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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint Diet- A Fat Loss Nutrition

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What is Blueprint Diet?

The Blueprint Diet, is also known as low carbs diet with high fat and protein. In this diet, the intake of carbohydrates are minimal and the quantity of fat and protein are more.

When we consume more carbohydrates, it produce excessive glucose and insulin in the body, which causes more fat. Therefore, the use of carbohydrate-rich foods is prohibited in the blueprint diet. Instead of that, blueprint diet focus more on healthy fats like butter, coconut oil, etc. This diet produces ketone in the liver and consumption of fats provides energy to the body. This complete process is known as Ketosis.

If you look at a figure, the blueprint diet consist about 70 per cent of fat, 25 per cent of protein and only 5 per cent of carbohydrates. The whole process seems easy to see, but it is considered very difficult to adopt.

How Blueprint Diet Works?

We all know our body gets energy from carbs but in this diet since less carbs are taken therefore, fat acts as a fuel to give energy in the body.

When you eat more carbs, your body breaks them and converts them into glucose and are burned during any physical activity and the rest of the glucose are stored as body fat, so it gradually make you obese.

Conversion of carbs to glucose is the easiest thing for your body. Therefore, you have to reduce this glucose to lose weight. Since glucose is made from carbs, so it simply means you have to cut the amount of carbs.

When you stop taking carbs in blueprint diet, then your body will produce energy is from the stored fat.

In this case, ketones start forming in your liver and your body reaches the keto stage and it burns the secondary energy source i.e. fat and gives you energy, because it triggers the body to use the fat for energy.

Through this diet you will burn the fat in a positive way which aids in weight loss. At the same time, it is important to take protein, because it will prevent the muscle break.

Footnote. Less amount of carbs are being consumed. High fat and protein are taken in greater extent due to which ketones starts forming in the liver. Fat acts as fuel in this diet.
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Benefits of Blueprint Diet.

There are many benefits of Blueprint Diet. Which are;

Cholesterol:  Improves triglyceride levels and also improve cholesterol levels.

Lose Weight: Your body burns stored fat, as a result you reduce your excessive weight.

Mental Concentration: It has also been found that people who follow this diet increase their concentration and attention. Because our brain remains more active due to the intake of high fat diet.

Blood Sugar: This diet helps in eliminating diseases like LDL cholesterol deficiency and type-2 diabetes.

Energy: This diet gives you better energy. Healthy fats provides you prolong energy even after exercise or other physical activities.

Loss of Appetite: Shortly after a blueprint diet, a person starts feeling less hungry.

Acne: If you do this diet for 12 weeks, your pimples and skin will not get inflamed.

Footnote. There are many benefits of Blueprint diet. It helps in improving cholesterol, aids in weight loss, provides energy etc.

Consequences of Blueprint Diet.

Taking less carbohydrate in the blueprint diet causes some problems in your body like:


Less intake of whole grain will significantly reduce the fiber in your body. Therefore, it can cause problems in bowel movement.

Now you must be thinking how to add fiber because fiber is not found in meat, chicken, eggs, oil etc. So, you should add green vegetables in your diet, which contains high amount of fiber. Such as spinach, fenugreek, lettuce, cucumber, gourd and mint etc.

Minerals and Vitamins.

By fewer intakes of grains, your body will not get many minerals and vitamins and then all of them will be deficient in your body. Therefore, it is needed to add multivitamin tablets to your diet.


When the amount of carbs in your body is less, then your body will not hold the water, because you should know that one gram of carbohydrate holds 3 grams of water and when there is no carbs in the body, then there will be a shortage of water. So keep in mind that in such a situation, drink at least 10 glasses of water throughout the day.


After starting the Blueprint Diet, your metabolism changes, you may face some temporary healthy problems, which will only last 5-7 days.

Due to which you will feel very hungry, laziness, fatigue etc. For this, you have to mentally prepare yourself and as a result it will work quite well.

Follow this diet for 1-3 months only, then come back to your normal diet plan and then after some time you can repeat this diet according to your goals.

Footnote. Due to fewer intakes of carbs in the diet it causes problems especially in bowel movement. After 5-7 days when body gets adjust everything works fine.
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What to Eat in Blueprint Diet?

In a blueprint diet, you have to keep the most attention, because if you eat something wrong in the middle, then you can come out from ketosis state. In this diet you have to eat those things which are consist high fat and low carbs and medium protein. For example, nuts, seeds, olive oil, chicken, mutton, green vegetables, almonds, cashews, peanuts, cheese, cream, butter, walnuts and coconut oil etc.

Footnote. Food choice should be done carefully. Any wrong choice of foods can hamper your goal.

What Should Avoid to Eat in Blueprint Diet?

You should avoid to eat fruits (apple, banana, pineapple, orange, sweet lime and grapes etc.), potatoes, bread, lentils, gram, wheat, sugar, yogurt and milk etc. Because these contains a lot of carbohydrates.

Footnote. Carbohydrates rich foods should be avoid.

Sample Meal Plan.

This diet has 5 Meal Plan. This meal plan is popular as it is followed by a great Body Builder Arnold Schwarzenegger. Meals are as follows;

Meal 1.

3-4 eggs.

2 pieces of Bacon.

2 slices of Brown Bread.

Meal 2.

Grilled fish or red meat of 10 ounces.

1 cup of vegetables on the side.

Meal 3.

1 Glass of Protein Shake – 2 scoops with whole milks.

Meal 4.

Grilled Lean Meat 12 ounces.

2 cups of vegetables on side.

Meal 5.

1 medium bowl of full fat cottage cheese.

Handful of nuts (almond, walnut and cashew nut).

Just before going to bed 1 glass of protein shake.

Bottom Line.

This is an excellent diet for everyone who wants to lose weight as well as to stay fit. This diet has many health benefits.

Along with Blueprint diet if you incorporate some physical activity in your daily routine it would be more beneficial for you.

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