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Amazing GFC Therapy For Hair Loss : Is It Really Safe Than PRP?

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Non-surgical transformation is now at the forefront of the beauty industry providing a high level of success with the latest scientific techniques and products. Treatments that use our body’s own healing factors have long been used to heal the skin, treat lines and wrinkles, prevent hair loss and restore hair and provide a healthy glow to the skin. Modern Growth Factor Concentrate therapy or GFC therapy for hair loss is one of them.

What Is GFC Therapy?

Growth factor concentrate therapy (GFC) is a novel treatment recently introduced to treat patients with hair loss and rejuvenate skin. It is an advanced form of PRP to achieve better and more effective results. This therapy is one step ahead of normal PRP therapy.

How Is GFC Therapy Different From PRP?

Growth factor concentrate therapy is pure, safe and highly concentrated growth factor fabrication prepared from the patients’ own blood.

In this therapy instead of giving platelets, high concentration of patients’ own growth aspects are extracted from platelets is given.

Basically GFC is injected directly into the scalp or skin & your own growth factors are delivered to a higher concentration. Procedure of GFC is as follows;

Step 1: Collection of blood – The blood of the patients is collected in the GFC tubes.

Step 2: Activation of platelets & release of growth factors – Now, gently the blood is mixed & the tubes are kept for 30 minutes. It activates and releases all growth factors such as PDGF, VEGF, EGF & IGF-1 from α-granules in platelets.

Step 3: Separation of GFC – Centrifugation is performed at 3400 rpm for 10 min.

Step 4: Collection of GFC – This is done by inverting the tube. Collected above 6-8 ml.

Step 5: Application – The collected GFC is now ready for use in the chosen area.

Treatment Protocol.

GFC therapy consists of 3 sessions that are performed at an interval of 1 month. A GFC kit is usable for only one sitting of a patient.

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GFC Hair Treatment Benefits.

1) There is no platelet waste during the process and high concentrations are extracted.

2) Completely acellular and reduces the risk of pain and inflammation.

3) The serum extracted by the process has outstanding stability for 8 hrs at room temperature.

4) Simple and effective procedure with a low risk of any complication.

5) No danger of contamination. Indications during the process

6) Patients with pattern baldness show excellent results in response to GFC therapy irrespective of their gender.

7) GFC therapy helps a lot in reducing hair loss.

8) GFC therapy rejuvenates the skin by renewing the texture and elasticity of the skin.

9) The procedure helps in reducing the marks of melasma and acne with the help of skin rejuvenation and spread of growth factors in the injected area.

How Does GFC Therapy Work?

There are a variety of treatments and growth factors in our blood.

Blood collection – Blood is collected from the patient like any other blood test.

Separation of growth factors – It is centrifuged using advanced techniques to ensure maximum growth factor concentrate (GFC).

Treatment Area Microinjection– This concentrated growth factor solution (CGFT) is then applied to the face and scalp using microinjection.

Comfortable, safe and effective. Many scientific studies have shown this therapy to be far better and comfortable than traditional PRPs.

GFC Therapy
GFC Therapy Image Source: GFC Treatment for Hairloss! 

Areas of GFC Therapy.

Treatment areas with GFC therapy are includes;

  • Face (Plasma Glow Therapy).
  • Fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Collagen production for hardened, toned skin.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Overall rejuvenation and brightness.
  • Hair (Plasma Growth Therapy).
  • Rejuvenation of hair follicles.
  • Less hair loss.
  • Improve hair thickness and strength.
  • Stimulation of hair growth.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Is GFC Better Than Traditional PRP?

Many studies conducted internationally have shown the concentration of stem cell growth factors in the GFC far better than that of PRP, which when extracted contains few unwanted cells.

The number of sessions and the downtime requirement are also very high when it comes to PRP while the results of GFC are optimal and are observed with fewer sessions.

Last but not least, the pain and swelling, about which a lot of clients complain about PRP, is very low with GFC and the response of the clients suggests that the treatment was very comfortable.

2. What Is Involved In The Process?

Your doctor will assess your needs and advise the right treatment after an in-depth analysis. Blood is then collected and growth factors are activated and separated using a special technique to ensure high concentrations. This CGFS (Concentrated Growth Factor Solution) rich in regenerative properties is then injected lightly into areas where the treatment is required.

3. Is GFC Hair Treatment Effective?

The GFC is pure, fully acellular, autologous, safe and effective. According to several patients single application of GFC is very much effective and fruitful.

4. What are the Possible Side Effects of GFC Therapy?

Since the GFC is pure and contains no RBCs or WBCs (unwanted cells), the risk of pain & inflammation caused by GFC is too minimal. The reactions are usually injection related and have mild to moderate effects. These usually resolve approx in 7 days or less.

5. How Long Does The GFC Treatment Last?

It totally depending on the severity of your situation, you may need 4 to 6 sessions. The results are long lasting and may require a single maintenance session in every 2-3 months. Doctor will prepare a plan with you to ensure the optimal results.

6. What kind of results should I expect? How much will it be worth?

Visible results will appear within a few sessions depending on the area of treatment or your condition. This treatment is very economical despite the fact that it is a much better therapy than PRP.

Bottom Line.

GFC therapy is the result of research and progress in the medical field. Due to modern lifestyle there has been a rapid increase in the above disorders. These disorders not only affect the skin but also have an impact on the mentality of the person. Advanced PRP or GFC is important for aesthetics as well as overall skin health.

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  1. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections;

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