduce the fire element, so it is also called the fire sedative mudra. It is also known as Gesture of the Earth. Prithvi mudra is effective to increase the healing process. This mudra enhances the immunity of our body, which protect us from disease. Let learn the procedure and health benefits of prithvi mudra.

Prithvi Mudra Meaning.

Prithvi mudra is a Sanskrit word consisting of two words in which the Prithvi means “Earth” and mudra means “gesture”. The prithvi mudra reduces the fire element of the body. Therefore, it is also called fire-sedative mudra. In this mudra, the anamika finger (ring finger), which is related to the Earth element is pressurized, which helps in heal many physical problems such as dizziness and weakness etc.

How To Do Prithvi Mudra?

It is very ancient mudra and very easy and simple to do. Lets learn the method in detail according to order.

Prithvi Mudra
Steps to do Prithvi Mudra
  • First of all, take a yoga mat at a clean place.
  • Then sit in Padmaasan or Sukhasan and keep your rid bone straight.
  • Keep your body in a comfortable position and keep the breath normal.
  • Straighten your two hands and place it on both of your knees.
  • Then mix the anamika (ring finger) of your two hands with the tip of the thumb, the knuckle of the ring finger (the upper portion of tip of the finger).
  • Close the eyes and start to concentrate while breathing.
  • Stay in this position for 30 to 45 minutes.
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Health Benefits of Prithvi Mudra.

It is beneficial for our body in several ways and also effective to treat various types of disease. Let’s see health benefits of prithvi mudra;

Prithvi Mudra Removes Physical Weakness.

Regular practice improve body strength. It basically increase the strength of the tissues, as the earth is considered to be the main component of bones, nails, muscles, flesh and many internal organs. It reduces the fire element in our body, fills the earth element and eradicate physical weakness from the body.

Prithvi Mudra for Weight Gain.

The prithvi mudra is just opposite to the fire posture. The fire posture is used to reduce the weight of the body by generating heat. While the prithvi mudra helps to increase the weight of the body. People who are underweight and want to increase their weight can easily increase their weight with this mudra. Because, it increase the Earth element in the body, which assist to increase the body weight.

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Prithvi Mudra Protects Against Diseases.

Increasing earth element boost immunity power of the body, which fight against various types of diseases. It also protect us from osteoporosis, osteomalacia, excretion, jaundice, fever, hyperthyroidism, inflammatory diseases, stomach, intestinal ulcers, ulcers in mouth, irritation in the eyes, stomach (acidity), urine, anus, hands, feet, head, skin rashes, delicate nails, paralysis and fractures etc.

Prithvi Mudra for Mental Development.

Meanwhile, physical development also improves mental strength. This posture makes both the body and mind more stable and concentrated. Improves confidence, relieves confusion, anxiety and fear etc. It calms our mind and enhances the memory that helps us to remember anything for a long time.

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Prithvi Mudra for Hair Growth.

Prithvi mudra helps in our physical development, so it also develops all the organs associated with the body. Since, our hair is also connected to our body, this posture helps in regeneration of hair with certain pressure of the finger. By doing this posture, the production of cells is increased to a certain level, it prevents hair loss, premature whitening of hair and also helps in hair growth, so that hair starts to grow faster.

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Prithvi Mudra Time And Duration.

The best time to practice this yoga is during the sunrise in the morning, it can be done even during the evening. It should not practice until half an hour after eating. You have to sit for 15 to 20 minutes and should be done 2-3 times a day or you can sit at once for 30 to 45 minutes.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits there are few other health benefits of Prithvi mudra. They are;

  • Almost everyone can practice this mudra.
  • It helps to increase concentration.
  • Relieves hypertension due to stress.
  • It increases physical efficiency, so that you can work for a long time without being tired.
  • The practice of this mudra leads to significant changes in the internal subtle elements, which leads to generosity by erasing the narrowness of thoughts.
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In addition to the above, it is helpful in addressing many problems such as;

  • Weakness.
  • Weight Loss.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Poliomyelitis.
  • Dry skin.
  • Hair loss.
  • Eye irritation.
  • Stomach gas.
  • Burning sensation of urination.
  • Burning sensation in the anus.
  • Jaundice.
  • Fever.
  • Burning sensation in the hands.
  • Ulcers in mouth and stomach etc.

Precautions of Prithvi Mudra.

  • If you have pain in your groin, you may have difficulty in keeping the rid bone upright for a longer period of time, so you should do it for a short period of time.
  • This mudra should be done for at least one hour after eating.
  • Before practicing this posture, take some deep breaths then keep your breath normal during practice.
  • It should be practiced with both hands.
  • There should be mild pressure between the touching fingers.
  • Keep the other remaining three fingers appropriately.
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Frequently Asked Questions. 

1. How to avoid weight gain in using Prithvi Mudra? 

To avoid weight gain while practicing prithvi mudra you can easily avoid gain by maintaining proper balanced diet which must consist micro and macro nutrients. However, if you are physically capable you can also include some light and moderate exercise in your daily routine to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

Bottom Line.

Therefore, here you know the amazing health benefits of prithvi mudra. This is the mudra through which man and woman can take their life in new direction toward fitness. Doing this mudra regularly, gives you the power by which you can easily perform your daily act and use your energy properly, your day becomes pleasant. This is a posture that you can do anywhere about 10-15 minutes. So, do it and give new impetus to your life.

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