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2468 Diet : Results, Meal Plan & Does It Really Work

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Online marketplaces and search engines are full of various weight loss diets. A new entry into these diets is the 2468 diet. It’s a calorie-based eating plan. Can it really help you to lose 10 pounds per month? In fact, you certainly can, but only at the expense of your health. Lets see what it is actually, how it works?

The 2468 diet is another fad diet plan that is popular among those who want to lose weight faster. The 2468 diet is a highly calorie deficit-based diet. It uses a cycle that usually repeats for 50 days.

  • The cycle is exactly the same as it is named.
  • 1st day 200 calories a day.
  • 2nd day 400 calories.
  • 3rd day 600 calories.
  • 4th day 800 calories.
  • And then repeat.

There are many diet programs that help you to lose weight. But such diets are also very risky for your health. The 2468 diet is an example of accelerated weight loss programs. This is for those who want to lose weight immediately.

How Does This 2468 Diet Work?

The number represents the amount of 2468 calories that you should consume in 4 days. On the first day you will be instructed to eat 200 calories, 400 calories on the second day, 600 calories on the third day and 800 calories on the fourth day. The process is repeated to your liking.

Another variety of 2468 includes 0246, 020406, and 02040608, but the original 2468 diet is the most successful. By repeating the process, falling from 800 calories to 200 calories will accelerate your metabolism and cause a heavy weight loss in your body. On average a person on this diet can only be able to lose 10 pounds of weight per month.

The truth is that all the weight you lose overnight is just the weight of water or the weight of the muscles and not the fat.

Limiting the amount of calories may be very dangerous and may cause eating disorder in the long run.(1) The amount of calories prescribed in this diet is within the range of starvation, leading to muscle weight loss, a lack of vitamins and minerals, and a craving for high-calorie foods in your brain.

Generally, when you limit your calorie intake within the starvation range, your metabolism slows down significantly. The process of slowing down your metabolism is a natural response of your body so that your body can use calories efficiently.

However, the 2468 diet dodges your metabolism by stating that your metabolism is still high and in fact, you are still losing weight. In fact, you’re only increasing the chances of organ failure and putting your body weight at risk.

The safest way to lose your desired weight is not to reduce the amount of calories, but to provide your body with the proper amount of nutrients you need for it.

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Does 2468 Diet Work?

Based on restrictive calories it definitely causes weight loss. You’ll receive about 3300 calories on average in the normal one-week cycle of the diet. If you assume that you need an average of 1500 calories to maintain weight under a normal active lifestyle (10,500 per week), you can see how little this diet is.

The net result is a weekly deficit of about 7000 calories that would be equivalent to 2 pounds per week or 8 pounds per month.

2468 Diet Plan And Menu.

If you want to understand what it is, here’s an example of a food program you can try to follow.

Day 1 (200 calories).

Breakfast: 1 egg white part is cooked as an omelet, tea.

Lunch: 340 grams of raspberries.

Dinner: 1 part of celery.

Day 2 (400 calories).

chicken soup

Breakfast: 25 cl fresh fruit juice, a piece of whole bread or a whole muffin.

Lunch: 1 small bowl of soup, 1 small portion of salad prepared with vinegar.

Dinner: 225 gm of grilled fish, 170 gm of peas.

Day 3 (600 calories).

Breakfast: 28 grams of cereals, 25 cl. skimmed milk, 170 grams of raspberries.

Lunch: 255 grams of frozen yogurt, half a banana, 1 tbsp wheat germs.

Dinner: 85 grams of boiled or grilled fish, 340 grams of cups of broccoli, 170 grams of brown rice.

Day 4 (800 calories).

Breakfast: 28 grams of cereals, 25 cl. skimmed milk, 170 grams of raspberries.

Lunch: 60 grams of canned salmon, 170 grams of broccoli, orange.

Dinner: 85 gm of chicken, 170 gm of pasta & 340 gm of spinach.

Does 2468 Diet Leads To Weight Loss?

Results of weight loss in this diet is minus 5 – 8 kg for 12 days. And this happens because the body is constantly under stress, because the habitual diet for it changes every day. At the same time, the body is not used to the calories intake. They don’t have time to adjust, which means metabolism improves. This boost up the process of burning fat.

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2468 Diet Pros And Cons.


  • Can produce short-term weight loss. This is strictly due to calorie restriction. Because it’s a routine that will be difficult for you to maintain for a long time.


  • An unhealthy diet plan. That’s to say the least. It can harm your health. The longer you stay on the diet, the greater the risk.
  • There will be a possibility of prolonged weight gain due slowdown in metabolism. Losing too calories often causes this problem.
  • Very low in calories.
  • Fatigue, headaches, irritability and other health problems can occur.
  • It is very difficult to stick. Eating less will be very challenging for you.
  • Near to hunger.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How Long Is The Diet?

There is really no time set for this diet but it is usually done for 6-8 weeks.

2. What To Eat On The 2468 Diet?

The 2468 diet itself does not decide which foods you can or cannot eat. Instead, it focuses only on calories. In theory, you can consume your entire day’s calories in chocolate, but it’s obviously a non-nutritious way to meet your goals and certainly not recommended.

3. How Many Meals You May Have Per Day On A 2468 Diet?

There is no definite limit to this diet. Instead the focus is on total daily calories intake. If you put your food into many small meals, you will not only feel better during the day, but it’s also a healthier way.

4. What About Nutrition?

Unfortunately the 2468 diet does not focus on nutrition and is only focused on calories. Try to eat as many healthy calories as possible. If you eat simple carbs (such as white bread), you’ll get a temporary spike, but will soon feel very hungry, and you don’t get too many calories from this diet, so use them wisely.

5. Is The 2468 Diet Dangerous?

Any diet that advocates such extreme calorie deficiency cannot be considered safe.

6. What Do You Do When You Finish It?

It’s important to resume a normal, healthy diet. The biggest problem (apart from the health effects) is that people often lose weight. It is important to find the right balance in your lifestyle to maintain your desired weight.

7. How Can You Track The Progress?

You can track your actual calories consumed using various sites or apps available online. To keep track of your actual 2468 diet, you can also make a log sheet to keep the track.

8. Are There Any Bad Side Effects?

Yes! this diet is extreme and can be dangerous. Calorie deficiency is very high, no attention is paid to nutrition thus results are very risks. Eating such a diet can promote or trigger your eating disorder. We strongly recommend that you look for less extreme options, learn about healthy eating and a moderate diet.

9. Why Should You Care About Nutrition?

2468 Diet is not nutritious and is problematic. Continuous malnutrition can lead to fatigue, hair loss and even organ failure.

Bottom Line.

Do not use this diet under any circumstances! It’s not just healthy. This can produce a short-term weight loss but maintaining it will prove to be very challenging. In order to actually lose weight you need to make real changes in your habits and lifestyle. This diet doesn’t teach you to make that change. It’s just a fake way.

If you want to lose weight without exercise, but do it healthy and slowly, try the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet. This is a more sensible plan and it can give more lasting results than the 2468 diet.

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  1. Eating Disorders: About More Than Food

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