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Effective Body Wrap Treatment to Weight Loss and Glowing Skin

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Whether you are enjoying a spa day yet or you are not yet to experience an embellished body sheet, you need to know about the indulgence spa treatments in this guide. We will define what body wrap treatment is, variety of treatments and there potential health and beauty benefits.

These days, the body is trending in the wrap market. This new beauty treatment is no less than a magic for women. Body Wrap treatment helps in reducing fat and toning the body and bringing glow to the skin.

What is Body Wrap Treatment?

A body wrap is also known as ‘Body Mask’. It is a spa treatment that enhances the health and appearance of the skin or it is beneficial to reduce weight.

Before wrapped in cotton or plastic film, nutritious oil or mineral formula is applied to the limbs and torso. It extract dirt, toxins and excess water from the skin.

Most of the wraps are applied on the entire body (except face and genital area) and often some are applied alone in particular areas such as cellulite and bust wraps.

It cleans your dead skin and the body creates new healthy cells. This makes your skin not only clean but also soft. A lot of moisture on the skin makes your skin shine.

Benefits of Body Wrap Treatment.

Body wrap treatment can provide many health and beauty benefits. Benefits may vary depending upon the types of wrap chosen. However, some common benefits are;

Body Wrap Treatment for Weight Loss.

Wounds wrapped with detoxifying ingredients have been strongly combined with wounds, allowing you to take out any excess water and toxins and even tighten your skin. It can temporarily improve the shape of your body and make you lose your excessive weight.

Body Wrap Treatment for Detoxification.

The characteristic of the body wrapping algae, seaweed, sludge or soil is that metabolism can help to get rid of the body toxins through skin cell stimulation. As skin is the largest organ of the body (approx area is about 20 square feet), detoxification of the epidermis layer of the skin made a significant impact on your health and overall well-being.

Body Wrap Treatment for Removal of Dead Skin.

In the wrap treatment with the exfoliation stage, dead skin cells will appear to be boiling, giving you smooth compaction top-two and tottering glow. You may choose a body polish before the treatment, if exfoliation is not included as part of your treatment.

Body Wrap Treatment for Exhaustive Moisturization.

A large amount of wraps contain moisturizing ingredients to hydrate, nourish and lubricate your skin for improvement.

Body Wrap Treatment for Moderation.

Once you are completely coated with your aesthetician, you will be left to rest for 30 minutes. This will give you several mental and physical benefits.

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Types of Body Wrap Treatment.

More than 500 different body wrap treatments are available. Some of the popular body wrap treatments include;

Bust Wrap.

This treatment looks at a tightening and strengthening serum planted on the bust area before wrapping. This treatment is designed to tone and moisturize any loose or sagging skin as a result of rapid weight loss or natural aging process.

Algae Body Wrap.

This treatment applies to a nutritious, hot algae which jump start cell metabolism and aid detoxification on your skin.

Thalasso Body Wrap.

Thalasso body wrap is quite like a mud cover and is also available in a huge spa. This treatment is where seaweed and seawater and the combination of algae is applied to the skin before wrapping it, making your skin feel fresh, hydrated and firm.

Cellulite Treatment Wrap.

A cellulite treatment wrap is designed to promote circulation and remove toxins from your skin and underlying fat cells. These wraps usually target the bottom, hip and thigh area for a smooth, bump-free appearance.

Chocolate Body Wrap.

Chocolate is known for its anti-aging, toning and softening properties. This heavenly fragrant body cover has a cocoa rich formula on your skin. Ideal for silky and smooth skin.

Frigi-Thalgo Body Wrap.

It is a kind of cryotherapy treatment, which treats your feelings of discomfort and fatigue in the legs and give them a new lease of life and more efficient figure. It is ideal for anyone suffering from painful, heavy legs or excess fluid retention in the thigh area.

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Detoxing and Mineralizing Body Wrap.

The purpose of these stimulant coverings is to remove toxins, exclude impurities and replace important minerals. Natural ingredients such as algae, seaweed and soil are used in this treatment. These are great kick starts for healthy living governance.

Herbal Body Wrap.

This dead skin cell destroying treatment sees a selection of herbs, chosen for their nutritional properties and mixed with essential oils and dipped in very warm water. The cloth sheet is soaked in a solution until they are around the body.

Slimming Body Wrap.

Slimming body wrap is specifically designed to clean, tone and tighten the skin, resulting in a better contour. Up to 10 inches can be lose throughout the body, although the results of treatment are usually temporary. Treatments include wrapping up tight minerals, while concentrated minerals serve their magic.

Oil Body Wrap.

An oil body wrap is prepared to moisturize and hydrate the skin using an essential oil or a mixture of essential oils, which is heated before wrapping and applied to the skin. These body wraps can be especially beneficial for dry, dehydrated skin that lacks moisture.

Hydrating Body Wrap.

Such wraps are designed to hydrate the body, which uses top of the range creams and gels, which are left to sink into the skin. A hydrating body wrap is especially beneficial during the winter season, when bad weather are hamper your skin.

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Clay Body Wraps.

Therapeutic mud and clay have an anti-stress stuffs, hence its making these wrap treatment popular in the spas. During this treatment, your aesthetician will plant a layer of therapeutic sludge or soil on the skin. Then they will massage it lightly before wrapping it, making you feel neat, detoxified and firm from head to toe.

Parafango Wrap.

A parafango wrap contains a mixture of cold therapeutic soil and hot paraffin wax that is applied to the skin. This unique blend creates a formula that can stimulate your lymph flow, thereby getting rid of your skin more efficiently with toxins and excess water.

Paraffin Body Wrap.

It wraps the unique, skin-softening body with warm paraffin wax that is applied to the skin. Bandages or wraps are used in this treatment, as the wax forms its seal once it is dried. This particular body cover can help to reduce muscle pain and soothe the symptoms of arthritis.

Stages of Body Wrap Treatment.

Treatments may vary depending on the spa you choose and the type of treatment you choose. To know about the exact details of your selected body wrap, you can contact to your selected spa or visit to their website for more information.

Usually, body wrap treatment consists of the following stages:

Step 1. Undress.

Before your body wrap can start, you need to undress. This will depend on the type of treatment you choose, as some bodies only engage about the upper or lower half. For a full body wrap, you will need to unload your underwear or turn it into a bikini.

Step 2. Exfoliation.

People who have selected a treatment containing exfoliation will first encourage their doctor to remove the dead skin cell through dry brushing or using gently abrasive scrub. Exfoliation can help to overcome many skin problems and increase blood circulation, allowing you to find silky smooth, healthy and glowing skin.

Step 3. Rinse.

This step will only be necessary if your chosen treatment includes the exfoliation stage. After leaving a body, you need to rinse before proceeding to the next stage. Unless there is a vichy shower above your treatment table, you can be placed in a separate room to rinse.

Step 4. Formula App and Body Wrapping.

Now is the time for the main program – wrap the body itself! Your aesthetician will apply an oil or mineral rich formula to your body, wrapping each area with a cloth or plastic film before moving to the next part. When fully wrapped, some hot towels can also be placed on you to boost sweating and open the pores.

Step 5. Now Relax.

Once your aesthetician has completed the wrapping phase, it’s time to relax! Depending on the spa you are going to, you may be left alone while working the magic of the treatment or you can choose a head massage or similar treatment until you wait.

Step 6. Unwrapping.

While the wrap has been left to the specified length, your aesthetician will remove the wrap and take you to a separate shower where you will be able to rinse yourself. Make sure not to use any cleansing product when it is rinsing can take away your skin of the oils and minerals applied during treatment.

Step 7. Lock in Moisture.

At the end of your treatment, your aesthetician will apply a final moisturizer or body oil to protect the skin. This will help to lock in all the goodness of those selected oils and minerals and leave you with beautiful gentle skin.

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Body Wrap Treatment At Home.

Now you may be thinking that you have to spend a lot of money in an expert or expensive parlour for these beauty treatment. But it is not so. You can also easily take this beauty treatment of Body Wrap treatment at your home.

This home recipe of Body Wrap treatment is very easy. Let’s tell you just how aloe vera will work together from increasing your facial brightness to reducing body weight.

Requirement for Body Wraps.

Aloe Vera Gel- ½ cup, bentonite clay- 1/2 cup, Powdered Seaweed – ¼ cup, sea salt- 2 tbsp, warm water- 2 tbsp, plastic wrap.

Take ½ cups aloe vera gel in a bowl, ½ cups bentonite clay, ¼ cups of powdered seaweed and 2 tablespoons of sea salt. Then add warm water and make 2 tablespoon smooth paste. Keep in mind that the paste is neither smooth nor thick.

You can now put the paste that you have prepared for the body wrap on the whole body and face with the help of hands or brushes. Then wrap the plastic on the whole body.

Plastic wrap creates pressure on the body so that the mixture is well absorbed in the skin but do not wrap your face. Then leave for 30 minutes until the mixture dries up. Then take a shower with fresh water and dry the body with towels and put the body lotion.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How long will the results of body wrap treatment last?

Whether you’re body wrap to lose inches, reduce cellulite, help skin disease or simply treat a pampered one, you can expect results from a few days to a week. However, regularly going through your chosen wrap treatment and adopting a healthy lifestyle can help to train your skin and body over time, giving you very long-lasting results.

2. What should you wear during body wrap treatment?

For your spa therapist to wrap your body, you’ll need to take off your underwear or turn it into a bikini. Guests may offer disposable underwear to prevent damage to clothing.

If you’re worried about your body performance, be sure to talk to employees at your selected spa before your trip.

Bottom Line.

Very few women know about Body Wrap Treatment. This will not only bring glow to your skin but also burn your body fat.

Increasing pollution and poor routines are not only fading your skin colour but also increasing your weight. If you want to get back the glow of your skin and also reduce your weight, body wrap treatment will help you a lot.

With their help of body wrap treatment you can detoxify, firm and tone your skin. It is the reason that body wrap treatment is most popular in worldwide.

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